After some time I added a new album to :funkwhale: instance

It's one of the latest from netlabel Abstrakt Reflections.

I'm looking forward to the day when the library will be big enough to create public playlists as some form of podcasts.

cc @funkwhale

@luka If you store the license link in the metadata of the files before upload the funkwhale will display the license too. #MusicBrainz Picard usually works great for that.

In this case the info wasn't in the MB database yet. I added it now, but unfortunately funkwhale can't obtain info from MusicBrainz after upload yet.

Cool music btw.

@luka @funkwhale

I'd not heard of Funkwhale or I kind of have a hate/hate relationship with how I listen to music right now. (Really fighting the urge to write custom software.)

Thanks for pointing me toward both of these things.

I like Python. Maybe if I can't fight the urge, I can enhance Funkwhale.

I wonder if the people would be interested in Funkwhale. It would be nice to federate their library. They've been using Ampache for years.

@luka Hi there! Listening to your tracks right now!! I've been looking at @funkwhale recently, because I wanted to start a radio feed of #CreativeCommons music, but I noticed none of your tracks (and many other tracks on, for that matter) listed a license on Funkwhale. Was this an oversight, or was there no option? Just curious, as I'm looking for a reliable source of Creative Commons music and was hoping FunkWhale could be the tool. Thanks!

@jazzyeagle @funkwhale cc licence has to be in the copyright tag in the form of an url to the licence for :funkwhale: to register it. It's now possible to edit this info after the upload on the server via webUI. Most of my music doesn't have yet this info because it was uploaded before this was possible on FW and I had yet no time to fix that.

@jazzyeagle @funkwhale recently I uploaded a release on my label from last month where I have added this info in a FLAC tag and it works :

@luka @funkwhale Thanks so much for the response! I appreciate it! Glad to know this is working better now.

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