"imagine a society where we work together, as a society, to ensure that everyone's basic needs are met. you will not go hungry, you will not go thirsty, you will not become homeless. imagine the possibilities that opens up for making art, for sharing art. we have the food for it, we have the money for it, we have the houses for it. it is a matter of distribution. it is a matter of political organization. that world is possible. we can build it"

by imaginair.es/@brinsolomon/1039

This piece for and saxophone by Eli Fieldsteel was just the right thing for my mental peace today.


Dance for the Living


Sketch 17/100

Finding support for the movement from the rhythm of the song, as well as the sequential rhythms of the body itself. Surrendering to the flow of the moment.
The sound is based on a simple repetitive pattern run through a single feedback delay and a reverb.

Source code and project here: roosnaflak.com/100-sketches/017-dance-for-the-living/


Inside the Sound
Sketch 16/100


A small presentation of how you can work with sensors, sounds and effects, and letting it resonate in the body.

Source code and more information about the project here: roosnaflak.com/100-sketches/016-inside-the-sound/

New video! How do I set up a fresh Manjaro installation for audio production? I've got so many requests for this one - I hope it's going to be helpful :)


#unfa #Manjaro #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction

Sketch 15/100 Making Air


Making air bubbles inside the body in order to fly and dive when necessary.

The arpeggiated sound consists of one sine wave modulating the frequency of another in a harmonic relationship. The noisier sound consists of one sine wave with a phase modulation feedback modulating another feedback sine wave. These feedback sine waves go from sine wave through square wave to chaotic oscillation.

Source code: roosnaflak.com/100-sketches/01

curiosity -> unknown -> fear -> .... -> trust -> relaxation -> curiosity

Linux gurus out there: is there a (relatively) simple way to remap the uiojklm,./ keys to a numpad when holding down fn? First and foremost in or , but something that would work on xorg would be cool as well. Can't find any docs on this in the xkeyboard docs...


A little exploration of voice and four microphones. Each mic is run through different effect chains with ring modulations, feedback delays, filters, limiters, and more delays that are then fed back into the effect chains again.

Source code and details here: roosnaflak.com/100-sketches/01


Yet another joke: our flight was postponed from 30 March to 17 April. And now again to 1 May... curious if we’ll ever make it home...

Sketch 13/100

Both movers take turns supporting each other and flowing through the anchor points and openings that are created through this.

The sounds are a combination of recordings granulated in slightly different ways and run through different effect chains. The recordings are: @klli singing run through a very long delay effect; rain sounds; @klli talking; and various recordings from an old theater workshop.


Source code here: roosnaflak.com/100-sketches/01


"No one moves or breathes or finds food who is not supported by an environment that is built for passage, that prepares and distributes food so that it makes its way to our mouths, a world that sustains the environment that makes possible air of a quality we can breathe...What support, what dependency, has to be disavowed for the fantasy of self-sufficiency to take hold, for the story to start with a timeless adult masculinity?"

-Judith Butler, "The Force of Nonviolence" p41-42

I'm bored and curious: how many of ye are currently confined home?
(boosts more than welcome!)

Oh well... our flight home from Norway on the 30th got cancelled, next scheduled flight on the 17th of April.

Jeg er ambivalent til stoisk filosofi, fordi den fører til apati i møte med problemer vi faktisk kan løse politisk. Men akkurat i år må vi ha iallfall sånn 50% Epiktet innabords for å takle alt som skjer nå som vi ikke kan påvirke. Altså, vi må våge å tenke like stort som krisen for å redusere skaden. Men det er veldig mye som forsvinner nå - drømmer, planer, eiendeler, trygghet - som vi bare må la gå fra oss uten å klage unødig.

Any time I get the urge to show off a clever code-snippet, it turns out to be faulty in some way. So now I use this urge to identify what needs to be debugged

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