artistic comparisons 

now "taking a break" from jp honk


now pronk has ended

jp honk played well once
SoH played pretty well twice
wirh a parade in between

providence only about an hour from boston
but its a different city with it's own vibe
(drinking on streets)
so going there (and laying it down)
you get the bonus of getting out of your locality, playing well, and sensing a different city
after (only) an hour drive

so pronk rock'd


now its the end
of second honk! fest day:
+ walked/played long parade
+ quick "band review" 10 min set
+ bass drumming at tune share
+ interesting conversations with people of many types (about many different subjects)
+ stepped out a bit early to rest for pronk! tomorrow
+ expect to sleep without trouble tonight


one thing about being in a "band" (school of honk) with > 100 members is that at any show in honk! fest there is at least 1 band member to chat with ...

first set went pretty well
one more to go

then ... (another) party with musicians


first honk! fest gig
at night
in chill autumn drizzle

here we fuckin go ...

playing pronk
(PRovidence (rhode island) hONK fest)
with two groups on monday

if past years are any indication
an excellent time
will be had by all


band schedule not posted
4 days ahead of show




i saw that "local only" toot from darius too

maybe you could set that up on too (unless it already is set up and i just don't know how to make it happen)

also, is lovely, thank you for setting it up

honk! fest arriving soon in boston

looking forward to performing fully, hearing other bands, talking to musicians, seeing and being seen

hopefully avoiding emotional meltdowns, hurtful stupidity (esp. my own), arbitrary exercise of authority, and bad craziness in general

rain forecast on and off for the weekend

here we go!


(promoting the deceased: attraction is to body of work and not body of poet)

starts off with rebirth brass band

(continuing from yesterday)

rebirth brass band
in heavy rotation

(that kind of a day)

still on track to leave one band

nice that the band wants me to stay
but i still want to go

we're discussing ...


The compilation is now released!

This is Revolution of Our Times, a Fediverse collaborative compilation benefiting the Sue The Abuser crowdfunding campaign, which helps the victims of Hong Kong police brutality seek justice. All money collected goes to the campaign! Please share and enjoy! ✊

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