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The new Flavigula album, "Jēmaraz", will soon be released by Submarine Broadcasting Company, a netlabel brimming with experimental musical projects of many kinds. We're happy we were accepted into their community.

However, I also made sure I could release the album to other arenas in different contexts, and thus I present to you all:

Do with and to it as you wish! I hope it is an enjoyable journey. Making it was quite an adventure.

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After struggling a few weeks with mixing and mastering issues, the new album, Alläï is released!

I'd say it's quite different than what's come before, but I have a rather skewed point of view as the composer. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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8 digits password is cracked in about 30min on a 16vCPU VM...
If you have a WiFi with 8 digits as a password change it.

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as always, before bed i upload my daily track for #looptober (cc: @looptober ) track 28 / day 26. title: 3:18am

I was thinking about some of @js0000 's comments and the following @looptober exploded from my hara. Of course, being me, I didn't exactly follow the thread, but meandered in my own peculiar way.

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Just a reminder to everyone (who's pissed off at RIAA and GitHub about ) that open-source self-hosted streaming is already possible with (it includes the chat and can be very low latency) and studio. It's not hard to install on a vps.

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"Joy is not a function of a life free of friction and frustration, but a function of focus — an inner elevation by the fulcrum of choice. So often, it is a matter of attending to what Hermann Hesse called, as the world was about to come unworlded by its first global war, “the little joys”; so often, those are the slender threads of which we weave the lifeline that saves us."

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My latest composition, “Esercizio no. 16” (Exercise no. 16)

On my #noblogo :

Three voices, which I assigned to soundfonts of a Steinway piano, a Otto Rubner double bass from 1958, and percussions.

Video is obtained via with as input the string “000011112222”.

Also available on


and #peertube


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Under Ancient Blue -
we walk these
trails, footstep
by footstep,
trodden stories
pressed down
on pathways:
a poem stuck
inside this tree;
a story buried
under that stone;
a phrase adrift
on running water

by footstep,
we walk these trails,
alone and together,
Under Ancient Blue

#smallpoems for #writeout inspired by

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@looptober implored me to create something a bit more abstract this time. rears its head once again, establishing bleak drones. Later, you hear undulating synths and mellotrons. All in good fun.

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It feels like an unpopular opinion, but liking things is more fun than hating things, and talking about things you like will make you feel better about life than talking about things you hate.

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