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arc code still in development but at a point where it's useable, so here's the repo if you're curious:

TIL The Guardian has a posters section. Might get prints of some of these.

Something about autechre makes it such good writing music. SIGN particularly good on a chill gray day like today.

Here, have a video of a performance I gave on Thursday with Mia Windsor:

Some less overthought drone-ish analog timbres with digital manipulation courtesy of Mia's Max magic

Here's a short snippet of some droney sounds from this morning, possibly more to come later today.

Oscillator driving two wavefolders through stereo filters, all of which are slowly modulated, then mixed with the oscillator fundamental. A feedback path goes through a rectifier and a bandpass filter into one wavefolder's fold control. A little more detail in the linked post :)

I should know this, but if I visit a website which specifies a font and provides it via something like a Google Fonts CSS snippet (which afaik tracks users), do I prevent the request to Google if I have the font installed locally?

Seems like a good low-hanging fruit optimization for browser privacy: provide a list of popular Google / TypeKit / etc fonts for local download & shim the js to prefer the local fonts. Saves on HTTP transfers and improves privacy while maintaining prettiness.

Made more debris, this time with extensive .

A different part of the same sound world as yesterday's (same patch too). Noisy, crunchy, very bright.

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That lovely moment when you hear a rush of sound and go, what's that? then walk to the window and it's started pouring and now you get to sit and listen to the rain

Did a noise just now. More analog wavefolder feedback & tried to perform a bit more shape into it.

Audio here, may eventually be on the way:

Starting to host these expeditions on my own server to save some space & bandwidth here. Side benefits: I can add longer notes and it's also an Atom feed via the HTML journal format!

Slightly delirious first encounter jam is a good time

...okay, video might not happen, I can't shave off that last 0.5MB without it coming out garbage. It's really disappointing because I sunk a chunk of time into making it. Oh well, at least I have it for the next one...

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Got Debian installed and slowly getting the system up to speed in small corners of spare time. I looked at the archinstall thing but saw a few scary things about the installer that made me go "nope" (storing encryption keys in plaintext among them). Debian is nice and familiar while still feeling lighter than Ubuntu. Between tut, mutt, scli, nvim, and various other tuis, this is going to be a sweet text-based runaround machine. Thanks for the indecision-breaker, voters!

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This might be a shortcoming of a tree-like filesystem, but it would be good to find a way to associate multiple directories that live in disparate homes: a code project with other code in the same language(s), with its documentation, with its notes (relative to other notes) -- so that there are multiple ways of navigating the files.

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For me, I'm having luck cloud syncing ~/Documents only as a rule and making sure heavy things don't live there. I have a folder in Documents called Misc which has subfolders by year, and that really keeps clutter down (when in doubt, it goes in Misc).

I've made some sins with my code folders though: mixing other people's projects with my own in the same directory was a mistake, and thinking of audio code projects separate from other code projects is as well.

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