#Fediverse demographics #poll about age and sex/gender (please boost/repeat/share!)

note: women are usually overrepresented in polls like this.

The majority of things we involve ourselves in are distractions - devices to avoid our feelings.

Ideology is like accent: If you think you don't have one, it's because you haven't met a lot of people who don't share it.

I have recorded a very quick and rough mahjong ASMR track.

Mikes: AT2020 (right) + Redmi Note (left) 7. I am surprised that the latter is so good.


Just in Januray 2020 I've recieved an amazing wave of support from the community.

I got many private messages with thanks from viewers and listeners.

I saw poeple buy my free music -showing amazing appreciation for my music.

A few people joined my Patreon camapign showing a will to support my work continuously.

I've seen many thankful comments under my videos.

Someone offered to mirror my videos.

I can't ovestrate how much this all means to me and how much it lifts me up. Thank you!


After struggling a few weeks with mixing and mastering issues, the new album, Alläï is released!


I'd say it's quite different than what's come before, but I have a rather skewed point of view as the composer. I hope everyone enjoys it!


I can almost hear the silicon Valley pitch now: "It's like Mastodon... But with BLOCKCHAIN ™!!!"


SoundCloud's backtrack on their decision won't change the fact that the decision was merely the last straw in a string of grievances I had against it, most damningly what its codec does to my audio quality. As I said, I already had gotten little out of it, so I'm not returning.

A friend decided to play an Ethernet packed on his guitar for scientific purposes.

About twenty minutes after I learned about this fact, this thing happened.

(Links to the paper and original recording in comments.)


This is great! Congratulations. I listened the other day and enjoyed the track very much.

And oh damn, this is a massive surprise. My music piece scored third in the Tether's contest!


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