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important in the year of our lord 2022


(may need to go direct to youtube (🤢) for timecode to be followed (also, zoom (streaming) audio leaves a lot to be desired))

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moor mother

it ain't fun
it ain't no dance to joint

but damn-
she grabs me by the throat every time i listen

(makin sound/word scorched earth verses (like no other[s]))


finshed honkfest with a (long) parade through boston common and public garden

crowd seemed to enjoy it throughout (but entire band was exhausted)

the boston marathon is going to be run tomorrow, so there were lots of runners and around

there are lots of buskers in the common; my fave was one er-hu player who just had his amp up and feeding back while sitting calmly next to it as the 40 person brass band stromped through- couldn't even hear it until i was right in front of it


honkfest weirdly amazing this year; like re-living the past (pre-pandemic), but a past passed through a filter (removing ~ 50% of things according to some mysterious algorithm) ...

4/5 shows complete (have not heard recordings (yet) so no (internal) critiques (so far)), but audience response was enthusiastic throughout ...

especially surprising since we were down to a quartet after (idiot) bari player quit just before honkfest

brass band gods provided ... !


bought (the bandcamp (harold)) budd box

quiet thoughtful audio:
careful listening rewarding

lovely (for) liminal laying
(alone or together)

better softer buffer


school of honk pre-honkfest blinky light parade tonight

i was in the group that walked through davis sq (relatively active center of eating, drinking, seeing, being seen, and other similar activities)

with covid, there are lots more open air eateries; and the response of their customers (along with other passers-by and hangers-on) was pretty good throughout (occasional shouts of encouragement, enthusiastic applause at the end of most numbers, some dancers)

a mobile musical party


paying bills while "revolution 9" plays at moderate volume (from random shuffle)

as surreal as it seems


irregular announcement:
i am (still) an artist in residence at my dumpy apartment


another school of honk show ...

played pretty well- had a few extra aux percussionists, both to drive and to add color; which helped things sound ever funkier

at one point, the band leader (playing tuba) reached over to mute my cymbal

it was unexpectedly disrespectful

later, i kept my eyes closed so i wouldn't have to see what he was doing

i've said it over and over, and yet it remains ever true, "every band is always on the verge of breaking up."


you know- i just don't need to hear another young singer's musical transmission of their deeply unresolved emotional state

i know their voice can touch me, and i can open some echo of that feeling in my own experience by listening

but i'd rather hear more abstract musical patterns that hold my interest as a metaphorical exploration of the ebbs and flows i live with every day of my life

is that (so) wrong (maybe just "boringly mature")?


i still like the velvets
in spite of everything

reed often takes a lot of credit (no surprise (RIP)), and he did contribute mostly attitude, also lyrics
but it's the sound of the whole group of them that is truly exceptional

(on listening to (unreleased) studio "ocean")


played a "porchfest" show with substitute tuba today ... sounded good and had fun!

we stuck to easy tunes (new tuba)- nonetheless drew a neighborhood crowd (50-ish) and kept them for the whole set ...

also, in backyard with no amps and crowd all around, audience could hear us talking about playing easy songs, solos, (last minute) set list changes (along with self-deprecationg humor and sarcastic chatter) ...

apparently did not matter as they were enthusiastic throughout


more moor mother muthuh

(poetry music DSP and that beautifully strong alto)


watching new england revolution playing chicago fire
(usa pro soccer league)

there's a "percussion ensemble" in the stands with two bass drums, several snares/tenors, and various bells and shakers and they are just killing it.

they can be easily heard from the stadium audio (always in the background) ...

beats shift, intricate syncopations, just relentless driving drumming

buen trabajo, compañeros


bari player just left band with a text message (asshole!)

so now this band is no longer on the verge of breaking up ...

if we played sports instead of music, i could say we are starting a rebuilding process

good thing doing music for a theatrical production has come up to help fill the time ...

musicians in a group
often on the verge of cracking up
(within and without)


played an actual (concert) show with (0.83 of) br*

bari player had another (paying) gig, so trumpet player subbed on tuba

intonation focus was often absent, and tuba (needing maintenance) does not have nearly sharp attack of bari sax- which really affected rhythmic precision

regardless, i did hear enthusiastic (sounding) applause (even sustained "off beat" clapping) from time to time

(on the otger hand, we did have moments ... i'm probably too critical of band's performance)

🤬🧨 🆘

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