arbitrary prognostication 

record "review" 


disappointing rehearsal

some only covering
their (musical) asses
never opening
ears minds (theirs)

hearts (ours)


just saw pete townsend on (economics (!) segment from) pbs news hour

if you write a line like, "i hope i die before i get old," you are going to get old and have to explain that line (over and over) until you are (finally) dead.



(das ist alles)
⌨️ 🎼

jazz rhythm 

random shuffle 

there is joy in repetition
(but also danger
(each moment precious
(each repetition changes
) ) )


a (holiday) clip featuring members of BABAM! (Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians) enjoying an old chestnut during a school of honk friendsgiving event ...

(still with me?)

yes- it's extremely ad hoc, but (hopefully) entertaining nonetheless

school of honk
shared food, then entertainment featuring smaller varied musical ensembles
people exercising creativity by making sounds;
other minds activated by listening and thinking about those sounds

(another world is possible)

wrote up "missy" (too many zoos)
for brass band

only 2 voices (so far)- easy!

music notation imperfect, but helpful
(still need to add dynamics, phrasing, articulation to manuscripts)

a very raw setting (just trying to notate recording)


saxophone soloist
USA national anthem

(not quite jimmy (more like brecker), but tuneful rendition nonetheless)

god bless capitalism
(also cocaine)


"But the condition of being alive is what I play all the time."
- o.coleman

🎷 πŸ’“


when brass bands

there will be spit

(in all of its guises)
most ephemeral of arts
(nothing to see, nothing to touch)
like mind
(frail and fleeting existence)

always finding now


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