Nevermind, figured it out! It's all about setting the right environment variables at the right time. I did the usual locale generation dance, uncommenting _both_ en_US.UTF-8 and nb_NO.UTF-8 in /etc/locale.gen, then I set the locale to nb_NO. After this I plugged `export LANG=en_US.UTF-8; export LC-PAPER=nb_NO.UTF-8` etc. into .zshrc, and now when I run `locale` it shows me the correct bunch of env vars!

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Possibly stupid question: I want to set LANG to en_US but the locale to nb_NO.UTF-8. Whenever I try to pull off something like `export LANG=en_US` it pulls all the other locale-based environment variables with it. This is on , but I suppose it's a general penguin question....

If anybody has a link to a decent tutorial (I’d even shell out for a book), I’d be very happy

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On my to-do list: learn
Not so easy, considering it's a powerful (read complicated) beast and I don't use wave editors very often. But I definitely see use cases in my future...

Against better judgment I trust my own judgment

The awesome incongruity of listening to ll cool j’s Mama Said Knock You Out while reading The Little Mermaid to the 3yo

The beauty of an excessively complex email pipeline (protonmail-bridge->mbsync/notmuch->neomutt->neovim/khard->protonmail-bridge) is — besides the actual, real efficiency boost — that I get to fully nerd out while doing administrative work.

Sketch 30: MiniBee Picking

Running increasingly fast into the woods increasingly blind.

The sound consists of granulated and non-granulated whispering; granulated xylophone, trumpet and broken piano recordings.

The source code and more information about the project can be found on

Something quite beautifully retro about 's high contrast color scheme in all its ugliness...

if you or a loved one have ever been convinced that we live in a clockwork universe with well-ordered, deterministic, neatly understandable rules, you may be entitled to compensation

Trying to elude identifications. Instead of “I am tired”: “Currently experiencing tiredness “

Based on the resounding success of the previous vim quiz, here's number 2. What does this little jewel accomplish?

vnoremap <leader>c di``````<esc>hhi<cr><esc>Pkj

Vim quiz time! Guess what this does:

nnoremap <leader>= mzgg=G`zzz

So, rule no. 1 when learning new programming languages: _always_ type along with the tutorial, otherwise every nugget of wisdom will be gone when you face the editor...

Counteracting entropy on a day-to-day basis

Joining my very first slack space this week, and I was thinking: why on earth would I want to do something like that in my browser? Turns out I can live very comfortably with weechat, using the weeslack plugin and the weechat-vimode for reasonable keybindings :-)

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