monome arc code generating 4 LFOs and triggering when they intersect generating microtonal-ish MIDI which is sent to the M32

filter resonance modulated by onboard LFO

some feedback modulated by yet another arc LFO

knobs were twiddled, switches were switched

everything smothered in an ungodly amount of reverb (forgive me, I have sinned)

Biggest workflow lesson I can't wait to have learned is how much time task switching takes

Something I posted a while ago on birdsite - accidental poetry ("poetty"?) after OCR-ing handwritten text. Unfortunately the "original" has been lost...

Another with the M32 featuring transducers. I had known in principle that a contact speaker could be used as a mic but never really tried it out. Here the M32 is outputting through a big transducer on a cardboard box and a little one is picking up the sound, returning it to the M32. The input passes through the filter, the resonance of which is being modulated by the LFO and envelope generator (and some knob twiddling). Recorded on a Zoom H4N.


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@akkartik @chirrolafupa @cancel @neauoire this moment alone predicts how and why computers built in the West will fumble when it comes to Arabic. The printers had to figure out a way to represent Arabic letters as blocks and then fit the blocks together, because that's how the technology of the printing press worked. That's completely counter to Arabic as a language! you don't think about individual letters when you are writing Arabic, you think about whole words, because letters can bend/change

been a little quiet lately for a number of reasons, more noisy / quiet sounds coming eventually (once I upgrade my hard drive -- I only have 3Gb left...)

Here's what it sounds like just letting the sequencer run

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More in the way of actual patch notes: this is all on the Moog Mother 32. I was trying to generate some rich timing through interference patterns through the LFO, the VCO (taken down as low as it will go), and the envelope generator via the sequencer and keyboard. All of these clicks go through the filter, the resonance and cutoff of which is being mildly modulated.

In this recording, I switched between playing the keyboard and letting the sequencer run in short bursts while tweaking the tempo.

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entered the world of analog, which I have a bit of (probably misplaced) guilt about re the enviro impact, but hot dang if it ain't fun. anyway, here's some clicks and pops.


Happy new years, all you gloriously sounding internet lovelies!

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@musicians please feel free to spread this around i have a project in the works and would love to gauge community interest.

More LFOs modulating parameters on two static voices. The exciting bit here is that the guts of my rust arc code is done (and that's what's driving the patch here), so now it should be much easier to write things for the arc. Will open source soon.

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self-modulating system based on interference patterns from 2 pairs of LFOs. somewhat inspired by the benjolin / rungler, though I still don't fully understand what that thing does.

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needing to work on sound things but also wanting to keep listening to recordings

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