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Please help your favourite open source project in any way you can.

Write or fix documentation, fix code, open issues - do whatever you can to assist. Get in touch with the developers and ask what they need.

In all likelihood, the project is being maintained by a tiny group of people who cannot bear the burden alone. And once they burn out, so does your favourite project.

Get involved!

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I have a concussion and cannot use a computer. will be away from the keyboard for a while

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Tomorrow starts a new season of our awesome online meetups for everyone interested in art and technology.

We have a meetup for women, non-binary and transgender folk working in arts and technology. We have a meetup for programming, a meetup for programming and a meetup for .

It's all online via Zoom and free and quite frankly FANTASTIC. You are all invited.

See our website for the full schedule:

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Hello everyone. My name is Mads (pronounced with a silent D). I am a Danish composer living in Norway. I write computer music and develop software and spend too much time tinkering with Linux and open source software projects. I work part time at the Norwegian Centre for Technology and Arts (aka NOTAM) in Oslo where I develop software, electronics and 3D audio for art projects of all kinds.

In honor of World Give Up GitHub day, here's a quick guide to how to serve up your own git repos.

In an empty directory readable from WWW (that has the URL you want your repo to have, for cloning) that you also can write to over SSH, run

git init --bare
mv hooks/post-update.sample hooks/post-update

Make sure the directory has the permissions you want for web (world readable, not writable).

Set the SSH path to the directory as a remote on your local copy of the repo, and push to it and you're done.

I've gone and done a small package manager for that will automatically download, compile and install C++ based plugins for SuperCollider.

And also, having struggled with brain issues the past 6 months, it's really put things into perspective for me regarding this. When you have very limited energy/time for it, and endless Easter egg hunt for system bugs is just too much

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I'm really sick of dealing with Linux audio bollocks when trying to compose music...

hey hive, please help

I'm researching a term "anti-othering" or "antiothering". could be an umbrella term for the demand for systemic attitude where the Other is consciously not addressed as such - in other words, it could be a world outlook where seeing POC & GSM does not include Othering of those folk.

has anyone seen this term before? could it be used as part of a slogan?

@madskjeldgaard I've got #KOReader installed on all my ereaders: a Kobo Libra 2, a Kobo Clara HD, a a Kindle PW3, a Kindle PW4, and an ageing Kindle 5NT. All of them connect wirelessly to my Calibre server. Amazing PDF performance, better ePub rendering than Kobo's Nickel, an OPDS client, perfect HTML5 annotations export, and a host of other features, too many to list here.📚 💫

As a composer, I have to say: I fucking love so god damn much. My love only gets bigger and bigger. The pattern library is honestly the biggest and most brilliant invention in "modern" (it's pretty old by now) music technology if you ask me.

Box whistling.

Tweaked the drone day patch to modulate its own pitch when the dynamic envelope fell outside of a threshold. Used this to test out the analog shift register concept from Alejandro Olarte's SuperCollider Benjolin implementation (thanks @madskjeldgaard for the pointer).

Lots to tweak and explore here, the first of which is getting some hysteresis on the ASR clock triggers. Second is making the ASR output more meaningful.


LSP plugins 1.2.2 released.

Cool new things like Multiband Dynamic Processor series and pitch control for the sample in the Sampler and Multisampler plugin series.

Full list here.


Here's a demo of the Mico controller used for microtonal purposes. You can't do this with crappy off-the-shelf commercial midi controllers.

@madskjeldgaard this is great. I like how you’re using the pico’s size to directly inform the size of your design.

It basically allows you to have a super powerful controller in your pocket all the time. The encoders are so-called detentless - that means they are smooth (quite probably literally the same you will find on very expensive commercial controllers) and they may be set up to be clamped (as they usually are) between minimum and maximum value or (super useful for 3D audio) to be wrapping around (handy for panning sounds in 360 degrees).

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I am in the process of making another controller with this footprint but instead of encoders it has 4 mechanical keyboard switches.

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I've opened up the repo for my controller - a tiny and cheap 14 bit midi controller based on the . It includes the hardware design, the firmware, a 3d-printable enclosure and a SuperCollider package for an easy to use interface.

A "cellar" is an install location? WHY NOT CALL IT THAT THEN ??????

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