oddly enough i have been finding gabriel-era genesis to be hitting a sweet spot in my listening preferences

one thing i like is the mix of classical (keyboard) elements within a more contemporary (band) context

very british

lyrics can (occasionally) overflow with clever wordplay

sound color used as compositional element (esp keyboard, but also guitar)

appreciating hackett's unique melodic gifts

also high "rate of information" within music suits my processing

(there is joy in repetition)

school of honk played a (peabody) museum show, about 40 mins N of boston (to use time for distance)

nice to travel in order to play music

it was a good show, with a smaller (self-selected) group ready to deliver a more disciplined while still funky set

even the "smaller" group (40-ish) just overwhelmed the festival ... we were everywhere! (ok, it was only a moderately sized fest ... still-)

heard a few other acts, chatted with many, had a lovely time



listened (and liked) your fedivision entry- nice work!

a lovely series of melody variations (i thought maybe a slower tempo would emphasize its "heroic" character, but i digress ...)

i kept hearing brass instruments in my mind (and would have benefitted from their breathing enhancing the phrasing (at least in my mind)), maybe in front of a "pop" rhythm section

hopefully, you will get this performed by live musicians, recorded and then posted to mastodon ...


ordered a poetry collection from evie shockley (_semiautomatic_)

i've only read 2 of her poems- each concerned with a gifted black women (, systemic racism, wordplayingaround, and much more)

+ billie holiday
+ ida b. wells

(titles long and clever (and i don't recall and unwilling to look them up))

i have found nothing but inspiration and illumination from her words- so i am psyched af for this book to arrive


music classification 

to me musical categories are just marketing, but i digress

the reason to toot is hearing someone with major arts organization refer to jazz as "american classical music" and having it strike me as eurocentric ...

european classical music (while lovely) is not the eternal archetype that all other music (across time and culture) aspires toward

can we just call it "good"?

good music from ellington
good music from beethoven

religion (refugee (responses)) 

russia bombs the shit out of chechnya
lots of muslim refugees created
europe enforces strict asylum procedures

russia bombs the shit out of syria
lots of muslim refugees created
europe builds fences

russia bombs the shit out of ukraine
lots of christian refugees created
europe opens arms


russia is at fault for their barbaric bombing tactics

europe is not a humanitarian agency for russian refugess

but i hoped that racism would not determine refugee responses


here in usa empire i've heard russia has shut off electricity in finland (prolly affects your ability to communicate using mastodon)

to say the least, patriarchy in action (causing misery for many)

maybe you can do something with paper and pencil or maybe you can just take walks, listen to birds, ...

be well ...


driving into harvard square
(for a band rehearsal)
i stop at a red traffic light
on a shady side street


a "wild" turkey crosses
on the crosswalk
with the light
as if they were just another human

then (after successfully crossing)
continues on
oblivious to another stroller
of a different species


sage blue monroe-
silk marilyn warhol screen
andy = value + art



back to tusky after trying "mastodon" android app ...

missing image descriptions (on mastodon app) a deal killer for me

tusky is even nicer now!

School of Honk playing/dancing to the b52s (along with some potential future recruits)


bandcamp friday (commodity music) 

another bandcamp friday ...

nice to offer artists a few crumbs now and again (most businesses just take every crumb imaginable)

then again ...

ends up with artists shilling for bandcamp for free

re-enforces capitalist "market" model so that music/musician becomes (just) another product (an accessory to mobile phone ear buds)- and artists take this upon themselves, "purchasing this is supporting me"


what is music good for?


played a may day march within borders of empire
(workers of the world unite!)

a few snares, bass drum, tuba, trumpet

most of the time it was chant support (unfortunately, chant leader always "broke" the meter when starting a new chant ...)

could only do half the march (a few kilometers) as i had already plaid a 2 hour gig beforehand, and "it's not like it used to be” ...

some of the speakers were truly revolutionary (”workers need to take back the profits of their labor from the bosses")


instagram (drumming) 

been watching drummers on instagram (🚫), playin fast, on stage or in studio ...

it's like watching a gymnastic demonstration (with unclear scoring)- but killer skills is the game


often when playing, i will hit as few strokes as possible in order to keep time and support the overall musical texture (leaving soloist plenty of room (which they invariably appreciate))

there are no videos like this


also, hard to do more in 15 seconds than a tiny taste




(subconscious) messages
always sending always (receiving)

verbs: FAIL
sounds: (tho) PASS


THINKing less


"apartheid clyde"


maybe you didn't create it (yourself)
but by using it (frequently (enough))
you taught it it (to me)


it helps to counteract the "arrgh!" feeling i get whenever encountering his name



understanding better
why i like the music played by
j.d. beck & domi

for lack of an apt metaphor-
"it's music from outer space"


also ... j.d. beck a visionary on how to play drums to accompany (and enhace) music from other instruments


replaced keycaps & logic board (now supporting (programmable) tmk firmware) on my hhkb

my magpie tendencies are thusly laid bare

everything apparently still works
(although, to be fair, i have not (yet) attempted to update firmware)

keyboards with the ability to switch "context" (mapping keys differently in different layers) are relatively easy for a vi(m) user like me ...

(still getting the hang of it)

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