bass drumming in the backyard

reinstalling android after making a mess of it (again)

both efforts (apparently) successful


recontextualizing pop music 

baby's on fire
(from eno's _here_comes_the_warm_jets_)

i used to hear it as grim british mysogyny ("edgy" humor)

but with various immigrant crises and blm in my mind- i now hear it in a different (and far more disturbing, emotionally callus manner (esp with spanish named characters in a verse of demeaning stereotypes))

love the sounds, human artists ... well a mixed bag


listening to the wind's business within my apartment (isaias)

shifting small items about

(a musical blast)



another good one
(being on "vacation" may help)


"i roam the cosmos"

sunny & june in all their glory. and let's not forget about the arkestra- kerpin that groove for all 50 minutes (with just enough variance to keep it interesting without distracting from the two soloists and their speaking/singing/echoing magic ...)

i'm at the point (mentally)
where i can sit on the porch
for hours
listening to sun ra, miles, ...

"eyes on the sky"

(i blame covid)

june tyson
splendor in voice

(taken too soon)

zappa (+ mothers)
imperfect in many ways
"we're only in it for the money"
remains a fave

+ (art) music collage[s]
+ (witty) social commentary
+ doo wop style-ations
+ "non-musical" elements (conversation excerpts, "shorks", ...) integrated into musical textures
+ ((somewhat) gratuitous) kafka mention in liner notes

case can be made for it being
among peaks/nadirs of hi/lo art mash-ups

(also captures something about media saturated living)


played a BLM action
by a traffic circle

mostly whites holding signs
while their neighbors drove by
and honked

support is good
but i hate fucking cars
(outside of their utility
(and i come from detroit!))

mostly drummers & low brass (7)
one each: tpt, tbn, cl (very quiet)

so strong rhythmic focus ...

nonetheless, nice to see musician friends (after months of quarantine)


school of honk
cut up/montage
"black bird special"

watching live stream concert
(too many zooz, moon hooch)

music great (so far)

kinda reminds me of sporting events without crowds in a way ...

like rehearsal in a way; since waves of crowd enthusiasm (or disdain) are absent- just musicians trying to make that magic happen ...

(almost need to bring more than usual since crowd "crutch unavailable)

not so easy to Β«mach showΒ» in pandemic (musical or sporting)

weird times

"everything we have come to call the arts seems to be in every 3 year old."

unexpected benefit of working at home:
Β‘drum break[s]!


gil scott heron hitting the spot for me recently

winter in america
we almost lost detroit


listening to my usual random mix
a tune comes up ...
catches my mind
won't let go

"major happy's up and coming once upon a good time band" rutles

it triggered my "beatles" response-
one more tribute to the genius of neil innes ...


bats come into sky
during satie
(gnossienne 1)

skwawking like they just don't
give a fuck about any musix
i might have on

bats are like that


cicada outbursts fitting in well with angel bat dawid ("black family")

while bats
swoop by squeaking in the sky
(more frequent but shorter in duration than cicadas)

sentient beings all responding to angelic sounds


even the craziest shit
(where some fans go, "ok, but lanquidity" (and i get it, it's a freakin mess (but beyond the notes ("music is a spiritual language" (direct to creator)))))

i am fortunate to have heard all the sun ra music i have

(including one live (post stroke) performance (supplemented by innumerable recordings))


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sun ra
just works in my mind
imagination engorged inevitably



@luka I'm really enjoying right now. I appreciate all the work that went into the pieces by the artists and the mastering you did.

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