Wurde soeben im Getränkemarkt belehrt, dass ich keine Maske mehr tragen müsse. Ich belehrte den Belehrenden zurück, dass er auch keine Hose tragen müsse. Jetzt sind alle schlauer.


Fun fact: we sold more TShirts (at the time our first EP was out) than we sold copies of our final album.

Well it's not so much fun really. I have no regrets about the album, it's the best I've done so far. But I deeply regret that I let myself be persuaded to have 300 of them made, in super-expensive extra-precious finish + lots of extras.

I mean I *knew* most of our fans were gone and the bigger part of the rest wouldn't get it. What was I thinking? Should just have said "no" for once.

So here's the release of my contribution.

A thousand thanks to the wonderful Suse B. for providing the lead vocals on "Rise".

And thanks to everyone who voted for "Rise". It is greatly appreciated :)



p.s.: Any proceeds via 'name your price' will be donated to Tara Tierhilfe e.V., which is is an animal sanctuary located near Cologne, Germany, and home to more than 100 horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, pigs, chicken, sheep and goats.

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

Having just been reminded of our 2009 EP, I thought I'd share this bit of :


"Moron Island" was about the idea of inviting all the warmongers, fascist leaders, neocon hedgefonds types & other assorted lowlife to a special holiday resort and then poisoning their drinks.
During our club tour, we used this as opener. While singing, Laura would mix a smoking, poison-green cocktail live on stage and hand it to a volunteer in the audience.
Sadly it's all still relevant…

I'm fairly sure the only reason I'm dragging my feet on finishing the tracks for my solo debut is so that I don't have to start it… 😱

Whoa. was quite a ride. Time to say a big THANK YOU to all the musicians for giving us such a diverse collection of intriguing, beautiful and crazy tunes; to the voters for listening and caring about the music… and of course to the organisators for bringing the two together.

And... heartfelt congratulations @iloth for the first place (which I *knew* you would make the second I heard your song ;)), and to @controlfreak, @TQ, @Fadyalma and @topio

It's been fun :)

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Today is the last day of #FediVision2022

In two hours, 15:00 (3PM CEST), we'll make a thread presenting all the songs including a short interview of each of the artists.

Voting will close at 19:00 (7PM CEST, 5PM UTC), so be sure to cast your vote before then.

That means six (6) hours left to vote in!

The top five songs will be announced at 19:30.


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Ich habe soeben meine Stimme abgegeben. Ihr auch?
Ein Danke von Herzen an alle Künstler.innen, die mitmachen. Was für ein großartiges Geschenk ihr uns macht!!! 💜


I have just cast my vote. Have you?
A thank you from the bottom of my heart to all artists who participate. What a great gift you're giving us!!! 💜

#fedivision2022 #fedivision #music

fedivision lyrics 

Your mirror has broken in two
There’s everything else and then there is you
And do you feel lonely?
Or do you feel misunderstood?
How can it be bad
When it should make you feel so good?

The sky above…

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fedivision lyrics 

The sky above
The world below
The way I fly
I hear your voice
From far away
The things I’d tell you if I could

Some people are trying to please
While others just take what they need
But it doesn’t matter
Whether you’re right or you are wrong
Cause nobody’s asking
Who has lost and who has won

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fedivision lyrics 

For the people interested in the of my entry...:

--- (snip) ---


Remember when life was a dream
Red apples and pastures of green
And up on the mountain
Where we would glimpse the river below
It’s so far away now
But I still feel you somehow

Your kindness, a summer night’s breeze
Blue moonlight to shine through the trees
Talk without speaking
Feeling you right there by my side
With nothing to fear
No questions asked, nothing to hide

(ok, hab mich wieder abgeregt, alles wieder gut, versprochen)

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cool fedivision songs 

Rise by @stephan is a slightly dark-mood song with gorgeous vocals. Lovely.


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Ich meine, dieses f*cking Video ist von f*cking 2009 und es hat sich nichts aber überhaupt nichts geändert. Ausser dass die schmierigen Politiker jetzt (wenn auch nur teilweise) anders heissen, es die Piraten nicht mehr gibt und niemand mehr weiss wer Botany Bay waren... 😞

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Wenn ich nicht so müde wäre, würde ich dagegen auf die Straße gehen, demonstrieren, mich einbringen… aber ich habe das schon so oft getan, laut, leise, online, offline, auf der Straße, zuhause, mit Worten und mit Taten. Es ist trozdem alles immer wieder der gleiche Scheiß, der sich ständig wiederholt. Sie versuchen es immer wieder, immer mit den gleichen schmierigen Rechtfertigungen. Ich bin müde. Es soll jetzt mal jemand anders was tun. Mir reicht es.


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Kleine Anekdote zu : Damals™, als ich studierte, hatten wir zwei Gaststudenten aus China. Die waren sehr freundlich und vornehm, und obwohl sie auch sehr zurückhaltend waren, gelang es uns, mit ihnen gelegentlich was zu unternehmen. Ganz natürlich kam dabei auch die Sprache auf Zensur im (damals noch jugendlichen) WWW. Sie waren da sehr offen und sagten (sinngemäß): "Ja natürlich wird bei uns zensiert. Aber nur, um unsere Kinder vor Pädophilen und Perversen zu beschützen".

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