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arc code still in development but at a point where it's useable, so here's the repo if you're curious:

Donate to @falktx for is massive amount of work in creating and maintaining key foss audio software.

When I discovered, it changed my life and many would say the same. Finally I could make proper music with Linux.

When I wanted to make an audio plugin (without any prior programming knowledge) he pointed me to DPF and has helped me several times. So now I create opensource audio software too!

Random issue fix that needs to be out there in the world: if you find that your measure numbers are missing after a certain point, it's often because Sib can't grok your repeats structure. The fixes out there online say to either fix it with notation or notate it with elements that Sib doesn't recognize as affecting the repeat structure, but you can disable the element's playback with the inspector's "Play on pass" options and avoid changing your notation.

Writing the performance notes to this score as a description of the performance ("the stage is set like this, the performers do this and it sounds like this"). I usually write prescriptively ("do this so that this") but I'm really enjoying writing like this. It's way less dry, which I hope translates into carrying more of the gist of what I'm after. I just hope it works for the ensemble!

Using Sibelius* and wanting to add a reminder to come back to touch up a certain part in the future. It's not obvious how to do this, but to look it up online I'd have to search for "How to add a note in Sibelius"... sigh...

*Notation software is suffering. MuseScore can't do what I need to for this piece otherwise I'd use it. I'd love to see something like a FOSS GUI editor for LilyPond within an SVG document (is there a way to embed a LilyPond renderer in InkScape?)

Alc recco 

If you're in the PNW and you like farmhouse beers, this one is definitely worth a try. Mildly sour, mildly wild. Brewed in Penticton, BC. Tasty tasty tasty!

This tome just arrived from Russia, the day before I leave for vacation. Guess that's my reading material set.

Which Personal Knowledge Management tool do you recommend?

I'm a little disillusioned to learn that Faust doesn't do FFT, I was getting ready for it to be my DSP secret sauce and now I'm reconsidering investing the time to learn it... -- "It [Faust] doesn't allow to implement algorithms requiring multi-rates such as FFT, convolution, etc."

updated a bunch of old changes in my pd utils repo. feels so good to clear out a backlog of changes like that, even if there are still bugs and whatever in the repo itself.

should specify that that woe is just for pro-audio; everyday audio stuff it worked a treat (though it seemed to be a little more processor-heavy?), and I just managed to configure pw to live alongside pulse+jack just for video -- ie, I can share my wayland desktop through OBS finally!

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Another taste of pipewire, another return to jack.


Some gentle feedback (quiet, no surprises).

Mic, acoustic guitar with built-in piezo pickup, speaker, transducer on body of the guitar. Manually mixing the feedback routes, adjusting the intensity of a spectral compressor on each route, interfering the feedback by obstructing the acoustic paths (damping the body & strings of the guitar, putting myself between the speaker and the mic).

puredata patches get very messy quickly and supercollider feels overcomplicated and even after watching and reading hours of tutorials I can't get my head around it.
Anybody got other recommendations for things for building bits of unusual audio/music software without having to do all that tedious mucking about with lower level DSP?

"During [the canal's] three centuries it needed virtually no maintenance, it relied on no engines or fuel, no mining, no metals, no chemicals. There was no pollution, the boats could be hand built. ... It did not cause any emissions or erosion, it saved millions of man hours otherwise spent on ... roads. There were no accidents: at walking speed and thirty centimeter depth it was safe enough to have children playing in the middle of it with boats coming and going."

Hello, can I please ask a 5 minute favour of people with smart phones? Please attempt the following and make a note of what does and doesn't work:

1. Search your app store for the Smart Faust apps
2. Download one (they're free)
3. Run the app and while shaking your phone up and down.

4. Let me know:
A. What kind of phone/ operating system you have.
B. What version number
C. Could you find & download any of the apps?
D. Did the app make noise?
E. Do you know of any other free sound making apps that use the accelerometers that work on your type of phone?

How this knowledge may be useful to you: You can use these apps to jam with your mates and come up with litter performances. This is a fun and easy way to get into doing experimental music and is appropriate for adults and children. It can be really creative. I can post the whole outline of how to run this workshop if people are interested.

Boosts appreciated.

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