If you are a musician or sound artist and you urgently need 'native' support for audio uploads on mastodon, you can (and please do!) vote (thumbs up) or ideally write a short comment on the issue on github: "Allow users to post audio files #4827"

It looks like support is almost there but still not really implemented. Votes for this can raise the priority of this much needed feature.

(please boost!)

@luka gargron created a PR who implemented audio via note+attachment (Audio would have been better but well...), then closed the PR months later without any comment.
I guess that summarize pretty much how important he think it is.
@luka Gargon don't want audio support, his argument is that will make Mastodon a file sharing software..

what would you think about uploading music to @funkwhale and then link it to mastodon?

It's an plattform dedicated to musik and has #ActivityPub integrated.

@paulfree14 @funkwhale

I find funkwhale awesome for collections of albums and singles, maybe podcasts, etc - so, essentially stuff that is released to the public in its final form.

Attaching audio to a microblog post feels like it offers space to publish drafts and sketches apart from more finished pieces. I find that "incompatible" with Funkwhale.

@luka @paulfree14 @funkwhale Please not that, when audio federation will come to Funkwhale, which is not the case, it probably won't be displayed in Mastodon at least audio support is added so…

@luka @paulfree14 I tend to agree with you, Mastodon or other micro-blogging tools are currently more adapted to the content you describe.

It will likely be easier to publish this kind of content on Funkwhale when we support a YouTube-like channels system, but it's still different and complementary to attaching audio on a microblogging post :)

@luka @funkwhale
It would be nice if you could use a single account for a few activitypub services(so for example if you follow someone on mastodon you can also see the peertube videos and funkwhale music they post)

@BadAtNames @paulfree14 @funkwhale what you need in this case is a personal bot that monitors all you streams and boosts them so people would follow just that bot? But then it becomes somehow impersonal, less social. But that might be ok too. I personally like the plurality of different platforms.

@luka This isn't a good idea unless it's a preview audio clip of ten seconds, or something like that. If people post music tracks directly to the fediverse then this will attract the usual organizations who will claim that the fediverse is a copyright infringement zone. We don't want a repeat of the p2p wars of the 2000s.

@bob your perspective is a consumer one. You shouldn't think of anyone as a consumer. We can and to a degree we all _are_ creators and artists. Many people make their own music. Some of them avoid being part of the greedy publishing industry by using . They should be able to post their work online as part of their online social life. Why aren't you afraid of copyright infringement 'wars' regarding videos and images then?

also: P2P = people before profits

@luka Most of the video I see is short clips and can't be confused with posting movies. Images generally aren't enforced against, or only minimally. Posting audio with a CC license might be ok though.

@bob and posts like this - with video attached? aren't these copyright infringement? won't ability to upload video like this make mastodon another victim of p2p wars?

why enabling video upload and not audio is still a mystery to me.

@luka A five minute clip is not the same as a movie or a TV show. That's what the vultures were primarily interested in.

@bob while prince was still alive there was not a single music video of him on youtube. everything had to be taken down by his request.

a five minute audio clip is what vultures are interested in? i don't think so. what they are interested in are album, collections, torrents and such... i think this fear that mastodon will be abused as filesharing platform is completely blown out of proportions. it's bogus.

@luka It's a possible failure scenario: lots of users, possibly including trolls deliberately trying to bring down the system, start posting tracks that they don't own the copyright on and are not CC (or falsely labeled such) directly to the platform, followed by DMCA takedowns of instance domain names. The takedowns would be fairly indiscriminate because the "conveyance" is difficult to control in a federated system.

Right now this doesn't seem likely to happen due to existing limitations, but it becomes easy to post albums then maybe.
@luka @bob I'm not sure it's about whether or not it will be used as a file sharing platform (I don't think it will), but about whether or not it will be *seen* as a threat of this sort by the music industry, that has shown itself to be able to go to great length to suppress such platforms. And, while I love that I am able to directly share audio files with Pleroma (and thus I think such a feature would be great on Mastodon), I think the scenario of the music industry identifying us a a threat is unfortunately plausible.
@luka @bob An existing precedent is the case of Tumblr, that allows to upload copyrighted files (so I think they must have some kind of agreement), and have implemented some kind of system that makes it harder to download them from there (also, there is a comment in the source code of pages featuring audio files that roughly says "Please don't download audio files or our lawyer won't allow us to keep this functionality").
This is probably not the solution we want to implement, but it might be interesting to consider to weight in this debate.

Wow, the reasons given for not adding it were lame. The guy who wrote the PR also seemed annoyed for some reason.

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