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Hello Fediverse! I'm just someone learning to play and produce some music, wishing I had started when I was young. It's never too late, though.

I'm jumping between , and , being good at none but having lots of fun.

Thank you @luka and for this cozy home!

My teenager son was playing the piano. His uncle said that he plaid like Schopenhauer. I laughed at the apparent confusion, but then I thought twice.

Although my son is not bad at the piano, clearly he doesn't play like Chopin. And I have to reckon that I have no idea how good was Schopenhauer at the piano. So maybe the uncle was right after all.

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Everyone has a pillow like this, right? Totally normal.

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the condition to watch a live bandcamp stream is a 'fan' account there (it's free), but I wonder how many of you have a bandcamp account?

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@falktx looks like it drew inspiration from this illustration, which was on the cover of tape op magazine in 2012.

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I do not know where this comes from, someone shared it at work.
But pretty funny and informative at the same time

Esa es la luchha

Hoy estamos aquí por hacer una revolución

Queremos tierra, vivienda, trabajo, libertad

Hoy luchamos
Por la paz
Por el amor
Por la diversión
Esa es la lucha

Compañero, compañera
Alce su voz
Alce su grito

Música libre que quiere ser escuchada.¡Pásala, por favor!

Muchas gracias a la guatemalteca Gabriela Bolten por su energética voz.

I made a song and it is freely licensed. Where can I publish it to reach out to people interested in freely licensed music?

This song is DEMO quality. I cannot mix better than this. :)

Esa es la luchha.

Here you have all the Bitwig project files.

This song uses samples a track by Gabriela Bolten. She generously gave me her permission. ¡Muchas gracias, Gabriela!

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The most important thing to know as far as music theory is there's only 12 notes and they don't matter at all. Like a good drama it's all about the relationships

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Traven is OUT now!

Another opensource two-tracker release of some computermusic weirdness made in .

Please enjoy.

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(both audio and code published under PP:BY-SA-NC licence)

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Muse Group formed to support MuseScore, Ultimate Guitar; acquires Audacity


And they are hiring a C++ developer (Qt/QML) to working Audacity.

I cannot describe the beauty of this moment when I had lined up Ubuntu Studio, JACK, ALSA and Firefox with NVIDIA, AMD, a Native Instruments audio interface and speakers...

I went to and I clicked the Play button.

And for the first time this conglomerate of hardware and software produced a sound, and what a beautiful sound!

Ichika by @luka is a great test for audio Linux. Pure free software code, where purity is beauty.

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One reason is that, jokes apart, "have you turned it off an on?" is still a thing in software, and especially software integration.

The other reason maybe is that after months planning to recover this PC, I decided to install Ubuntu Studio exactly when Ubuntu & flavors upgraded to a new version (as they do every six months). My system might have been a victim of transient misalignment between repositories and packages.

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I finally took this parked PC, installed Ubuntu Studio, plugged my music gear, and installed Bitwig.

It's kind of magical! And with this I mean that at the beginning the system was unstable and I would get crashes and freezes as soon as something was plugged / unplugged or even played. Then, reboot after reboot... for some reason, stability would increase. After a couple of days, I feel I have a solid system.

I have an explanation based on two factors:

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Hi everyone!

We're a collective and soon to be diy label from Berlin.

We're interested in pretty much all kinds of music and art. But anything dub / ambient / electronic / experimental gets us especially excited

We also dabble in visuals utilizing old video mixers and glitchy diy circuits as well as stuff

We consider ourselves and what we do and

Looking forward to getting to know all of you, share our knowledge and learn something new!

I'm thinking whether mixing and mastering is something I want to learn. I mean even the basics, as a hobbyist.

There is so much to learn in music production, and time is limited. Then again, I am realizing that without better mixing whatever I create sounds meh especially beyond my brain and my headset. Which is not good for sharing.

I welcome any thoughts and advice. Do you pay much attention to mixing and mastering yourselves? How did you learn?

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