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The new Flavigula album, "Jēmaraz", will soon be released by Submarine Broadcasting Company, a netlabel brimming with experimental musical projects of many kinds. We're happy we were accepted into their community.

However, I also made sure I could release the album to other arenas in different contexts, and thus I present to you all:

Do with and to it as you wish! I hope it is an enjoyable journey. Making it was quite an adventure.

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After struggling a few weeks with mixing and mastering issues, the new album, Alläï is released!

I'd say it's quite different than what's come before, but I have a rather skewed point of view as the composer. I hope everyone enjoys it!

I've been in a bit of a funk for the last week or so, and malaise took over! I shall work my way back up into productivity.

A new blog entry:


Included are links to two rather lugubrious I created during the last few days.

Though I keep abreast of the sonomu local timeline, I've severely neglected reading everyone I follow on Mastodon. Time to make up for that.

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#looptober number whatever.

Once again weird rhythms, but now with arpeggio and some kind of melody

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here's a taste for the album coming out later in the day and live event (come to Ljubljana's Kino Šiška or watch/listen to online stream at 20hCEST)

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Finally, I've written a new little piece

I'd started with it yesterday and have finished today

I have also written lyrics though I will record them some other time

So here's an instrumental version of

Fractal Mold

and here's its future lyrics:

I waste my time at the bus station
I blow my time in a train
And then here I'm within a packed pod
Once again and again within a box
Sitting like cogs, right, mechanical cogs that
need to be placed within a grinder to
produce yet another heavy duty and grander mechanical prison for others who need
to produce what needs to be
made & packed & sold & mold for ever
again in a fractal mold

If you like this music, follow me on #Bandcamp

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#looptober day 7

thinking about: gospel, 3-part harmony, the times they are a changin', minor 6th chords.


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The new episode of Artists and Hackers podcast features an interview with transmedia artist Stephanie Dinkins on her research and artwork. The episode Feeding Oral History to Technology can be found on all podcasting platforms and via RSS.



Yet ANOTHER experimental ... My conclusion is that I shall soon purchase another another granular synthesis oriented pedal. I'm just not sure which one yet! The particle v2 by Red Panda? Fabrikat by Pladask Elektrisk? Something else? Suggestions? There are many.

Anyhow - please enjoy!

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October Loop.

O05 - Novation Peak, carnival brass cycles.

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A sleepy from yesterday evening. Listening back, it semes a bit uninspired, but everything is a process of exploration, no matter the outcome.

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we are doing another edition of Kamizdat Rentgen with a duo Warhorse (which are Shekuza and Lifecutter!) plus a warmup by another local duo duo Stagnat. reserve the date: 12.OKTOBER @ 20:00 CEST. We'll do the stream too.

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#introduction #introductions Hi, how are you? I'm a #musician & occasional #writer. A #freesoftware, #privacy, civil & digital rights advocate, #anticapitalist, pro-#feminist. I make music that is #ambient, #psychedelic, #electronic, #rock, #weird. I used to collaborate with musicians such as Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth of Gong & writers such as Michael Moorcock. Interesting times. Nowadays I'm a semi-hermit living with my partner & two sons in an old farmhouse next to a world-heritage forest.

Tomorrow, 27 September, our new album is released by Submarine Broadcasting Company. I am ecstatic.

However, today, 26 September, it is henceforth also available at my funkwhale pod.

Despite the chaos in my life this year, work has been completed.

Aside from myself and my regular conspirator, @jayrope and @kynduum are also heard on the album. Glory!

It is my hope that it is pleasing to all.

I have a question. I'm toying with my pod. I've never really played with channels before. Is there a way to add content that has already been uploaded to a library to a channel?


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