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friendly interaction reminders 

A few friendly reminders when interacting w/ me.

1. My preferred pronouns are they/them. I understand people make mistakes, and that's fine. But to me, and many others, this actually matters. So, please try to keep it in mind.

2. I very much appreciate getting some kind of response in conversations. Silence, as it were, makes me very confused and often a bit anxious. Simply favourizing could be sufficient. Anything other than solid silence, really.


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An updated version of Zooming Out - a (provisional) list of Zoom replacements. Feel free to share and/or contribute. 💜


Debian bullseye release planned for 2021-08-14, what will happen in the last weeks up to the release.

This was awesome. Why open source and control over ones own electronic property matters, and doesn't actually need to impede business profitability.

Straight from the man who *actually* started Apple, is in created something amazing that didn't yet exist, not the guy who marketed it: Inc. has won U.S. permission to use radar to monitor consumers’ sleep habits.


Come walk with me through Vermont as I talk about who is in charge of Inkscape and how the Free Software project is administered and wants to spend funds.

Thanks to everyone who supports my work, from the technical code to the administrative stuff! 🍻

personal action, climate & capitalism 

What's stopping you from drastically cutting your daily energy usage in the big categories:
- housing
- travel
- food
- goods?

Don't answer me, because I don't need your reasons. Answer yourself, and then think of ways of getting around those stops.

Some reasons may be valid and unremovable, and that's okay, we're not here to blame each other. We're here to fight climate catastrophy.


@aral @msavoritias Despite all the noise I make for funding in Inkscape, including private investment from users. I'm happy the project has a public interest body which would never allow this kind of nonsense.

Hell, we won't even link to the google js CDN, we're really touchy about that sort of thing.

A while back I made a little trip to the new place I'm moving to, to do some measuring etc. On the way there I stopped at a local thrift shop and found this Cinemax Super 8 camera for about 3 euros. I have no idea if it works or not, but little things like this makes me even more convinced I'm moving to the right place.

"Ad-supported social media should be used solely as a way to provide links to your content off-site. Do not use these systems to engage with the public, even if it’s in an informal fashion. Avoid, for example, using Facebook groups to organize discussions, and ask your collaborators not to encourage or start groups themselves. When Tweeting, turn off replies."

- #SimonDedeo, 2021


Yesterday I gave an interview about #diversity in the #ClimateJusticeMovement.

I was very nervous because of my social phobia and because it was my first interview, but it turned out to be a very nice and chill conversation.

We talked about how to actively include disadvantaged people in the movement. We agreed that #FridaysForFuture & Co have to support #BLM, #pride and other #SocialJustice movements to in turn get their support. "The left" is divided, but that's just all the more reason to try to unite it.

Some people say we need to include "the right" in the climate justice movement, but we agreed that including people who discriminate is no option. Excluding people who discriminate is no discrimination or censorship, but necessary to make sure everybody else feels comfortable and safe to join and stay active.


When I hold an Iphone in my hand I feel how smooth it is, and how nicely it fits in my hand. When I hold a in my hand, I feel its not-so-smooth back cover, and the rim around the screen bugs me.

Then I think about how two very different kinds of ethics are materialized in these devices. How neither would've looked like they do if we would've lived in a sane world. And then my heart gets filled with an equal amount of sorrow and hope.

(Ps. The IP is appalling; the FP is amazing.)

songs to make you persevere 

(Feel free to add songs! I might do so, too.)

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Btw, as much as I despise the system, this has, of course, little to do w/ the individual people owning and renting out properties. However, as an owner one might, so to speak, act more or less (socially and personally) damaging. My landlord is definitely at the "more" end of the spectruum, and that's why I'm doing this.

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Sidenote: I make my worst grammar errors when I think too much. When it comes to language, I strongly believe instincts are more important than anything else. Granted, such instincts take time to develop (if you're not a child, that is). Trusting those instincts can be even harder.

With all of that said: At the end of the first paragraph, I originally wrote "is necessary", but later changed it. I know it should be "is necessary." But I had too much to think.

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Like so many other , I've always been afraid to speak up to . As I'm moving soon, and not for the first time in my life, I feel there's a window of opportunity for something real.

So, I've started to write emails to my landlord, a couple every week, telling them about all the things that are terrible about my apartment. Kind of a weekly report, if you will. I'm sure it won't change anything, but some things just needs to be done.

Tablet, drawing, recs/question 

The one thing I still struggle with, is digital under Linux. is great, and I can make things work, for sure. But the whole experience is pretty subpar, which is not good for (my) creativity.

It might sound silly or like I'm ungrateful (I'm really not!), but I do want an experience similar to that of an Ipad. Something I can easily hold in my hand, a UI made for touch devices, and a fluid UX. Is that possible?

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