i'm invited to stream for a local cafe - I love those guys, LGBT activists, real progressive electronic music, soc-analytical round tables, etc - but they want me to stream a DJset or live electronic performance (if I want) to facebook. It really got me thinking.

We need a network of nodes with PeerTube 3.0 (they announced streaming support, but it's not happening anytime soon), or something like Open Streaming Platform (FLOSS streaming server)

Yeah, it’s sad that only the big platforms offer an easy access to streaming. Some of my friends from a local feminist DJ collective try to use (Amazon) now. I'm already getting on their nerves, I think, with my concerns … After all, they are happy if they have a way to do small online events.

The Autistici collective has a server for streaming, maybe that would be an alternative for the moment?

@jine yes, i can totally relate. I'm also often a bit perplexed when minority groups, who are so often discriminated, uncritically use platforms where they can be tracked, silenced through algorithms (AI), and even bullied without repercussions. I have a feeling that the allure of the big global social network "where everyone is" is too strong, perhaps it's a move against ghettoisation that is stronger than fight against surveillance capitalism?

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