Recent YouTube discovery: a perfect blend of synthwave and metal.


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Here's a #question for you fedizens interested in #decentralisation and media distribution: is there a solution to do a #livestream (of audio or video) in a decentralised way, kind of like #Webtorrent but to broadcast, say, a #DJ mix or #radio show? Everyone who is listening is also a relay for the data. I can see that as something really empowering for people who want to #broadcast in a scalable way but are limited by their bandwidth and the gamble of renting a server. (boost appreciated)

My first actual guitar+bass track. I am somewhat satisfied with how it sounds, but I also want to get on better terms with these two instruments.

local PSA!

Into the third day of life of - I'm happy to welcome new members!


Enjoy your stay!

Inspired by the project, I have a project: Picking a couple sketches from my vast backlog of rough demos and developing them towards more fully produced songs.

I am still at the "picking songs" stage.

The toughest part right now is facing my resistance. But I started to look at some parts of my backlog.

Hello, world.

Here is where I will post the music that I make.

My main programming-related account is at @phoe


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