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Hello everyone. My name is Mads (pronounced with a silent D). I am a Danish composer living in Norway. I write computer music and develop software and spend too much time tinkering with Linux and open source software projects. I work part time at the Norwegian Centre for Technology and Arts (aka NOTAM) in Oslo where I develop software, electronics and 3D audio for art projects of all kinds.

Goal for today: Finish the third hardware revision of my [Greatest Midi Controller Ever Made] in .

From an organisation's point of view, it's really astounding how buggy, slow and poorly managed a piece of software Facebook is. How can the biggest software in the world be this crappy? With so many resources at it's disposal? Do they not use automatic testing for example? So many questions. Glad to see it die soon.

Spent some time setting up OctoPrint on an old Raspberry Pi connected to one of our Prusa 3Dprinters. Such a cool project that lets you have fine grained remote control and analysis!

Building another Prusa 3D printer for our workshop. Highly enjoyable and time consuming build. Phew... About 50% done after two half days of work.

[Long story short...] I was on Taiwanese TV talking about tea the other day. Pretty funny! Fantastic place as well - Wistaria.

Did the draught just kick in? Very difficult to find one right now. Farnell says they'll restock in january 2023. Holy shittttt

Korean court music > Post-war european avantgarde

One of many extremely relevant asian music traditions that are ignored at music academies here.

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Obsessing over Korean court music aka GUGAK. There's so much inspiration to be found.

This morning I remembered Mark Fell's album Computer Generated Rhythm for Microtonal Metallophones. It is by far my favorite release that came out of the Dance/Electronic genre in 2018. So I played the whole thing through and I really enjoyed it. Was great to be back in that sound. After hearing it I felt wanted to stay in that world so I found this interview with Fell that I somehow missed when it came out. Such a pleasure to read his thoughts:

Did some big updates to the grammar for these past few days. In fact, to my knowledge it now covers everything in sclang except for two features. I honestly never thought it would come this far.

One of my big wishes for in 2022 and beyond is to see more actual collaboration. There's way too much customer-vendor relationship between developers and users these days and I think it's one of the reasons for the many developer burnouts we've seen lately. I myself burnt out because of this quite a few times in the past few years because of the bombardment of demands from people that are not following by the same amount of commitment. More do-ocracy and less customer service please.

and if you press . while on a repo page, an instance of vscode opens up in your browser.

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Something cool I discovered yesterday is that if you go to and press Ctrl-k you get to fuzzy search for things. Quite nice!

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