The drummer of my band has another band called Goat Rider. They play oldschool doom metal and had a stream gig this evening. I had a great deal of fun watching it. You can find the recording of the stream here:

Soooo... anyone got some recommendations apart from Adam Neely? Doesn't have to be music related.

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Okay, now I'm also part of the nebula gang.

Some of you musicians made me very curious about so I installed it and now I'm looking into it starting with the tutorial. Kind of excited right now!

My musical rabbithole of yesterday and one of my new favourite things ist Tiny Tim, a (soprano) singer, ukulele player and music historian who became famous in the US in 1968 and whom I never before heard of but like very much:

weird nb gig moment 

Another time we played a local left radical concert place and in between songs I said something into the mic. I could clearly hear a dude in the crowd say "oh, I thought this was a girl" and I was too perplexed to say anything smart.
Still I like that I must have a fem energy and appearance on stage although my voice will destroy that impression.

good nb gig moment 

The last time I played a gig with (one of my bands) was in August. After getting off stage and changing back into normie clothes our singer introduced me to a woman she was talking with. It took her some moments to realise I was the bass player from half an hour ago and she was like "oh snap, I thought you were a chick!"
"no, I'm actually nonbinary"
"well that's even cooler!"

that was a nice nb moment.

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Adam Neely on the deeply ingrained racism in music theory:

Since Germany is celebrating 250 years of Beethoven always remember that, although he got whitewashed to be the greatest german musical genius after his death, Beethoven was not white. His grandmother was black, he was black.
I didn't know like forever but it all makes sense if you see reports about him from his life time.

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Hi, I'm pauli, a player and musicologist from east germany. I'm interrested in many different styles of . Right now I play mostly punk and jazz grind (or something like that).
I have my main account on but wanted to explore and it's people. So this will be the place to post my music stuff I guess. :)

I try to use as much as possible and care a lot about antifascism, queer feminism and anarchist politics.
Feel free to follow.


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