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I'm a software nerd who wants to escape software for a little while. I'm a classically-trained singer who wants to escape classical theory for a little while. I've recently started building a very basic synth, and I don't really know what I'm doing with it yet. I'm here to post noises I end up making as I explore it. I'm not a drummer, but rhythms make me pretty happy.

Who are your favorite accounts you follow that post music regularly? Especially synth.

The... I dunno, ostinato? that starts off the piece is 4ms Ensemble Oscillator through a Dual Looping Delay. The bass drone is Winterbloom Castor & Pollux through a Doepfer A-136 Waveshaper and Ripples. The strings are 2hp Pluck through the other DLD channel. Pitches from Dixie, LFOs and utilities from Stages, envelopes from Malekko AD/LFO. Rhythms from 4ms DLD, Euclidean Circles, and 2hp Euclid.

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Music tonight. Tonal (minor/phrygian), rhythmic parts with changing parameters to keep it... atmospheric maybe? Low drone and reversing delay in there because of who I am as a person.

Mostly this started out as me practicing droning with Malekko Voltage Block on parameters, which I want to use more often and more effectively. Then it turned into me wanting to get the string vibrato Just Right. I think both came out pretty okay.

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This started as a couple of square LFOs cross-modulating each other and pinging a Wasp. Then I cross-patched the Wasp with a Doepfer SEM VCF. Before long I had more feedback loops, with 4ms DLD output FMing a Dixie drone, and then the LFOs driving Dixie pitches via ladik T-240 Transposer.

Can I still call it mixing if there's a whole-ass VCO in there, driven by feedback loops?

Anyway, slow development and simple themes, as usual for me.

Oh, yeah, plus I twiddled knobs while he played. Mostly manual tweaking of filter cutoffs and mix balances.

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I forgot to take a pic of my synth. I think it was a mix of three parallel filters. Ladik E-510 envelope follower did a ton of work today.

1. a tremolo with its rate tied to the E-510.

2. High-resonance Wasp BP with cutoff from the E-510.

3. Ladik J-120 Comparator (for fuzz) into Ripples LP4. Cutoff from the tremolo plus a new envelope: the E-510 into the attack of a Stages ASR, gated by the E-510 Gate out. Ripples' resonance was a quick AD envelope triggered by E-510 trigger out.

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Sat down today with my friend David James and filtered his guitar through my synth. We were just jamming, not aiming for anything releasable, but we recorded a bit just for fun.

Buncha fuzzy high harmonics in this one.

Been away for a minute. Recovering from travel, and visiting with friends and sharing synth-time.

I didn't have a lot of time tonight, but I really wanted to put in at least a little of it in front of my synth. So I made a basic rhythm. Nothing super-fancy, but it feels pretty solid, and that makes me happy. Pretty okay for just a little time poking at it.

The other day I saw a video (linked below) of some musicians using an internet video conference as an unstable delay and effects processor in remote collaborative synth composition. Now I'm listening to all my corporate meetings through my synth and tbh 11/10 will never go back to dry meetings.

As soon as my $10 usb-to-35mm adapter comes in (usb-a, 35mm mono mic, 35mm stereo audio) my coworkers might get to hear effects for me, too.

whoops accidentally spent all evening exploring reverb feedback loop noises instead of recording anything sorry not sorry

Pulled out my synth late last night. Buncha atonal weirdness hanging on a strong frame of some minor or phrygian scale, there's too much chromaticism to pick one for sure. Buncha weird background rhythms hanging on a solid 4/4.

Weird maybe wind-howl sound? I dunno, probably haunted or something. All live, no DAW, as usual.

Tonight's modular spaghetti. It looks like a big increase from last time, but it's really only a couple modules, plus I spread everything out a bit. I think I'm going to reduce horizontal space between modules some.

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Got some more switches and modulation sources. Working on sections and transitions. Definitely not there yet, but making progress.

Really happy with how tonight's musical toying came out, actually! I'm been experimenting with ways to incorporate a melody without actually pulling out a keyboard or going hardcore into sequencing, and I think this actually worked out pretty well!

The pitch magic here is from Euclidean Circles to ladik T-240 Transpose, with some help from Intellijel Scales plus in the bridge (There's a bridge!) from a Stages LFO.

Bass is Castor & Pollux. Melody voices are both Dixie II plus distortion.

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