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The amazing and friendly @greyor offered to publish this little / / that I've put together, about reasonably and to .

One thing I already know I want to add, is info about the number of participants each app can handle. That, and some other things, will be seen in future updates. But please let me know if you have suggestions, want to help, or anything else. Because is the key, now more than ever.

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I came to mastodon/the fediverse because I believe in cooperation, learning and mutual support. Being a musician (of sorts), I also wanted to be a part of a musical community, and that's why I joined sonomu.

Last year I started a netlabel/project called Gömmaren/Gømmaren. Not sure what it will end up being, but the main focus, musically, is slow-moving music. A web site is on its way, but for now there's a BC page:

misc: neurodivergent, cat parent.


Hey friends, just a reminder to be conscious of what you post on social media, and even where you have conversations in public.
I've known people to have to fight federal charges for being in the same bar as other people, despite not being a part of a conversation. During this time they were in jail.
I've known people's internet comments and posts to be used against them in court as evidence.

Be safe. Be smart.

Surveillance capitalism isn’t some corruption of capitalism; it’s just what capitalism is in the digital network age.


Un•writtenrules, A set of social rules that control Black lives.

It explores what it means to have the inverse of 'privilege' what that looks like for Black people.

My not being able to sleep means there’s now a transcript and captions up on our latest #SmallIsBeautiful video.

We go through our streaming setups, how we do it on a budget, including equipment and creating transcripts and captions.

A friend is looking for a home on the Fediverse! Help me find them a good instance for video games discussion and culture thats got good and clear moderation policies in favor of antifa/socialistic ideoligies!

Lets help them find a new home!

boosts welcome

Anyway, reminder that Dr.King's protests were not "peaceful". Y'all shot him. That's not peaceful. He did not condemn violent protests. He isn't an excuse for white people to use against rioters.

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I've been absent in so many different ways lately, it's making me dizzy. The remedies: wash the hands, do the laundry, write the beautiful, hug the cat kids, feel the soil, support the ones in need, apologize, log in to masto and feel grateful.

I mustn't forget.

And if anyone wonders:

- No, I don't use this device for _everything_ to do with my day job, only things like writing, reading, and making presentations.

- And no, that's not my real name on the home directory tab (or the actual username).

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So a while back I started using for my day job. Primarily because it's a distro I feel can be recommended to mostly any newcomer to GNU/Linux, and so I want to get to know it as much as I can. To that end, I've done as few tweaks as possible, and most of them via -editor.

All in all, it's been a good experience. Some things bug me, like the lack of support for tray icons for 3rd party apps, but that can/will be fixed, I suppose.

Brief message/note to selves:

- Pause
- Breath
- Accept
- Persevere
- Do

(And on occasion: Go deep into the woods.)

I don't claim to have any final answers; I want to listen, digest, learn, evolve.

I don't care about being right; I care about dialogue and cooperation towards common goals.

I don't think I'm "superior" or "better" or anything remotely like that; I try to think about _us_ and what _we_ can do.


I do know this: in order to be productive, creative, and contribute, I can't face conversations plagued by dogmatism, uncalled-for rage, or sarcastic insults. No matter what, they'll have to go.

Okay, so something seems to be off with the reply function, _perhaps_ a .

Sometimes when I post replies to messages (public as well as DMs), the reply becomes a regular toot - i.e. w/out the @ When I do a "Delete and re-draft", I notice I've exceeded the character limit, even though that wasn't visible when writing the reply in the first place.


During the 2000s, I regularly used to go out dancing by myself, and this track is the one I associate the most with those nights. Didn't speak with anyone, just wanted to dance (and get as drunk as possible [am sober now]). So I did, all through the night.

Those nights have become one of the sources inside of me where I constantly go to gain strength. To remind myself of the simple, yet incomprehensible, fact that we are all produced by, and producers of, this world.

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here:

(Skip the first two minutes it you don’t want to hear my Vimeo rant as they had me scrambling at the last minute to set up a new stream. Not sure if it’s busted on Firefox on Linux or what.)

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!!! ‘we need each other, we need care, from cradle to grave’ <3

“the care manifesto"


Another book shout-out: Worth reading the care manifesto by the care collective Great fit with the next issue of on “who cares”.


Watch me present a live talk “Towards a Small Web” to students at the Howest design/development programme in Kortrijk tomorrow (Friday, Dec 4) at 2PM Irish time/3PM Belgian time.

I will be demonstrating a very early proof-of-concept on for the first time (setting up your own small web server in ~30 seconds).

Watch live at:



"Anxiety is the sense of how bad the future will be", someone once said to me.

In itself, that doesn't help. Like, at all. But maybe it isn't supposed to help. Maybe it's supposed to point out that anxiety can make the nightmares of the future real, and thus fuel resistance.

Yes, that's it.

Still can't sleep, though.

Next Friday, December 11, Edward Snowden will host Tor’s third PrivChat, a fundraising livestream event and conversation with human rights defenders + real-life Tor users Alison Macrina, Ramy Raoof, Berhan Taye.

You're invited, so set your reminder:


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