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Even the fact that I feel I have to put a CW on this post feels like a joke.

Periodically, I move instance - each time it seems this represent some major internal shift.

Most of what I see on Mastodon as a whole seems to indicate that people thing that the world can be changed via politics, resolving gender and race issues, etc.

It won't. It never has done, and it never will.

Only discovery of one's True Identity can bring true freedom and happiness.

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Ok. I'm looking for an #eink #ebook reader that is literally a file system with an ebook reader. That's it. That's all I need. I can side load from #Calibre, it does NOT need internet connectivity, bluetooth etc.

Put book in, load it, read it, enjoy. Any #recommendations?

Looked at and dismissed:



I'm a Both/And Fan. :)

I do think we live in a period when, lets say 'feminine energy' is needed much more than male - to redress the balance. But to me this has nothing to do with feminism per se. It has to do also with men acknowledging their 'feminine side' to redress the balance.

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Can anyone point me towards research on 'ritual' and 'online spaces'? How can 'ritual', usually tied with spectacle, performance, and physical presence in a group, be facilitated through online space/s, where bodies are not physically in the same space?

Any ideas, thoughts, pointers to essays or books greatly appreciated!

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"When our love was new
And each kiss an inspiration
But that was long ago
And now my consolation
Is in the stardust…"

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Recommendations of software #synthesisers (or any sound-generating things that can be controlled with midi) that save their patches in a text-based file format? Apart from the trusty amSynth I am using currently.
Version controlable (i.e. gitable) synth patches, really.

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Anyone know if there is a #zine hosting site that works a bit like tapas etc? My google and duckduckgo-fu hasn't turned up anything.

#lookingforrecs #mastoart

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It's free & open-source

1. Go to souvenir.cam
2. Open the browser console
3. Inspect/Fork/Have fun 💜

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My son's getting into Blender (blender.org), Other than just looking on YouTube, are there any tutorials or courses which are worth checking out?

He's 13 years old, if that makes a difference 😀

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Question for the hive mind:

Does anyone have a service they recommend, or offer a service for a reasonable fee, for transcribing video?

I have a 26 minute theater lecture I've presented which I plan to release soon, and I'd like to include a copy of the transcription for accessibility's sake.

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Good news, everyone!

Since I'm not teaching a #clown class tonight, I'll be able to open our virtual #circus gym early!

As we do on Friday, we'll be in the chat at 7pm UTC-5 for what the regulars recently dubbed the "Emperor Norton coffee hour"

Grab a beverage and come say hello!

Our usual training session will start at 8pm, and will run until the wee hours for all your watching clowns do silly human things needs.



Hi. I get this error when creating podcast channel:

"Podcast channel
Error while saving channel
Tags - 2: This field may not be blank."

But I have added tags in the required field AFAIK.

Time to really get stuck into learning music harmony more fully.

Just watched Blade Runner 2049 and it was much better than I thought it would be.

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Legendary Australian ambient/art-rock band Not Drowning, Waving have finally put all their albums up on Bandcamp; and they appear to be considerably extended from the old CDs you might have.


I recommend Another Pond as a good place to start; if you like Brian Eno and/or This Mortal Coil, you might also like it.

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smoke from the fire
waiting for a train
in straw sandals
a crowd of children

Now I know why as a callow youth, I enjoyed Philip K Dick's writing so much:


Without really knowing it, he touched on subjects which have inspired me throughout my life.

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