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'ark/d, amorphic' is OUT!

"an uninterrupted journey of purely computer music, which moves through diverse sonic fields and eavesdrops on the darker aspects of contemporary human condition"

Deliberately in small initials, the title ark/d, amorphic alludes to a minority philosophy that seeks a world in the shadows of the spectacle and activates against the domination of the majority and the megalomania of post-objectification.


:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

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I'm a computer musician making:

⇒ various forms of electro-funk and bass

⇒ ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments

⇒ expanded cinema & projects

I also:
⇒ do
⇒ run a small local "Kamizdat" w/ boutique physical releases
⇒ use &

support art-making via & (link in bio)

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Pinned toot Sound Noise Music mastodon instance.

We welcome active musicians, songwriters, algorave livecoders, digital signal processing hackers, bedroom producers, writers of choral music, under-the-radar music selectors, exotic instrument explorers...

We'd like to stay easy and modest in numbers, hope for a quality local timeline and network with high S/N ratio.

Read our CoC first

then get in touch if you're interested joining our club.

Hello I have 20+ years of SRE/DevOps/Sysadmin and programming experience. Do you know an appropriate job for me for around 30 hours a week? Are you hiring? DM me!



I make #creativecommons Synthpunk under the alias ph4nt. and that's my third album Buntes Rauschen 🏳️‍🌈 :anarchy: :nonbinary_flag:

Hope you enjoy it =^.^=
#queer #acab #anarchism

I keep thinking of Robert Ashley's motto for my old music department, "If you're not weird, get out" and how to make a more nurturing, undergraduate-focused version of that.

I don't want normies to get out. I want them to de-normify at least temporarily: Be weird. Have fun. Do something absurd with your whole heart. Make something beautiful out of rubbish. Make something ugly our of pure tones. Find the place where your system starts to fail and sit there for a bit.

I've released Drops (beta).
Drops is a single audio file sample player plugin in lv2 and vst2 format for linux.

Load an audio file, play it, loop it, pitch shift it, and make it into something entirely new.

more info and downloads

I hope this plugin will be of use to you.

I love these adorable book writing, restorative justice practitioner abolitionists. I just wish they'd not be coy about the fact that Militancy Will Be Required. Not of every one, but of some of us. I'm sad that people aren't saying. I can only hope they are plotting and just keeping mum.

full working day. cameras, , sound, stage, . went quite ok. live editing is hard. but I'm quite satisfied. and all involved parties were happy too.

is great. worked like a charm. 1080p @ 4500kbps (+ two more bitrates, 1200 and 800), 49 people watched and chatted, seemingly no glitches. i think that's quite amazing. the uplink was of course a huge pipe of 150Mbps.

We (Emanat) are streaming a fresh new stage production in coproduction with Ljubljana Puppet Theater. premiered yesterday tonight it's going live online tonight.

With THINGS THING, Jan Rozman and Julia Keren Turbahn invite you into an overflowing world of things. Into a world of possibilities, in which they encounter things and things encounter them in different ways.

Slovene language, no subs

18:00 CEST

Puzzle Weasel, a new track that aired on the Brainfeeder HIT livestream, with the incredible Dallas-based Nigerian-American percussionist Frank Moka (with Erykah Badu’s band Nedda Stella, as well as his own recent project Dos Negros) bringing the heat!

Anthony is packed with alternates for most letters that are pseudo-randomly picked when you write some text.

Anthony is free and open-source. Download, use, modify, share.

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Hello Lurkers, it’s time for a brief #introduction. I am raphaël, born in montpellier, studied art in brussels, living in paris. I usually write small systems with code or physical objects, that eventually become instruments, tools, or less functional things. I love cooking without cookbooks and I usually write code the same way. I am a free software user and enthusiast. I teach art and design in various schools and during workshops. I am part of @velvetyne and I am currently (04/2021) focused on #sound and #CSS as a #livecoding language, and I still maintain lots of tiny tools that I should list somewhere at some point. Procrastination is part of my creative process and I kind of handle it now. I have a post-punk band called zone and a debian computer called jardin.

"We will for example write small programs in SuperCollider that generate sounds and rhythms similar to the minimal techno SND released on Mille Plateaux, code graphics in Processing that imitates what Alva Noto used as background visuals, damage CDs with adhesive tape and razorblades in the style of Yasunao Tone, and make textures with layered looping soundfiles like found in the music of Microstoria."


if i wouldn't be behind her when she tried to climb the stairs she would fall on her back down. her back paws just gave up and her head shoot up and back. i cought her but she shouldn't be climbing stairs without safety net (somebody) behind holding her. this was scary part yesterday before bed. i carried her up. we slept well at the end.

today I managed to give her medicine that she must take although it's hard to maime her to drink, let alone eat.

@rghvdberg exactly, people who don't love free shit don't know shit!

"Wherever tech, ideas and men dominate: empathy gets thrown under the bus. Profits come first. Results come first. Reputations of powerful men come first. Humanity and compassion come last."

--Amanda Palmer in conversation with Sherry Turkle

Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.


[ REISUB Data #0004 : Attention ]
It's in a dense and impersonal megacity, made of steel and concrete that Crash Server's were able to localize one of the server's embodiment. Above the skyscrapers, a silicon superstructure hovers slowly like a divinity. The population seems enslaved, having lost their free will.
Crash Server is going to explore this huge city and fight the server....

"Beginning again and again and again explaining composition and time is a natural thing."
- Gertrude Stein, "Composition as Explanation" (1926)

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