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Hello everyone. My name is Mads (pronounced with a silent D). I am a Danish composer living in Norway. I write computer music and develop software and spend too much time tinkering with Linux and open source software projects. I work part time at the Norwegian Centre for Technology and Arts (aka NOTAM) in Oslo where I develop software, electronics and 3D audio for art projects of all kinds.

Listening to Prince from YouTube and livecoding the output in SuperCollider now like some kind of fucked up DJ.

With I can literally watch Lord Of The Rings in VLC, patch it into SuperCollider for post processing and extreme sonic manipulation, then directly into my BT headphones so I can do my dishes while all of this is going on.

Trying out again and it is blowing my mind. I can now patch jack applications' sound to my bluetooth headphones that normally would only accept pulse based clients!?!??! INCREDIBLY cool! Thanks for the inspiration to try it again @unfa

We're putting on huge speaker dome concerts these days at Notam. I'm stressed to the bone but it is very cool!

Got to see Sisters With Transistors this week finally. SUPER INSPIRING!!! Mega recommendation.

Back into making all kinds of travel arrangements for our tour in the fall. Feels totally unreal, after all this time, to browse for hotel rooms, flight tickets, bus and boat schedules, as if it's all just going to happen! Crossing fingers...

I think the enclosure for our / IEM's headtracker is done. is so wonderful! Just need to print it now

Tonight at 7:30pm CEST (5:30pm UTC), I'm going to stream another composition session!

I cleaned up my bookmarks this week and I found that I had bookmarked, but never listened to the Meet the Composer podcast:

Such an inspiring serendipity that I found the bookmark again!

Taking a break before 6 days of ambisonic speaker dome festival bonanza. Reading Baisao's awesome tea poetry.

Procrastinating/redesigning the enclosure for my [unannounced midi controller]. Had forgotten how much I love OpenSCAD. An awesome way to model things and design laser cut enclosures without fiddling with mouse.

HUGE new plugin release: My MKPlugins project was renamed to PortedPlugins and 7 new plugins were added, including 5 of the nicest virtual analog filters in existence.

@aliciaesperanza96 I don't know much about it either. @madskjeldgaard did a tutorial video that helped me get into it:

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