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Dearest followers & other assorted lovely human beings, brought to you by the kind folks at Submarine Broadcasting Co., my album is released today!

:bandcamp: submarinebroadcastingco.bandca

Many thanks to
@flavigula for getting me in touch with SubCastCo,

@MyLoFy for guitars on "Me Without You",

@openmastering for mastering,

the wonderful Nicole for lending me her voice…

and to *you* & everyone who will listen to this.

(boosts & feedback of every kind is greatly appreciated)

Sooo... anyone good at writing and/or ? and maybe interested in a ? can't promise you fame, but I *can* promise you beautiful, beautiful
one caveat tho: I've already settled on a subject matter, so it's not totally free form…

(boosts appreciated)

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NO Stable Diffusion Generated Image (and NO other AI either), NO procedural image generation, NO live coding, NO patreon link 

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Yep, working on a new album. And I have a feeling that this one might take me a little longer than the last.

If you look closely, you'll find out the name of the horse that is the inspiration for the song I'm working on right now. ❤️

that moment when a track begins to sound like a world of its own

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Ach ja, ihr würdet mir einen Riesen Gefallen tun, wenn ihr das neue Buch nicht bei Amazon, sonder lokal im Buchhandel vorbestellt. Das geht übrigens auch digital:

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Listening to your new album whilst driving through West Texas is surreal, not to mention non-congruent. :)

gebloggt. über Freundschaften, Musik, Gaslighting… tja, ich weiß es doch auch nicht…

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Fedi, negative, not about meta 

Bah I'm finding fedi not so interesting atm. I'm really into music right now and the music community on here is really small.

Ok, nach Schweden auswandern ist also auch keine Option mehr.

I just realized my current album is the first one that I actually enjoy listening to.

Maybe it's because it has none of the "memories of loves and lives that will never come back" / "we tried so hard to score a hit that it doesn't sound like us at all" / "people I had taken for friends turned out something different altogether" / "it was so bloody good but no one wanted to buy it" labels I could (in that order) assign to the Botany Bay albums.

I sincerely hope it stays that way.

netiquette, debate culture 

Question: In which reality is

"get fucking lost"

the appropriate answer to

"I think it would do the whole issue good to tone down the rhetoric just a little bit?"

(asking for a friend ;-))

Ich erfahre gerade, die toxische Arbeitsumgebung beim Ex-Arbeitgeber meiner Frau hat soeben den nächsten Mitarbeiter in die Depression getrieben. 🙄

Wow, that was quite exciting. Here's the solution:

#1 is a Waldorf Blofeld, a completely digital synth that also does (among other things) VA synthesis. Waldorf pride themselves on their filter simulations, I guess that played a big role in this survey's results.

#2 is a Korg minilogueXD with both analogue oscillators and analogue filters. Its parameters are stored digitally and the LFOs are digital, apart from that it's as analogue as it gets (albeit 'modern' analogue).

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Finished watching Flux yesterday, and oh what a bloody mess.… really hoping for RTD to put things at least halfway together again :/

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