Today's adventures in . Enjoying getting back to 4-to-the-floor beats for once :-)

SonoBus is an open source cross-platform application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network

Connects multiple users together to send and receive audio among all in a group, with fine-grained control over latency, quality and overall mix. Includes optional input compression, noise gate, and EQ effects, along with a master reverb. All settings are dynamic, network statistics are clearly visible.
So this could be for a band or music practice, a meeting, etc without audio passing through any central server or reliant on any Internet service. Works as a standalone application on macOS, Windows, iOS, and GNU/Linux, and as an audio plugin (AU, VST, and AAX) on macOS and Windows. Use it on your desktop or in your DAW, or on your mobile device such as Android or iOS.
See SonoBus

Weaning self off cellphone usage. Day 3. So far so good. Mind is already considerably less cluttered.

and before you squeal at my incredible mutt skills, I hurry to say that I copypasted this from somewhere. Unfortunately my memory is far less searchable than my mailbox, so where it came from remains a mystery.

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macro index L "<enter-command>unset wait_key<enter><shell-escape>read -p 'notmuch query: ' x; echo \$x >~/.cache/mutt_terms<enter><limit>~i \"\`notmuch search --output=messages \$(cat ~/.cache/mutt_terms) | head -n 600 | perl -le '@a=<>;chomp@a;s/\^id:// for@a;$,=\"|\";print@a'\`\"<enter>" "show only messages matching a notmuch pattern"

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The combination and is pure awesomeness. If you have an email buried somewhere deeeeep in your inbox and you only have a vague memory of what it was called you just notmuch it and boom! There it is... All you need is a little macro in your .muttrc:

Learning . Such a beautiful language! And now that it's becoming fully integrated into , I have a good reason to use it as well 😃

Ah, the satisfaction of a well-formed doing exactly what I want it to do.

Toy companies really are some of the worst offenders when it comes to unnecessary plastic wrapping. And that’s not even considering the amount of plastic junk the toys themselves mostly consist of...

Hot tip for increasing your joint mobility in a short time: ditch the chair. Sit on the floor instead. This simple hack will drastically increase the range of motion in your ankles, knees, and hips. No amount of ergonomic chair will beat squatting down and getting up many times a day.

Becoming more and more a determinist. Mostly because I just can’t imagine any plausible mechanism for free will in the classical sense. However, I am pretty sure the whole determinism vs freedom debate is framed in the wrong terms to begin with. Oh well.

Trying to read a tutorial but the website keeps popping up annoying notifications. Solution: w3m Notifications poof! Gone! No more.

It's been strangely liberating to go as vanilla as possible over the last couple of weeks. My plugin collection is dwindling, and as a consequence I am learning so much more about vim. Mind you, my plugin collection is still sizable, but I now feel like I know why I use every single one of them and not relying on native features. tpopes vim-dispatch is a good example. On could, of course, use :make and be happy, but this locks up the terminal while building. Not OK.

Wow, my spring-cleaning of my setup feels so liberating. I have gotten rid of a heap of plugins and keyboard laziness that I accumulated over the years, and in the process I have learnt that most of what I want to do can (easily!) be done with native capabilities.

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