So, what is the thing about children and bedtime? Why does it always seem to signal the end of the world and everything that is fun to have to go to bed at a reasonable hour...?

Back into making all kinds of travel arrangements for our tour in the fall. Feels totally unreal, after all this time, to browse for hotel rooms, flight tickets, bus and boat schedules, as if it's all just going to happen! Crossing fingers...

Who would have thought that refactoring code could provide such deep and physical sensations of pleasure? Has anybody done any work on the phenomenology of coding? I'd be very curious to read this...

Finally got around to working properly with classes in ! t took me a long, long time to get there, but I am finally writing the code for a performance in the form of a Quark, instead of as a huge, ad-hoc jumble of files calling each other at run-time. Very much thanks to the C++ experience I got this summer, digging through lots of code with the steady help of the amazing @kandid, as well as reading up on design patterns and test-driven development.

Homemade pizza, I thought. How hard can that be? Just a bit of flour, yeast, water, olive oil and salt, right? For the record: It. Is. Not. So. Easy.

100€ (or PWYW) desktop computer, berlin, :boost_ok: 

Hey, I'd like to sell/ give away my old desktop computer. Hoping to get 100€ for it, or less if you can't afford that. Ideally only to people in/ around Berlin because it's heavy and DHL is a scam.


AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (6 cores, running between 3.5-4GHz)
AMD R9 380X (4GB GDDR5 with good Linux support)
250GB SSD and ~2TB HDD (too lazy to check what the exact drives are atm)

DM me if you're interested

I love Alik's videos on Supercollider and Ardour and all things interesting

In the series of possibly impossible dreams: one day I will organize all my cables in a way that makes it easy to locate the exact cable that I need in a matter of seconds.

Instead of reducing all of 's builtin commands to a bunch of shorter commands (nnoremap <leader>n :noh kind of a thing...) try to actually learn the commands and burn them into your fingers instead. The closer you get to being comfortable to a (almost) vanilla vim setup, the more portable you are. Also, in the long run, it might even be more ergonomic.

I swear practice is magic. Every time I try something new I'm hit with all this stuff that just seems impossible to me, stuff that my brain or body just won't ever be able to figure out how to do. And then a week later there I am doing the impossible thing (or at least doing much better at the impossible thing).

The 4-year old is entering a ninja period. Kind of a refreshing change from all the princesses and unicorns...

Interesting to note how so many people talk about $NATION's culture as if it's some kind of fixed, knowable entity (that the speaker intuitively Just Knows, of course), instead of the unstable, diverse, contradictory and not-very-nation-bound sprawl in question.

Really enjoying the Bas-Lag series by China Miéville. Just finished the first one, Perdido Street Station, and just started the second one: The Scar.

Two Body Orchestra is going back on the road again, after a bunch of COVID-related delays. First up: Viljandi Tantsunädal, Estonia on 30 August, then: 16-17 October in Kajaani, Finland; 11 November in Dansefestival Barents, Hammerfest, Norway; 18-21 November in Bergen, Norway; 23 November Scenekunst Sør, Kristiansand, Norway. Looking so much forward to getting back on tour!

The far right and the new age crowd in Estonia is merging into an unholy lump of science denial, anti-vaxxing and national mystique. Is the same thing happening elsewhere?

My two most useful tools, by far: laptop and leatherman. In a zombie apocalyse I'm pretty clear on which one I would bring along, though, and it's not the computer.

A limitation is an invitation to expand... this is my main takeaway from my first two weeks of eating . Cutting out something that ran on autopilot has been a great way to get new ideas, broaden horizons, go to the farmers' market to pick up good stuff, searching the takeaway shelfs for something that is actually interesting, not just base-level nutritious.

Sometimes easy to forget how great jack actually is, but the ability to route everything to everything else is a total killer, and it's built right into the whole system! Want to record the output of a youtube video into Reaper? No problem. Just connect a couple of virtual cables and off you go. Or route your mic to Jitsi, while recording it in Reaper AND mangling it in SuperCollider while sending the whole thing out to some entirely other app? Go right ahead.

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