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Traven is OUT now!

Another opensource two-tracker release of some computermusic weirdness made in .

Please enjoy.

(please boost)

(both audio and code published under PP:BY-SA-NC licence)

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I'm a computer musician making:

⇒ various forms of electro-funk and bass

⇒ ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments

⇒ expanded cinema & projects

I also:
⇒ do
⇒ run a small local "Kamizdat" w/ boutique physical releases
⇒ use &

support art-making via & (link in bio)

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Pinned post Sound Noise Music mastodon instance.

We welcome active musicians, songwriters, algorave livecoders, digital signal processing hackers, bedroom producers, writers of choral music, under-the-radar music selectors, exotic instrument explorers...

We'd like to stay easy and modest in numbers, hope for a quality local timeline and network with high S/N ratio.

Read our CoC first

then get in touch if you're interested joining our club.

we must organize and resist and destroy right-facist and neolib-authoritarian captalism and get a strong transnational left going !!!!!

let's go!

Don't know if this is already a thing, but I think I may start to refer to websites that have been designed to work without #Javascript as #SansJS or - maybe better still - #SansScript sites.

Until now I mentioned "no js" in the footer, but "sans-js" / "sans-script" looks like a term that's more likely to stick.

Boosting welcomed..

Do you think so too #Fediverse? Let's #poll .. what is best:

an ancient song, likely recorded on a MiniDisc Walkman in an old church in Malmo Nebraska, "The Rain Song". its not raining today, but it did over night and felt like changing weather all day. calling back to the night i drove in the rain and was inspired to make a feel like the rivulets on the windshield.

Watch "TidalCycles Meetup #3 - 17 July, 2021" on YouTube

support a queer neurodivergent artist (1/n), boosts welcome 

Hi. I am a queer musician with recurring depressive episodes and migraine and I need some help - I need to make at least 3900€ this year to keep my health insurance (it is a weird bureaucratic construct) and I believe I'm not even at half of that. (Too anxious atm to check.)

I make experimental sound with SuperCollider. I also do German copy editing and copywriting as my day job - drop me a dm if you need those services!

idk about you but if you sell me a computer with a processor whose documentation I can't read on a board whose schematics I can't buy and which I can't repair, which is only designed to run software I can't audit or change

in what sense do I actually own that computer?

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“The plantation came before industrialisation and the language of the plantation is embedded in the machine - we say, this part is the master and this is the slave.”

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i'm looking for a C/C++/QT programmer who would make multitouch in GUI system work.

I need this for my project and I have a small budget so I'm prepared to pay for this work.

pls boost. dm/email me if you're interested.

I was recently invited to perform at the Contrasts festival in Lviv. Published the recording (not much livecoding this time though):



Feminist Hack Meetings #3
Feminist Futurotopixs

At Varia + online  
Saturday 06/11/2021  
11:00-13:00 CEST

#Spideralex will introduce us to Feminist #Futurotopixs. This workshop will enable participants to dream, invent and desire together feminist #technologies. They will invent narratives, speculative fiction and radical imaginaries that work as alternatives to existing oppressive or dystopian models. The workshop is oriented at co-designing stories and creating new worlds as processes to imagine and #dream together about feminist desired futures.   

More info:

To register send to:

F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings), organised by Artemis, Angeliki and Julia, are a series of research meetings and workshops that explore the potentialities and imaginaries of feminist technological collectives. These gatherings aim to challenge who counts as a hacker, and what counts as hacking. More:

/This event is made possible with the kind support of the Creative 
Industries Fund NL/  

*Varia's newsletter:*

@estragon #varia #fhm #femimist #hack #meetings #speculativefiction

Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░ 79.5%


@schratze we buy faster and faster computers, trying desperately to outpace firefox

👨‍🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 🎚 🎛 🎵 🎶

🇫🇷 Un album entier réalisé sur #LibraZiK par le groupe Alco Frisbass. Bravo à @ et à tout le groupe !

🇬🇧 A whole album made on #LibraZiK by the band Alco Frisbass. Congratulations to @ and the whole band!

#bandcamp #musique #music #LinuxMAO #LinuxAudio #LibreMusicProduction #MusicProduction

enjoying another release (Wave Resistanceb Hermetica) from amazing netlabel abstrakt reflections. still like to download FLACs and listen from hard drive.

Netflix fires trans walkout organizer 

'Entertainment' streaming giant #Netflix has fired the organizer of the scheduled October 20 walkout of #transgender employees, over the Chappelle transphobic show. Of course the victim of Netflix rage is a Black woman

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