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arc code still in development but at a point where it's useable, so here's the repo if you're curious:

There's a lot of dynamism in this patch while staying in a particular character, which I like. The wild thing is I'm barely doing any manipulation. There's a non-linear feedback path in the shift register which I tweaked a bit and I think that was it.

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More nonsense. Went in wanting to fiddle with a shift register, came out with frantic free jazz keyboard.

: This is a eurorack feedback patch drawing on the ideas of the la synthese humaine series on youtube (though I think my implementation wandered a bit). 2 pairs of resonant filters are half-wave rectified against the other pair (ie, the peaks of one and the troughs of the other). These go into the shift register (clocked by an LFO) which drives changes throughout the patch.

Sorted two of my big woes. vim-stay plugin was rampantly messing up something called views I'd never heard of. Setting `let &viewoptions="folds,cursor,unix"` fixed it. More info at :h mkview and :h loadview.

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Can any folks help me understand why re-creating a SynthDef and then immediately replacing a Synth using it only uses the new definition after executing the block twice? (and maybe whether there's a good way to get the desired behaviour?) eg,

SynthDef(\mydef, { /*...*/ }).add;
x = Synth.replace(x, \mydef);

Evening chorus. Chill box feedback and clicks with bonus ambience. Longer one because I'm procrastinating.

Patch notes:

- Roaming bandpasses on the box feedback
- LFOs (ochd) driving the pitch are self-FM'd; one of them is scaled by the summed envelope of the outgoing audio
- Clicks are a pinged low-pass with a high cutoff, a bit of resonance, and self-AM'd
- 3-way complex oscillator rat's nest affecting the rate of clicks, not totally sure how it works
- Recorded with H4N

Some bubbly drone feedback from yesterday's late nite session. Burbling with low fundamental and crunchy spitting crests.

Another dense patch, notes available on request if you're curious. tl;dr filters in the feedback path are great.

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Does anyone know if this group is good?

I’m in need of an immigration lawyer for the UK.

(the background photo is by @flatmountain who I hope doesn't mind that I'm using it or that I'm tagging them)

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I unlocked two things just now: feedback patching in supercollider and screen recording on sway. (audio sync is unfortunately off)

: the code is in the video, I can send a snippet if anyone wants it. Basically, 3 oscillators FM each other in a ring. They're mixed and that's sent through a comparator which pings a filter, which is also mixed with their sum and sent out. The envelope of that final mix modulates the amplitude of 2 of the oscillators and the filter's resonance.

Have some crunchy slippery groove.

: Dual slew limiter feedback. SL2's end-of-slew goes to SL1's in. Both outs are mixed and sent to SL2's in. SL1's end modulates SL2's slew rate, and SL1's rate is modulated by the mixed output fed through Cold Mac's crease wavefolder. The mix is modulated by an unstable LFO, sent through another wavefolder, filter, and out. A comparator (gate when SL1 > SL2) is clock-divided twice then pings a low filter which is mixed in at the final wavefolder.

A second excerpt from last night's session, this one more squarely in the bleeps-and-bloops genre.

Refamiliarizing myself with my modular synth and learning a new module. Unfortunately this was late last night and I don't remember anything for patch notes. I also don't know where that chord came from, but y'know, whatever.

complaining about web dev stuff, don't mind me 

I brought over the stylesheet for my site from a scss file I'd developed for the previous wordpress iteration and holy smokes even this tiny style set has so much blooooaaat that I'm making myself get rid of. If I have an RSI flare up later today, this is why. I have only myself to blame.

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Every time I do website design I have this moment switching between pages where one is slightly shifted horizontally and I panic for a while because I can't figure out where my CSS is broken, then realize that it's the vertical scrollbar offsetting one of the pages.

More fridge nonsense. In the last recording I also used the mics (though they weren't in the posted audio). This is that mic recording with some filtering to slightly emphasize some of the overtone harmonics. The harmonics from the fridge are super rich, I'm only playing a single resonant low-pass here, everything else is the fridge and the room.

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Here's the box listening to the offending fridge sitting on the counter directly above it. It's still picking up some digital noise in the right channel, I don't know what that could be.

This is the normal state of the kitchen I'll be using until at least September. The tone of this drone is really rich and my brain is connecting the overtones to the point where I'm getting the melodies stuck in my head. It sounds good in short doses but I'm still under a month in and it's... tiring.

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