Enjoy a music video I've just published to celebrate 10,000 YouTube subscribers:

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Here's a #psytrance track made from scratch in January 2019 entirely during a monthly livestream. Watch complete making of here: youtu.be/-KJi2iR_c-I
#Ardour #ZynFusion #OBXD #Music #FOSSaudio #LinuxAudio #unfalive #unfa

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What would you say if I shown you how to make this psytrance loop from scratch with nothing but free software and bad singing in 50 minutes or less?
#unfa #psytrance #musicproduction #sounddesign #libreaudio #linuxaudio

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I've got something special waiting to celebrate the 10,000 subscriber milestone on YouTube...

Another monthly livestream is starting in a few hours! I'll be making some music, answering your questions, and playing your music - just like every 1st Sunday!

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Me and my wife have just published a mini-album that has never been put online before (except for a little cameo on White Sea Studio YouTube channel).
These are progressive rock songs with a lot of electronic elements. Needless to say we made this all with FOSS and Linux :)



#music #unfa #ProgressiveRock #FOSSmusic #DeeperThanEther

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Geonkick goes MULTITIMBRAL! Version 2.0 has just been released!

Now you can have 16 drum pieces in a single plugin, each with individual audio output for flexible mixing and processing!

FOSS synth drums are having a party! Grab it and make some phat beats!


#GeonKick #FOSS #SoundSynthesis #MusicProduction

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Today is the day of another monthly unfa livestream! I'll be making some music, taking your input, playing our music and giving feedback.


#unfalive #unfa

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KDE and @gnome
are grassroots non-profit communities that work all year to improve everybody's life through Free Software. You too can help bring joy to millions by supporting us, joining our communities or just using our software and telling others about it.


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New video! How do I set up a fresh Manjaro installation for audio production? I've got so many requests for this one - I hope it's going to be helpful :)


#unfa #Manjaro #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction

Enjoy a 20-minute dark-ambient/chillout/dnb trip. Great for working at home :)

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Linux audio is hard. Can we create a tool that would set up any Linux system to work with audio with no user knowledge required? Can we make it "just work" for new users?
#LinuxAudio #FOSS #JACK #ALSA #PulseAudio #MusicProduction

This tune keeps coming back to me. Made with Ardour, Vital Beta and a whole slew of FOSS plug-ins under Manjaro Linux. Enjoy!

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Lol my wife :
So Saturday you were away, this morning you were away, this afternoon you were sleeping and now you wanna watch @unfa this evening?
Me: yes ☺️

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hey everyone, stream is live NOW - allnighter from the smallest LJubljana's club - Klub Monokel


Yesterday I've made my first piece of music using only Surge synthesizer. They *almost* fixed the LV2 version problems.

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The MOD Dwarf kickstarter campaign has started!
Proud to be part of the team.
Check it out, kickstarter.com/projects/moddu 😎

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