listening to sun ra
provides many benefits

today, while at counter-rally toward usual white supremaciasts (mish-mash of iii%-ers, oath-keepers, religious nuts of one type or another, &c. (to say nothing of boston police (at least doubling numbers for racists at rally))), i was able to really dive-in (and even lead) some of chaotic noise making to drown out those idiots ...

just because there were no barlines does not mean there was no music


beautiful tapestry of humanity:

performance stunning, sure

but the shots of crowd in its variety of appearance and response to the show is what is so moving to me ...

(also whitfield a gospel giant from my hometown of detroit MI)


prolly my last contribution
for both @looptober and (possibly also $looptober and (too many) other variants)

they are getting too complex for loops and becoming (loopy) tunes ... i can't/won't further reduce ("what is a loop?" anyway)

static (mechanical) nature of looping (increasingly) unlikely to excite my imagination (like variation)

please enjoy (be patient)

sean ono lenon
(tribute to his father on what would have been his 80th birthday)

i really like it
perfect for quarantine
a bit raw (rough edges) but real

nice singing sean!

jeff tweedy (+ rhythm section (beautifully supporting)) cover lenon's "god"

takes guts to do it, a pretty uncompromising lyric:
"i don't believe in beatles!"

it's prolly my fave of all the incredible songs he wrote

nice work jeff!

oddly enough
finding ABBA
interesting enough

shiny superficialities of lite classical divertissements

european cultural detritus of a previous time

why does anyone like anything?

oddly enough, (and my new orba) contine to inspire me to make music

a multi-metered homage to an electronic music visionary

as always, costructed with the thought that a certain mode of "performance" requires the whole enchilada to be looped

"we travel the spaceways"


just watched björk's video
it's o so quiet

o yes

uspol (RBG, spirituality) 

(sorry, should have been posted with other account)

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uspol (RBG, spirituality) 

kinda offensive:
putting RBG in christian "heaven"
(she was never a christian)

o right- americans constitutionally prevented from conceiving of more than 2 way split of opinion on ANYTHING (much less mythology)

in this case: religious (== christianity), and non-religious (criminals, BIPOC, socialists, various pagan)


another orba loop

as always, loops within loops
(file itself can be looped)

(i'm in)

went looking for info but found nothing. is there any site to talk about the project?



bought white album box set, so for last few months been listening to outakes, alternates, &c.

today put on release (mono) and can hear why the versions on the album were chosen (with earlier takes now firmly in mind).

worth it

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