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Livecoding some TidalCycles tomorrow @ the local synth shop

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One of the best pieces of advice I've ever been given, and one of the few I've passed on to my kids is - believe nothing, question *absolutely* everything, and hold all things up to the scrutiny of your own experience.

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Looking for a tutorial or preferably template for creating a page design.

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Noise session 


I'm just getting around to listening to Of Judy Stroat - It's very immersive. Marvellous.

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I'm playing around with programatically taking snippets from random tracks and experimenting, trying to create different clusters in time.

What you here are two clusters - one is composed with shorter snippets, the other with slightly longer ones. Some of the snippets are the same every time, some of them are not. I'm testing the edge of perception of differences and time.

Some added dark granulation in the background for added value.

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Hi, I'm new here so a little self is in order

I'm Eidon and I'm here because music is very important to me.
I'm a self-taught musician -- I never studied music regrettably. Nevertheless I play some instruments (mainly guitar and bass) and I write my own music sometimes. Oh and I like to sing too.

You may find some of my compositions and covers at open.tube/video-channels/eidon

I'm very happy to be part of this community and hope to have many enlightening conversations with you guys !

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Just uploaded my new mini album / EP to .

It's free to download, but you're welcome to pay something if you're able.


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Eight Artists Making Music Built on Buchla Synthesizers

From Suzanne Ciani to Dntel, these artists unlock the timeless power of the legendary instrument.

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You hate web tracking by websites like fb/Google etc, right? If so, don't post links with fbclid in them!!! Clean it up You can delete anything after '?'.

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Here's a long article from last year, Building Community in Underground Music, referencing #Scotland in particular. #DIY
I need to give this a proper read later.

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Friendships between women & men should be normalized and not seen as a romantic or sexual opportunity. Just sayin'...

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This is an original composition of mine.

I called it Terra.

Both audio and video are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The author can be contacted via eidon.songs@gmail.com

- Fretless Hofner Club bass
- Fender 5-string Jazz bass
- Yamaha CX40-II

The video has been created via the software at github.com/Eidonko/Permutation , with 000223334 as seed.




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RT @fullspectrumrec@twitter.com

here’s a thread about all of the artists on our ten year anniversary compilation Infinite Futures & our previous work with them


🐦🔗: twitter.com/fullspectrumrec/st

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Can someone recommend documentaries / movies about early experimental musicians, like Radigue, Oliveros, Theremin etc also worldwide ?

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