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After struggling a few weeks with mixing and mastering issues, the new album, Alläï is released!

I'd say it's quite different than what's come before, but I have a rather skewed point of view as the composer. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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OpenStreetMap is not as great as Google Maps, but it works. Nextcloud is not as ubiquitous as Dropbox, but it works. Buying from shops rather than ordering everything from Amazon is less convenient, but it works. Small changes from many people over time can lead to big results.

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Mark your calendars for July 3rd, it's next #Bandcamp fundraising Friday, this time against covid-19:

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Sketch 27/100

One person; one bridge; four limbs.

The sound consists of granulated recordings of tree branches breaking.

Source code for the sound and more information about the project can be found on our website

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🇬🇧 Another mini song. This time it reminds me of old black sabbath

🇧🇷 Outra mini música. Dessa vez ficou com um jeitão de black sabbath

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Seems to me we need some very deep and powerful taboos around our relationship with nature. Something along the lines of incest and cannibalism. Something that would make it horrifyingly inconceivable to destroy the natural world on a deep, visceral level for the vast majority of human beings. And transgressions would be dealt with accordingly.

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I made a little MIDI router/ monitor that allows me to route multiple MIDI controllers to a single destination, so I don’t need to start a DAW just for some playing around.

It supports
- Routing multiple inputs to multiple outputs
- Monitoring the data and writing it to a file
- Changing the MIDI channel in messages
- Currently adding additional filtering

I know there’s a bunch of tools like that out there, but maybe someone else still finds this useful.

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I've been updating my website's music page in readiness for the forthcoming collaboration album with @flavigula .

Most of my older stuff (from 2014 until this year) is on Bandcamp, but I have uploaded a suite of tracks which I recorded for a Netlabel in 2014.

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Like the chemist, we can take apart what were once the raw materials of music, reconstitute them, or transform them into new and undreamt of musical materials... The shift in emphasis is as radical as possible—from a finite set of carefully chosen archetypal properties governed by traditional “architectural” principles—to a continuum of unique sound events and the possibility to stretch, mould, and transform it in any way we choose, to build new worlds of musical connectedness.

--Trevor Wishart

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The dogs pull,
so I follow,
into the shadows
of the tree

the world they notice
is something of wonder,
something I notice
but still, far beyond me


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@flavigula Short version, this is mostly:

ffmpeg -i input.wav \
-filter_complex \
"avectorscope= \
mode=polar: \
zoom=6: \
draw=dot: \
size=800x600, \
frei0r=vertigo:0.01|1.1, \
frei0r=pr0file" \
-map 0:a output4.mp4

I started writing a longer reply and ended up with this blog post: Hope this helps!

#ffmpeg #glitch #music #visualisation #tutorial

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beautiful magazine covers from 1911 “Modern Electrics. The Electrical Magazine for Everybody.” (from


@tim and I are looking for someone who's willing to make an "artist graphic" for our page - something that vaguely represents us. Our first collaboration album is ready for release. The tracks can be found here, though in a slightly different form than the finished versions:

We aren't asking for anything elaborate, just what comes to mind in the spirit of the tracks.

Please boost.

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Les Fleurs du Mal is a story that never leaves me, on the contrary, it doesn’t let me go away — qui ne me délivre pas. But I don’t think this is bad. I am attracted to those thoughts, to those people …

So I decided to see Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal, which Oshimi explained was an inspiration for his Aku no Hana. A 1970-1971 film by Joël Séria.

At the same time, I created such an obsessive music. After all, obsessions are the main character of these stories. Obsessions, such as light for the moth, or darkness for those attracted to it.

Or like Aku no Hana for me.

If you want to follow the whole story, it’s here on #peertube

On # funkwhale it is here:

I also talk about it in my #noblogo here.

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There is nothing more heartening to me today than watching the Bandcamp "latest album purchased" ticker just scoot on by.

Bandcamp is waiving their fees today so the artists get all of the money.

Let's get this fucker going to light-speed. Support Bandcamp artists.

Need some pointers? Search on the #bandcamp tag for artists on Mastodon, or head to and for ideas.

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Do you know musicians in the Fediverse, or any accounts focusing on music production? If you search for them, it is hard to find them. Help collecting them at EQlzr's Fediverse meeting point!

And promote the Fediverse among music producers at the same time. Everyone wins!

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