An old-new piece by me that is somewhat inspired by Castlevania. If you hear it somewhere, expect the unexpected.

Okay, my YouTube channel is up. will be next. I'll populate both with my content soon.

Consider this to be the official call out for fedi artists for a Hong Kong benefit compilation.
Any style, any genre. Any length.
All money goes to 612 HK Fund.
1€ minimum, under new Bandcamp account.
Live recordings, demos, remixes all welcome.
Probably gonna be called something like "Fediverse for HK" or something. Feel free to add your idea.
Please boost. Please contribute. Please tell your friends.

The first theme I've done where I use quartertones as an integral part of the standard melody line, equally with semitones et al.

They make harmony so complex, and a lot of new and fun intervals occur!

William Blake wrote (and illustrated) his "Songs of Innocence and of Experience" around 1789.
Many musicians and poets were inspired by Blake's poems. Bob Chilcott for instance put five of them to music thus creating his "Jazz Songs of Innocence", for SSA, piano, optional bass & drum kit. Here, I play bass:

More information is available, e.g., here:

Misaligned doomish metal that tends to lack harmony and consistent metering. The recipient told me that this is just as this piece of music should be.

@vanhaase - belated happy birthday for ya.

// hello ! I'm Andrea "3D63", a freelance female composer (specialized in post-cyber & chiptune), streamer, wannabe visual artist, also giving workshops about tech & music.

// check my work on:
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// support me on:
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// hire/commission me at:
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// thanks! <3

prepared new drum for first outing
(will know more post-rehearsal)

Uploading my collection of music to my :funkwhale: instance is really interesting.

Today I was reminded how influential The Art of Noise records were for me. Judging more by the release dates, I was probably 13 when I bought The Ambient Collection and Below The Waste vinyls. A year or two later I got The Fon Mixes from a local dealer.

How much personal history is within those tracks it's incredible. Such formative years in fact.

There's nothing like a week of people saying "So, what are your plans after the PhD?" to make me doubt my ability to support myself as a composer.

If you like my choral music and want to support me financially so I can continue to put new works online under licenses, please consider one of the options at

Sometimes you face difficulties not because you're doing something wrong, but because you're doing something right.

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fedi suggestion:

if you are seeking an artist to commission, consider using #lookingforartist as a tag for that

if you're looking for artist submissions to zines and similar projects, maybe use #callforart

artists of the fedi, consider making a tab just for those tags so you can easily browse for opportunities

search on here works best with hashtags so it'll make things easier for everyone

#mastoart #art #commissions

Nirgendwo ist Platz für mich
Egal wohin ich gehe
Krähenfüße vor mir
Verdunkeln mir die Sicht
Lassen mich vergessen
Was ich gestern noch wusste
Bis sie wieder fliegen können
Warte ich nicht

Weiter weiter immer weiter
Die Mühlen stehen niemals still
Keiner keiner wagt zu zweifeln
Des Guten ist nie zu viel


@bignose two mastodon instances for musicians:

also very interesting stuff happening at and

there are also

and @lazarski recently worked on a thread presenting many musicians/bands on fediverse

For all the creatives out there. This is something I've been involved with - for me as a musician it creates a community of practice, where normally the actual creative practice is a very lonely one. I need people. If you need people, just to notice while you work, and want to share things as you build/create/make them, then this is a place for you: (it's not a social site, it's a creative sandbox)

*please boost
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Little-known Mastodon features:

Profile directory: You can opt-in to being listed on your server's public profile directory, and you can use hashtags in your bio to appear under those hashtags

Featured hashtags: You can choose hashtags to be displayed on your public profile so that people can browse all your posts under those hashtags

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