music, emotional impact 

sometimes i think i could just study and perform music all the time

(later, limitiations of mind and body require me to rest)


rock music 

was thinking of blowing off brass band rehearsal tonight

but i think we're going to spend some time on my mash up of "let's go get 'em" and "we shall overcome" ("let's go overcome") ...

so i'll get my ass over there for rehearsal!
(and defer other maintenance activities i was planning)
🏫 🎢

i've been listening more
to radiohead

release is immense
(hours of sounds)

but earlier work too

this too will pass

"They realize that all worlds
Are like flames, like lights
Like echoes, like dreams,
Like illusions, like emanations."

(... like music)

also, actually made some progress on brock-broido settings too


just completed mash up of 3 birthdays
+ beatles
+ stevie wonder
+ p. & m.j. hill

it works for me, but i have a higher tolerance for chromaticism and layered meters than most

wonder if jp honk (band) will feel the same.

(pdf score available)

sound mind boosted

listening to I.F. II Metal Rach

sehr schΓΆn

"sculpture dedication" gig yesterday
very "bostonian"

talks about:
+ particular wood used for sculpture (picnic table)
+ mindfulness excersizes (10 mins)
+ native history of MA (colonial genocide)
+ burning sage (audience members could get "infused")
+ 4 page hand out with "relevant" literary excerpts (mostly poetry)

only white people (city demographics partly to blame)

nonetheless, community garden was lovely, people were kind (if overly intellectual), weather nice, band played well ...


school of honk
on teevee
(pinkalicious and peterrific
(PBS kids))

somewhat skewed toward younger members of the school, but gives an idea what the entire affair is like

percolating a project using these items to make something interesting:
+ teenage engineering pocket operators: 35, 400
+ my voice
+ bbc sound effects library
+ l.brock-broido poem
(a cage goes in search of a bird)

(maybe "announcing" it will push me to complete it (or some part thereof))


i come from detroit:
yet- i find the music of NOLA
oddly familiar

(maybe deeper listening
playing with a brass band
for the last few years
undoubtedly helps)


avoiding piles of mail
(for now)
as i experiment with

teenage engineering
pocket operator 400

art over adulting


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