did you know that web UI has OCR built in? so when you are posting screenshots of text, a transcription of the text to put into a description of the image is literally one click away. when uploading image into a toot, just klik 'Edit' and then 'detect text from picture'. that's it.

please help sighted people. it's costing you two extra clicks.

@luka hmm I do describe many of the images I post but I never noticed this 😅
Doesn't work on the instance here… maybe it misses some package (tesseract?).

@mmu_man @luka

I’ve also been having issues with this on for months, so it might not be your instance’s fault:

cc @Gargron

@luka except for some reason on cathode church it just fails with a "RuntimeError: abort(undefined)". I haven't been able to work out what's wrong.

@luka oh neat, last time I’d looked the thread was still unresolved. I’ll have to bring up to main on glitch-soc again soon

@luka Why not using the already existing IPTC/EXIF instead? At least the description, titel and photog tag among those meta data. Saves a lot of energy btw. ... 🖖

@luka Almost every photographer tags and describes his/hers photos in CaptureOne, Lightroom ... with $photographer, $description and $title. These data are in the photo in the EXIF/IPTC.

FB, Insta ... strip this data - incl. copyright - to obfuscate the origin due to business reasons.

Unfortunately, the Fediverse has joined this folklore.

It is also not fair to visually impaired people. (

Furthermore any processing (again) on external machines cost energy/CO2 ...

@luka Not to forget, that the image description holds an extra 1500 letters as opposed to 500 in the standard Mastodon toot. Perfekt for hidden messages, too.

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