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Welcome to Pagan Park, Seminole, Texas.

Completed in January, I'm only releasing it NOW (only on funkwhale for the time being) because the label that shall release it cannot until late this year or early the next on Bandcamp.

It's quite different than what has come before and has some curious guest spots by @voidspace and another good friend of mine reciting "aphorisms".

Weirdness in general also abounds.

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A new album is released!

It's more in a dark ambient vein than the few that came before. In fact, it is companion to another which will appear in early spring (depending on the netlabel). Both are based around during 2021, with more composed aspects built up around the original tracks.

Also at:

I hope everyone finds at least one enticing passage within.

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Since it is Friday, I shall promote our newest release:

It's also available on my funkwhale.
Gracias. Hvala. Děkuji. Thanks!

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The new Flavigula album, "Jēmaraz", will soon be released by Submarine Broadcasting Company, a netlabel brimming with experimental musical projects of many kinds. We're happy we were accepted into their community.

However, I also made sure I could release the album to other arenas in different contexts, and thus I present to you all:

Do with and to it as you wish! I hope it is an enjoyable journey. Making it was quite an adventure.

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"Participating in the world as it is does not disqualify you from trying to improve it."

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Anyone here publish CC-licensed ambient(-ish) music?

Editing a soldering video with a lot of timelapse and it could probably use some. Will obviously attribute on screen + in description

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Forth book recommendations 


Starting Forth:
Thinking Forth:
Dr. Ting's code walkthroughs of various Forth systems:
Moving Forth:
Stack Computers The New Wave:
Second Generation Stack Computer Architecture:
Threaded Interpretive Languages:

There are a bunch more listed in the Forth FAQ, that I can't necessarily vouch for, not having read them:

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A while ago I contributed a short essay about my work Stranger to the Trees to the book The Next Renaissance: Culture and Creativity Shaping Europe. It's now been published on their website, and addresses how #Art can address #Sustainability issues in the context of the #EuropeanGreenDeal, by discussing the artistic and scientific outcomes of my work exploring how #Microplastic interacts with #Trees. I was very proud to have made an installation and published a paper based on the research carried out. Our paper shows the first published evidence of microplastic being taken up by #Birch tree #roots.

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Today's the first anniversary of our website and gemini capsule at & gemini:// !

We have been enjoying a lot to share our projects, notes and references in that space!

It has been super heartwarming to see how people have connected with our work and ideas ♡

We also want to thank everyone that has supported or contributed to the project in one way or another. We are very glad that what we do is meaningful to you :)

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we are doing an interesting remote sound/radio performance today between Ljubljana, Ustí nad Labem, and Linz, central point being at + physical space in each of cities, at 15:00-18:00 CEST (

you're extremely welcome ti attend!

part of

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starting a Guppe Group for stationery talk at @stationery

boosts much appreciated. let's build up a #stationery fedi community to share our love for notebooks, specialty papers, fountain pens, regular pens, inks, and other writing supplies.

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I will be performing with a tuba-UI live coding language this Friday at 23:00CET in Linz, Austria at Stadtwerkstadt, in the #AMRO22 programme.

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I turned 66 last Wednesday and officially became a pensioner.

I have encountered very little ageism, so far - which is nice.

I will be writing a blog post containing some of the following topics and a few unpopular opinions:

* Why politics in any form will fail to save the world

* Why nothing is particularly important. (But in a good way.)

* How to avoid stress of any kind

* How to sing reasonably well whilst wearing dentures

I'd better go now. The Novocaine is wearing off.

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KiezPilz, our mycology collective in berlin, has been forced to leave our community lab where we've been cultivating fungi for the past two years after a new landlord purchased the building and is asking for three times the rent.

If you know any spaces in berlin that might have space for our project or want to collaborate, feel free to share this post or send a message 🌱

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I wonder if I could find here a violinist interested in playing and recording this track:

Please contact me if you'd be willing to collaborate on this piece! Thank you in advance!

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I know a solution to exploitation of musicians problem!

The sale or commercial enterprise of any musical activity is considered criminal. It is absolutely forbidden.

Those producing or helping in production of sonic art have a guaranteed basic life needs covered: place to stay, free electricity and Internet and heating and food.

All music is automatically in public domain. there's no concept of intellectual property

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Hey music friends!

What are you working on?

Our record label, Analog Revolution, is looking for songs for our compilation album, "Songs of the Worker (to fans the flames of discontent).

If you have something that might jive with that, or wanna talk more, tell @DoctorDeathray because she's our A and R person.

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Very enjoyable. Tape-based glitch electronica - leftfield, as people used to say - from Thom Oab/Italy here:

Many Thoughts All Incomprehensible.

#extramusic #leftfield #glitch #tape #electronica #fedimusic #bandcamp #nameyourprice #thomoab #italy

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