Resolving merge conflicts is not my favorite pastime, but lazygit makes the process as close to painless as can be. The more I use lazygit, the more I love it! If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s the address: Can’t recommend it enough.

If you’re interested in the theater of the absurd, you could always check out Becket, Ionesco, et al. Or you could spend a couple of hours with a four-year old. The latter will provide orders of magnitude more absurdity per unit time than the former.

Even though I stopped drinking coffee I still find the sound of the percolator in the morning deeply soothing.

Developing in , and realizing what a great idea it is to have a second computer at hand to kill off the application via ssh when the x-server gets completely unresponsive 😄

Resisting identification: Instead of saying "I am Norwegian", say "I was born in Norway". Instead of saying "I am an artist", say "I make art". Paring down essentialism to one thing only: "I am".

and now with rotation around the x-axis. I just love the += operator in c++ :-)

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... adding in a bit of rotation and keeping track of circle sizes and line lengths for a bit more consistency...

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Ah, the soothing sight of the base16-gruvbox-dark-hard color theme back on my computer...

Day 2 of figuring out how to code and animate L-systems in . Fun!

Slowly slowly starting to get my head wrapped around pointers and references in ...

Sketch 36/100: Float

Between sensation and thought. Between action and suspension.

The sound consists of granulated recordings, scrubbed through every time a sensor moves.

Source code for the sound and more details about the project here:

oh, and it's all happening on Linux and nvim, ofcourse... and I tried with clangd as well. Same problem. I'm using bear -- make to generate compile_commands.json

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Struggling a bit with in ... The language server refuses to recognize ofMain.h, even though its directory is dutifully listed in compile_commands.json... Anybody have any experience with getting cpp and openframeworks behave appropriately?

Two days of intense work later, @klli and I managed to produce a hybrid kind of a thingy. Lots of weird scales and interesting music both acoustic and based. Enjoy!

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