also some of the notes she hits
nuance of tones within

hmmm yes


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50th anniversary of joni mitchell's _blue_ has me listening again to some of her catalog

self-indulgent myopic lyrics are bountiful

less frequent but still present are timeless couplets

the sounds are what always get me, and her gloriously skewed harmonic sense (esp. on (re-tuned) guitar) as well as her gifts for phrasing a lyric still grab my ears


worked like a champ!

feel like it took this long (2-ish years) to finally get hardware right (had to find and correct several layers of problems)

drum now feels solid, and sounds great!

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i plan to finish bass drum adjustments tonight so i will be able to perform with it tomorrow. it's a beautifully painted drum by my dear ant d; so, i am unwilling to modify to the painted surface.

the drum heads are held on by drum hoop hardware, each pulling against the other. i hook my harness to the hardware, which eventually pulls it away from it's (measured) position.

so i added screws to hold the hardware in place on the loop. tomorrow, i find out how it works (or not)


bird musicians and their human counterparts 

today i had the thought that birds hear human music perfectly well

since they don't care about human fashions or culture, most of it is uninteresting to them

and some, being accomplished musicians in their own right, are not easily impressed ...

(regardless, they may still offer coutermelodies (as some are wont to do))

it is us humans that could use to understand bird music better


at band rehearsal tonight everything was a bit looser ... some pretty amazing moments (and then there are the parts where it all fell in on itself)

i can't even decide how i am feeling about it- i need to hear the tape

live music [-ians] can be so unpredictable

being alive can be so unpredictable (with or without music)



praise jah for brass bands from NOLA (with reeds)


listening to music now seems to require more of my attention than it used to

maybe i'm no longer content to [re-] play a favorite selection from an earlier time

maybe i'm more aware

it's a welcome mystery

listening to a sun ra tribute at NEC

then youtube played some actual sun ra afterwards ...
i could tell the difference


i look at the way musicians market themseves

sexy, stylish, sophisticated
filtering image[s] carefully
clothes, cars, tequila

if you asked (which you didn't):
i collect sounds
helping people (myself)
think non-verbally
about the world
we are in



(trusting deeper mind)


marcel duchamp
declared he was more intersted in playing chess than making art

i (better) understand how he (may have) arrived at this decision after (too) many rounds of (pandemic) freecell solitaire


compulsive conceptual curmudgeon
marcel duchamp

brass band played in pedestrian walkabout (restaurants, bars, seats)

went well ... sounded good ... crowd waxed and waned

a nice evening

avian musicians (pt.3529] 

burds beatbixing to soyl psychedelicize

beatboxing to
"soul psychodelicide"
(prince 1986)


speakers are not the same
it has taken me ages to figure this out

creative musicians coax amazing sounds out of speakers- imaginative, nurturing, thoughtful

the notes and their articulations and so on may be identical (enough) between recording and performance

what we get from skilled live musicians is the heart of music ... that goes human to human (non-verbally) ... not held in notes and articulations (although often similar to the changes in notes)

but it's a different transmission medium


just wanted to say i've been listening to a ton of carole king since our flurry of messages

so thx for putting me on this road (however briefly) ...



i am adding to the glut of freely available music with a release today:

comments opinions welcomed


cleaning my toilet
listening to bach (wtk 1)

modern life is wonderful


it finally happened

an alert on my cell phone sychronized perfectly with the music i was playing ("feet" from yoshimura's _green_)


gil scott heron still hittin the spot (some 40 years on)
i guess i just have an old spot


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