I came to mastodon/the fediverse because I believe in cooperation, learning and mutual support. Being a musician (of sorts), I also wanted to be a part of a musical community, and that's why I joined sonomu.

Last year I started a netlabel/project called Gömmaren/Gømmaren. Not sure what it will end up being, but the main focus, musically, is slow-moving music. A web site is on its way, but for now there's a BC page: gommarenrecords.bandcamp.com

misc: neurodivergent, cat parent.


mental health 

Lately, my depressive states have come more regularly and also lasted longer. This day has been one of the worst days in a long time.

I'm not just saying this, but the only relief I've got, has been the latest hour that I've spent here on masto.

There's so much more to humanity, to the world, than business as usual. Actual resistance, critical thinking, and kindness. If it weren't for masto, I wouldn't have believed that - at least not at the moment.

Since I've been thinking a lot lately about how to communicate the importance of and (and how it's connected to , among other things), I felt I wanted to clarify something.

If you are streaming music, I don't think you're a bad person. The problem, of course, is the fact that entire industries have forced this upon all of us. They are to blame, not individuals. Being aware of alternatives, that actually exists, is, therefore, rather important.


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One of the things I try to do with is to support and advocate for ethical musical practices. Streaming, for instance, might be convenient, but it's neither sustainable nor reasonable. A regular mp3 player, like the "classic" ipod, is a better alternative.

- no internet connection needed
- runs libre software --> rockbox.org
- upgradable & serviceable (literally everything can be replaced and/or modified)
- relatively affordable (50-100 USD/EUR depending on its condition)

The thing about my projects is that they always contain several other projects. That's why I have barely made any music at all for a year now. Because music making depends on machines and devices, which depends on them not breaking, which depends on learning stuff, and so forth.

At least I picked up my old acoustic guitar today, and played some. It's quite a horrible experience to play, but it sounds amazing. And I've missed having fingertips that hurt a bit.

Baby steps.

(Of course, the actual login-screen has to be styled in the gnome-shell.css file of the new default theme. But pretty much all of that is done under the .login-dialog selector.)

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Aix em klemm's only(?) release is just so beautiful, especially the latter half of it.


How to configure/design has been confusing to me for some time. Afaik, it can only be done by replacing the _default_ theme. That's not ideal, but I'm guessing there are some good reasons for that.

Anyway. while it's somewhat cumbersome, it's not extremely hard to do. All the files in a specific gnome-shell has to be listed in an xml file, and then there's a few commands to run. The readme included in the gtk-theme contains a clear and helpful guide.

Think I finally managed to make the move to my new home instance, i.e. sonomu.club

Many THANKS to all that gave me and, more importantly, took the time to these (and adjacent) matters with me. I very much appreciate it! Never stop – talking, listening, thinking, doing, making, feeling. 💚

(I would tag all of you, but I tend to be cautious about doing things like that. Hopefully, you know who you are.)


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