"dark star crashes
pouring its light
into ashes
reason tatters
the forces tear loose"

(also basis for regular explorations into unknown musical realms)


a brass band i'm in
went to rehearse
and entertain ourselves
in a local park

before we even got through
the first number
about 20 people showed up
and the number kept increasing
until around 60

but it meant so much
to the listening audience

who knew music was so important


just finished
arrangement of
esoeranza/el cumbanchero
mash up

(i hope SoH will play)

not a huge fan of ken burns
(many reasons)

but his country music series did teach me about hank williams
the hillbilly shakespeare ...

🎸 πŸ“„

nice to see music (and musicians) treated as purveyors of nurturing communities

(pats self on back)

also- the 80+ year old voice is not that pretty in the usual sense
but evocative af (for me anyway)


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heard about a celebrity rendition of "imagine" on media feed of one sort or another

wrongly attributed to john lennon
(no mention of yoko! cnn.com/2017/06/15/entertainme)

a well- it's still a beautiful song ...
(read _grapefruit_ to understand)



music activities for shut-ins 

watching beatles apple building roof top concert
i am amazed at how little screen time
is given to billy preston
desite the prominence of his keyboard
in the musical fabric


listening to bach WTK this morning
(ishizaka (i loathe picardy thirds, but she (somehow) plays them just right))

some thoughts:
+ prolly would not like bach personally
- church goer
- conservative
- (likely) antisemitic
+ yet the music is glorious
- mind follows ear effortlessly
- organized
- chromatic detours common

it's the old "love the work, hate the artist" conundrum (but instead of domestic violence or pedophilia, it's organized religion) ...


korg apparently releasing kaosillator app for free at corporate (tracking) app stores for ios & android

(apparently nothing for users outside of those app stores (fortunately, i bought hardware from korg long ago))


in art- you never give it all
(you just give enough)


school of honk (+ dancers)
black bird special


(before covid-19 recess)

best music product ever

(and yet- still sounds sweet)


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