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(So sorry about the re-post - had to add screenshots.)

This is one of those moments when I can't feel anything at all, because it's just too much to grasp. For 2+yrs I've worked so intensely, each and every day, and finally I'm able to release this thing.

For better or worse, I've done it in a way I believe in. And so it's not _just_ another / theme; it's a project about the importance of customizability, and about the ethics and politics of UIs.


Educators are entrusted with the future of our children. Protecting their privacy is a key responsibility. Why do universities and schools use Nextcloud?

🖱️ Ease of use
🏡 Facilitate remote learning
🗂️ Large amount of data
👤 Protect student data

New video!

In today's video, I talk about, well, how we talk about things. I share opinions about how we argue over tech, and why I think it's ridiculous.

work decision 

I'm gonna mark this day as , bc today I decided that I'm gonna leave for good. Not now, not next year, but maybe in like three years time or so.

Academia is awful & malfunctioning - systemically & individually. However, most of all I'm sick of being relegated to meaningless duties when I'm actually capable of so much more.

I don't know what I'm gonna do, I just know it has to be something (thus beautiful), , & to people.


after an update on my laptop something weird was happening with cpu frequencies - the usual "cpufreq-set performance" didn't really work - the cpu frequencies were not ok. after a lot of search I found that now kernel manages the power a bit differently with a consequence that old commands are 'not enough'. in short intel_pstate is what needs to be changed.

i wrote a new bash script to toggle cpu 'governor' correctly:

death, illness 

This turned out to be the best summer I've had in a long time. A classic, if you will: creative peaks, tranquility, love, and even a bit of XXX. Then, in August, darkness started to descend. The incomprehensible, imminent death of someone I love, and of someone I need to love. Financial issues. I got ill myself & spent several weeks in bed, running a fever.

But that's how it goes; decay & misery are simply parts of all of this. Forever and ever. And so it's time to continue.

🍎 💜

I updated the "Chill Games" post with a few more games! Need to add more but I'll get there. I put a lot in about Cave Story since it's grreat.

Help! Should I make a help tab? Learning resources for inkscape
available in #Inkscape?

This week's video I'm asking for input on a speculative design to include more help resources into the program:

Around here, it might happen that children are sent home because of problems related to cold weather. Now they are sent home because it's too hot in their classrooms.

Good afternoon everyone!

We just pushed the first release candidate for version 0.4.0 of GoToSocial!

This version has all the new features we’ve been posting about lately:

User panel at https://your-instance-name/user.
Lightbox image viewer on frontend.
Nice sensitive image blurring on frontend.
Markdown formatting improvements.
Bugfixes and more

If you’re a GoToSocial server admin, we would really appreciate if you could deploy the release candidate on your instance, so that we can identify any issues or regressions! It’s already running here and it seems stable but who knows what we missed 🤓

We’re also very interested in gathering feedback about accessibility for the new features, particularly the sensitive image blurring, and clickability/readability of the buttons.

Here are the links:

Release link:

Docker image tag: superseriousbusiness/gotosocial:0.4.0-rc1

What is GoToSocial?

GoToSocial is an open-source, ActivityPub compatible, federated social media server. It’s easy to install, lightweight, and perfect for small servers 🦥

“Pupil movements, body poses and nose scrunching are among the flickers of human expression that Meta wants to harvest in building its metaverse, according to an analysis of dozens of patents recently granted to Facebook’s parent company.”

Do you understand now what I mean when I say they’re trying to build the perfect behavioural analysis and manipulation laboratory? That you’re the lab rat in Silicon Valley’s business model? Do you get why I call it “people farming?”

IDK if it classifies as PTSD (yet), but it's **really** annoying to have to paus movies/games/TV Shows any time there's a siren in them to check whether it's the movie or if I do, in fact, have to get dressed, pack my shit, and go down to the bomb shelter.

russia is a terrorist state.

Kære/Dear Fediverse

Hvor går man hen for at arbejde på at oversætte BBB dokumentation, websider og interfaces til dansk?

Where to go to get working on translating BigBlueButton documentation, webpages and interfaces to Danish?

#freesoftware #fsfe #publiccode
#education #dkmastodon

The question isn't whether people "care" about or not. Everyone does. The question is if they understand that less privacy is a issue, not just a one. The question is if they understand what it actually means to be on commercial social media; who they're feeding & how. The question is if they have any other option.

It's the we're fighting - not the "workers". So be kind, & keep , , , , , .


Since the US banned our Hawaiian language, it nearly went extinct. Less than 100 kids spoke it in the 80's. Kids are STILL punished for speaking Hawaiian today. The fact we've 30,000+ Hawaiian speakers now is testament to our struggle to preserve our culture from eradication.

So I decided to cut my whiskers, just so that I can watch them grow until it's time for a new møss mot mænskor release. My creative/work space is finally starting to get ready and fully set up, so it seems appropriate.

Mistakes are my favorite part of drawing

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