needing to work on sound things but also wanting to keep listening to recordings

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is like , but runs through the year. Record, create, post, short-ish recordings, loops, beats, noises, melodies, sounds from your creative process where you work focused on sound/noise/music. Perhaps write a little description of anything that puts it into context (can be anything).

You can also call for and add some reuse indication, if desired.

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Moved yesterday, setting up house taking a while due to cleaning, vv tired, but there's snow, quiet, and space so I'm happy and hopeful.

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Just created this


to be able to exchange puredata-related things with strangers you don't like to follow - or be followed by - otherwise.
Also it frees one from having to overly tag stuff, like below.

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Linux Audio Conference starting tomorrow (over BigBlueButton): -- looks like a bunch of interesting presentations!

✅ thrilled because it's finally snowing here
❎ having Sleigh Ride stuck in my head for the next three days

Cool we're going into lockdown again, but the construction across the road is allowed to continue

Stayed up late listening to this album last night:

What albums or long-form music are people here digging into? Something you listen to like you'd watch a movie.

just remembered stumbling upon OSSIA Score some time ago -- awesome project some media people here might be interested in! It's kind of like a sequencer for interactive continuous control, supports a number of protocols (incl MIDI and OSC), and is _really_ deep.

picked up a monome arc last week -- definitely the fanciest controller I own. here I've set up the outer two encoders as "bows" controlling a saw wave going through two filters (lop lift, hip right). very expressive, needs some fine tuning, and pd doesn't like it that much.

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The case for supercollider is increasingly appealing, but there's so much work to do beyond just learning sclang and I've already invested so much into my pd setup and workflow.

Headache du jour: pd freezes up when sent too many OSC messages too quickly over a sustained period (a few seconds). All io stops until the messages stop, then things resume like nothing happened. Nothing notable in pd logs or system logs. Any ideas, anyone?

trying out some new control hardware with feedback and granular delay in our noisy-af living room.

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been missing posts because things are too noisy around here. more interesting things coming soon, but here's what my apartment sounded like this morning.

working on a "tape" piece for small device speakers (smartphone, tablet). here's a sample excerpt of where it's at currently. pull it up on your device, set the volume to a point where you can just hear it relative to your acoustic context, and listen. not sure whether I'm going to get it to a point where I like it but I'm doing it anyway to find out.


(now I just need to make sure I'm posting from the correct account!)

Hello! I work with sound and code and bass. My current "primary" focus is with very quiet sounds (some of which you can hear here:, but I'll be posting more general explorations.

I'm migrating from @driedstr, where I've been keeping a lighthearted log of sound work and I hope to keep that up here.


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