Reading Roads’ Computer Music Tutorial while my partner’s singing my 3 yo lullabies. Could be worse.

btw, I'm available for lessons both in English and German on Jitsi, Skype or BigBlueButton (whatever works best for you).

My timezone is UTC +1.

German is my native language, so I'm more comfortable there, but I've been partnered with an American for close to 7 years, so I'm pretty confident in English, too. My existing teaching material is in German, though.

I’ve owned a leather man multi tool for 25 years now. Same tool. Works flawlessly. What would the works look like if the same could be said for computers...?

The Great Transition to configuration of is basically complete! Holy fuck, that took a while...

Probably spending a great deal more time optimizing for productivity than actually producing anything these days. Feels quite good after such an intense period...

Teachin the 3yo:
“Repeat after me: Gender is a construction.”
Curious how that will go down in kindergarten.

Day two with no coffee. So far going surprisingly well.

Fav quote from today’s coverage of the : “Math is coming!”

Not a fan of iOS 14 on an old iPhone SE. Too small icons in group view or whatever they call it these days.

I'm looking for a livecoder who would be part of an under-represented demographic, for a well paying orca gig. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate? Hit me up :)


Small morning happiness: I finally managed to port a lovely, grungy little doppler pitch shift effect from Max to ! Here it is, any suggestions for improvement are most welcome:

Playing around with 22-tone equal temper tuning. Takes some getting used to that particular brand of tonality. Also exposes how shoddy my basic music theory is. But fun!

Pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to migrate from master to main in my repos. A simple git branch -m master main && git push -u origin main and whoopsie! (Then a bunch of unfortunate clicks on gitlab to set default. Oh well...)

Quick reminder that awk is cool and useful and easy to learn and you won't regret spending 20 minutes adding it to your toolbox

More cool scnvim stuff:
nnoremap <silent><buffer> <F5> :call scnvim#sclang#send('s.plotTree')<CR>
nnoremap <silent><buffer> <F6> :call scnvim#sclang#send('s.meter')<CR>
nnoremap <silent><buffer> <F7> :call scnvim#sclang#send('FreqScope(1400)')<CR>

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For the uninitiated: is one of the best things that has happened to development since I started working with it (apart from the work on the actual language itself, which is obviously the most awesome)

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And now improved so that I can start AND stop recordings with F8: nnoremap <silent><buffer> <F8> :call scnvim#sclang#send('if(s.isRecording){s.stopRecording}{s.record("~/sc-rec"+/+PathName(thisProcess.nowExecutingPath).fileNameWithoutExtension+/+Date.localtime.stamp++".wav", numChannels: s.options.numOutputBusChannels)}')<CR>

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