“… stoves were labor-saving devices, but the labor they saved was male. The important activity that was radically altered by the presence of a stove was fuel gathering […] The labor involved in cooking, which was the female share of the work, seems barely to have been affected at all.”

📙 Ruth Schwartz Cowan, More Work For Mother. The Ironies of Household Technologies from the Open Hearth to the Microwave, 1983

📻 International Women's Day on Refuge Worldwide. BLACK WOMXN'S LIVES MATTER – 8th March, in collaboration with female:pressure. refugeworldwide.com/news/inter

Curated by Lerato Khathi aka Lakuti. “… the line-up will feature a particular emphasis on DJs in the Global South; Mari Boaventura, Thuli Majozi, Madame Vacile, Bonolo Mafoyane, Jana Falcon and Atiyyah Kahn from Future Nostalgia, an arts collective based in Cape Town.”

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Feminist Hack Meetings - Feminist Servers
Backups, migrations, and other painful stories

Join us online, Saturday 13/03/2021

11:00-13:00 CET: workshop (sign up required)
13:00-14:30 CET: lunch break (open 'bar')
14:30-16:00 CET: discussion (public)
more info: varia.zone/en/fhm-servers-migr

I haven’t been to a protest march since the pandemic, but will be going (& helping) on Monday. What are your experiences and precautions? Did you strictly self-isolate the days before and after?

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Some screenshots from the visuals we made for an online show with DJ Lady Maru, in collaboration with Female Pressure

Female:Pressure is an international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts. Check it out!

#vj #vjing #visuals #video #videoart #videofeedback #videosynthesis #queer #queerart #women #music #transgender #nonbinary

📙 Aesthetics of the Commons (ed. by Shusha Niederberger, Cornelia Sollfrank & Felix Stalder), 2020, Open Access PDF diaphanes.net/titel/aesthetics

“What do a feminist server, an art space located in a public park in North London, a ‘pirate’ library of high cultural value yet dubious legal status, and an art school that emphasizes collectivity have in common? They all demonstrate that art can play an important role in imagining and producing a real quite different from what is currently hegemonic …”

When I first saw the word ‘CryptoArt’ I thought it means something like making a drawing or writing a novel with an old Enigma, lol. That was probably too much 20th century thinking. No, it means “Grimes beats Elon Musk at his own game as she nets $5.8m in 20 minutes …” and greenwashing blockchain transactions that needed hundreds of kWh by donating “a percentage of the proceeds” to Carbon 180, a non-profit organization which aims to reduce global carbon emissions.

📙 Malte Pelleter, Futurhythmaschinen – Drum-Machines und die Zukünfte auditiver Kulturen, 2020 (Open Access) hildok.bsz-bw.de/frontdoor/ind

A friend wrote his dissertation about drum machines (in German). Gerade als Buch erschienen, auch online Open Access.

„Hier werden erstmals nicht nur die verwobenen Technik- und Kulturgeschichte(n) dieser Maschinen skizziert, sondern die Geräte selbst werden als Wissensobjekte ernst genommen.“

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Get info about an upcoming release: Ursonate - Kurt Schwitters, Performed by Teppei Higuchi + Artwork by @jine ! We are making nice cassette tapes. Now, please enjoy the recording of version A on here: okachiho.net/dot0001.html

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Hi Fediverse, we are an #anarchafeminist #squat in Cronenbourg (#Strasbourg, France) held by a collective of racialized and white queer people. Nice to be here and join you all, dear witches/bitches/sisters/comrades :anqueer:

As we host exiled women/queer people and their children in our big house, and support them within our queer community, feel free to contact us or to get us in touch with close mutant people :feministfist:

Autonomy, solidarity and revolution ! :blob_black_block:


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Hey, it's been 1 year since we opened our doors ! 1 year since the house is occupied 24/7 !
Happy birthday to ourselves 🎉🎉 :blob_black_block: :blob_cat_camera: :blob_cat_flamethrower: :blob_cat_heart: :blob_peek:

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"A catalog of formats for digital
discomfort… and other ways to resist totalitarian zoomification."

By Jara Rocha and Seda Gürses


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I feel that maybe we should just (finally) change our relationship to images, instead of getting into that arms race between deepfakes creators and deepfakes detectors

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I put out a podcast called Artists and Hackers. Episode 3 is out now: Can a Programming Language be a Radical Community? It's on the javascript library p5.js and how they support and nurture their community of contributors


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