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An updated version of Zooming Out - a (provisional) list of Zoom replacements. Feel free to share and/or contribute. 💜


Parasites are going extinct. Here's why we need to save them

Nearly half of all known animals on Earth are parasites, Wood says, and according to one study, a tenth of them may already be doomed to extinction in the next 50 years due to climate change, loss of their hosts, and deliberate attempts at eradication.

#ClimateCrisis #Biodiversity #Extinction

I made a little helper library for working with Web Workers, in case you're interested. :)


sudo ewboot

Finally a typo of mine I can accept.

6 intelligence, postmeritocracy 


I really wish we could be done with this constant appraisal of the "traditional" (white) male way of thinking, and start to realize the immense value of other kinds of intelligence, merits, knowledge, and experience. It is not only a valuable thing to do, but the right thing to do.

5 intelligence, postmeritocracy 

Stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise seems to be thought of as admirable traits. But the implicit value of /#communal software is the value of true cooperation, i.e. involving developers as well as end-users and contributors. In turn, this implies the value of learning from each other, and, again implicitly, being aware of the fact that single individuals are severely limited, and need others to make something that's useful, beautiful, and decent.

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The world is filled with unobservables: ideas, feelings, meaning - and consent. These are as real as anything physical. As such they have an impact on the world, and they matter. It also means they can be properly understood and explained - which they should be. It's not a sign of high intelligence to ignore them - unless, of course, you're only inquiring into observable objects. If so, you should be humble enough to realize that your approach is limited.

3 intelligence, postmeritocracy 

Besides the fact that intelligence is comprised by many different aspects or dimensions, emotions, perceptions and values many times (if not always) play a vital (and necessary) role in guiding our actions. And that includes research and other analytical endeavours, since it would be meaningless to try to understand or explain things or phenomena that doesn't matter to anyone in some way.

2 intelligence, postmeritocracy 

There's nothing inherently ingenious, or "philosophical", about omitting emotions from your ways of reasoning, though this seems like a very common idea. The common belief seems to conflate one particular kind of intelligence with intelligence per se. This specific kind of intelligence, I believe, is a lot of the time upheld and represented by white, male academics, esp. in fields other than the humanities, social sciences, and behaviourial sciences.

1 intelligence, postmeritocracy 

To some degree, I will not be explicit in these toots, but I'm hoping whoever reads this will understand what I'm saying between the lines. If not, I'm hoping it's comprehensible nonetheless. If you want to comment, please don't be rude. I'm open to change and revisions of my ideas, so conversations, not irreverent dismissals, are welcomed. I'm hoping you feel the same way.

@jrc03c Listened to the latest PDT episode a few nights back. It's beautiful, as always. 💜

Storms are coming, night is coming. They are coming.

I need to think, say, toot something trivial --

One of my favourite little language hobbies, is to spot Canadian accents. The pronunciation of "about" is usually a giveaway.


Stay safe, friends.


abuse, rms, support 

I grew up in a world in which my abuser's deeds were denied by everyone around me - except by those who were themselves victims. That's why I'm glad to see many organizations and individuals officially denounce the return of rms.

Of course, this is the least that can be done. But I actually think it matters - I hope it does. And we all should do it. I will try to do what I can, primarily by participating in the development of new kinds of communities.

Boost this if you want to be part of an explicitly anticapitalist technology liberation movement.

ClearURLs: (GitHub)

ClearURLs is an add-on based on the new WebExtensions technology and will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy.

I'm guessing the issue with the background/background-color property might have to do with what version of css the current gnome-shell (3.38) supports. But since issues like these are not apparent with GTK3, things can easily get confusing.

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This is what I found to be working:

- durations, of course, has to be very carefully/consistently defined - which is not as easy as it might seem, since it can be very hard to understand what elements the selectors in the -shell refer to.

- Other properties, like color, also needed careful attention. I prefer using "background," instead of "background-color." However, the glitches would only disappear when using "background-color" - not "background".


During the past couple days I've rewritten _all_ of the css code for the -shell theme. Tedious, to say the least, but necessary. Also an opportunity to properly clean up the code.

In my experience, the gnome-shell is not at all as flexible or straight-forward w/ regards to theming, as the GNOME theme. In my case, I had issues w/ some glitchiness happening when hovering various elements. And the solution was not quite what I expected.

Misc notes:

~ Lots of NOS laptop/desktop accessories of yore can still be found for cheap - like docking stations and "travel kbds."

~ A laptop w/o a battery, running only on AC power, can still be very portable and is probably more sustainable than buying a new battery.

~ Gender identity is a mystery to me; after some 20 yrs I'm still in a phase probably best described as "highly uncertain."

~ I'm also in a state at the moment where I feel the need to constantly apologize. Sorry about that.

I've just checked: Odysseus 1.7.7 was released to the elementary AppCentre whilst I was at LibrePlanet!

Enjoy your vertical tabs...

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