uspol (musical inauguration) 

lady gaga belts out national anthem (skipping racist 3rd verse (rarely sang))- pipes!

j-lo sings guthrie's "this land” (as if native american claims on the land were irrelevant (sadly, they were))- pipes!

j-lo speaks some spanish too

2 songs from our systemically racist culture
1 non-english language

(par for the course)


just finished your

seems like an evocative rendering of a place/culture in word/image to me

raised in MI now living in MA, i know very little about "the south" (other than white supremacy, okra, and the b52s (of course, elvis too)) ...

now i know a little bit more

i like it! (thank you)

here i am
listening to sun ra late at night -
but how did i get here?

(A: day at a time)


i keep adding more stuff to my bandcamp wishlist

inspiring to have so many lovely sounds at my fingertips

"music makers manage"
(paraphrasing e.varèse)


"art is a form of liberation"
-m.victor, elevated thought

(hell yes)

andra day as billie holiday
(like jill scott as mahalia jackson)

two faves in one

promos look good
(but don't they always?)

we'll see


today, the school of honk was making an audio recording in a park. at a certain point, we got to the ghost busters theme. in the arrangement we play, there is a "spooky part" (contrasting section, more musically distinct than a bridge)- the bass goes to half notes ...

so during this part, 3 fire engines came rushing by in sequence- their sirens blending perfectly into the mix.

it was so good, it was spooky ...

sometimes amazing things happen when playing music with open ears, open mind ...


Gil Scott-Heron explaining what he meant when he said “The revolution will not be televised”


(un-)fortunately, my first experience of being in a musical group was playing bass guitar at catholic masses

playing music is a spiritual practice for me (even now as a (rabid) anti-catholic playing music of drinking and prostitution)


andra day
lovely soft imagine
to close out 2020

i wish they would give yoko (at least half) credit for the song (as lennon did)

my favorite version, though, remains the frail 80+ year old voice of yoko herself:

(no accounting for taste)


put on 1999 ...

yeah ... still sounds funky

happy new year


school of honk
community music school/performance troupe

fundraising for next year

if possible- your help would be most welcome:


🚶‍♀️ 🕺 🎺 🥁 🎶

abstract[ed] herriman 

krazy kat
getting hit by a brick
from his (imaginary) lover ignatz

much different than throwing bricks at cars
in worcester MA-
sending their drivers to the hospital

(comic strips do not translate directly to physical reality)


wondering about music from people on holiday here at

maybe just percolation (or relaxation) ...



(still stunning (at least to me))


in gratitude for the university's benevolence for giving me a holiday (even as a non-believer), i freely offer some sounds (merci aussi à éliane radigue)

machine song

euro-tech fetish

elecktron model:samples

creative intuition


"giving nothing but itself, getting you nowhere, noncommunicating, unenlightening - there is, in brief, no pay-off in these pages."
-c.dworkin, intro to _p._inman_written_1976-2013_



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