📄 Rizvana Bradley and Denise Ferreira da Silva, Four Theses on Aesthetics, 2021 e-flux.com/journal/120/416146/

“The reorientation poethical art invites expresses the infinite re/de/compositions that normative spacetime would foreclose.”

European night train network! Didn’t know until now that there is such an elaborated proposal by the German Greens. Imagine direct connections Vienna–Bordeaux, Helsinki–Berlin, Munich–Palermo, Stockholm–Prague, Glasgow–Frankfurt …

Read & Repair - Digital Solidarity feat. Jara Rocha and Yoana Buzova

Sunday, 26th September 2021
11:00-13:00 Read with Jara Rocha
13:30-15:30 Repair with Yoana Buzova
IRL in #varia

Of all the greyzones of our readwrite worldings, bibliographic self-defence constitutes a specially powerful one. Self-defence, resistance, counter-weighting and mutual support operations of immense technopolitical value keep taking place at what can be termed "peripheral literature areas" such as bibliographies, footnotes, indexes, acknowledgement pages, colophons, library metadata and side annotations, where trans*feminist, anticolonial, antiracist, queer, crip, antispeciest, antifa and atiageist solidarities take very tangible and specific forms.

The devices we surround ourselves with are an increasingly complex and extremely heterogeneous matter. In a short workshop we will investigate the materiality and inevitable politics of electronic components. We will take an interdisciplinary approach to dissect specific objects in terms of their material, socio-cultural and ecological dimension.

In this process we will dismantle and dissect components to their very building blocks, investigating components from the Electronica Depot.

More info: varia.zone/en/rr-digital-solid

Poster by @p_p

This whole joinmastodon.org links ban on Fb reminded me that there are some questionable sponsors listed on Mastodon's page. One of the numerous casinos (!) there has apparently also been flagged on Fb (social.sitedethib.com/@Claire/), which might have contributed to joinmastodon.org's bad ranking.

There might be a discussion to have on how the gambling industry (a.o.) is compatible with Mastodon's values, and whether their contribution is helpful or detrimental to the project.

@gargron ?

How the Scan-Ops “yellow-badge workers“ were treated differently than the rest of Google’s employees is documented in Andrew N. Wilson, Workers Leaving the Googleplex andrewnormanwilson.com/Workers

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It’s about 20 years ago that Google announced that it would build a monumental digital library and started scanning library books, hired so-called Scan-Ops, but a lot of the books didn’t become available as full text and/or nobody is allowed to read them … and now there is Z-Library!

Join us on 8th Sept at 17.00 (UK time) for Syed Mustafa Ali's keynote "Decolonising Computing (?)" centreforthestudyof.net/?p=556 - all welcome!

Recent Computer Arts & Activism related Open Calls:

* Rhizome ArtBase Executable Poetry: rhizome.org/editorial/2021/aug – September 8
* On-the-fly Live Coding Projects: @onthefly onthefly.space/calls/open-call – September 10
* F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings) at SPREAD Zine fest: @anglk fhm.varia.zone/index.php?title September 11
* Taper. online magazine for small computational pieces: taper.badquar.to/6/about.html# @nickmofo – September 15
* ICLC. International Conference on Live Coding 21: iclc.toplap.org/2021/ – October 4

Renaming this account to: JI (Jelly Intelligence)

📄 Aimi Hamraie and Kelly Fritsch, Crip Technoscience Manifesto, 2019 catalystjournal.org/index.php/

“Without glorifying do-it-yourself design practices, crip technoscience recognizes that disabled peoples’ world-dismantling and world-building labors stem from situated experiences of ‘misfitting’ in the world […]. Crips are not merely formed or acted on by the world—we are engaged agents of remaking.”

📄 Tega Brain, The Environment Is Not A System, 2018 aprja.net//article/view/116062

“Data collection and modeling practices remain shaped by what is considered typical or atypical, important and peripheral – summations of the boundary conditions of reality. However making these assumptions is difficult. Even with the growing capacity of contemporary computing, it is dangerous to simply assume that more data equals more reality.”

The first edition of our new monthly radio show on Radio Rasclat will be broadcast tonight at 21h. Tune in if you like.

Boosts appreciated!

Live-Sets by h1 / @leoff / Gregor Dys / DCO.

Will be on the air every first saturday of the month from 19 - 21h.


Hello fediverse! I made a new page for my more experimental music and I just released my first track under the name "the_emergent":


It is 16 minutes of slow, harmonious made with .

Happy , everyone!

September seems to be the month of deadlines (for open calls, grants, jobs) …


Sommerschlußverkauf : Schienenersatzverkehr
Sommerersatzverkehr : Schienenschlussverkauf
Schienenschlußverzehr : Sommerfrustverlauf
Schlußschienenvertrieb : Sommerschienenverbrauch

☄️ #poetry

Der META-Katalog, Datenbank zur Recherche in über 40 feministischen Erinnerungseinrichtungen, hat ein Update mit neuem Design, neuen Funktionen und noch mehr Digitalisaten bekommen.: digitales-deutsches-frauenarch #feminismus #GLAMs

Greetings Fediverse, It is good to be here in such as a sea of creativity and brilliance. l am a publisher/editor/writer with a specialization in women beat poets, women's history, Chaucer and Cicero. I try to unredact the history of those who were left out, ignored or edited out. And there are many. #introductions

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