And then again, a) I don't have the budget and b) I'm chiding myself because I barely practice enough on my acoustic guitars.

But the feeling I have is so similar to the feelings and thoughts I had back before I went and spent 200€ I had to scrape together on my beloved Western guitar a couple years ago. And that one was not the instrument I originally planned (no cutaway, no pickup), I just played her and I knew: she's the one.

Ahahahaha, I've been browsing electric way too much in the past few weeks. I want a roaring heavy metal beast!

I'm thinking about questions like "Which body shape is going to be the best for me? Do I need a vibrato system*? Should I go for a 7-string right away**? And which color should it have?"

* I've heard they make tuning and changing strings a pain in the neck. I've seen great guitarists play without it.

** Right now, I think I'd stick with a 6 string, but it's tempting.

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There is a great new parody about this stupid #McDonalds commercial for their green-washed #vegan burgers - from the #HambachForest people!

#DirectAction rockz

#hambibleibt #hambacherforst

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Also, that guy sells sheet music of his arrangements and I'm tempted to get his Metallica stuff. Not that I'm a big Metallica fan, but the arrangements sound like they might be fun to play. And a nice change from Bach :)

(My frustration with guitar tutorials is not that they're necessarily bad... they're just not useful *to me*, and in many cases, I get the feeling that I approach my instrument in a totally different way.)

OK, do I go ahead and change the strings of my Western guitar today? They kinda need it.

Sometimes, I try to find useful-to-me guitar tutorials on non-classical styles on YouTube and I mostly get frustrated. And then stuff like this pops up.

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Here's some wild Japanese vocal piano jazz. I love how they kept the raw, live-in-the-studio-feeling of the song, and the piano playing is amazing. I think Japanese is a great language for singing.

Haha, here I go again, idly browsing my favorite music online store's guitar section, wondering which guitar shape might work for me.

My guitar playing is shaped by the classical approach so far, so whenever I don't have tight control of the instrument position, it drives me nuts.

One day, I'm going to learn how to play metal guitar. Right now, I don't have the budget for a new guitar.

In other news, I had a two four-hour-ish bus rides last week and I used part of the time to tinker with Supercollider. I'm still making pretty basic stuff and I'm still wrapping my head around what statements go where, but it's so much fun, I'm probably adding it to the weird array of stuff I'm doing music-wise.


Ahahaha. Saw Demons & Wizards on Friday. *Today* I have an of "Tear down the wall".

(Did I mention that the gig was stellar?)

Best friend took me to see Demons & Wizards tonight. The support act was cancelled for some reason, so it was a two-hour gig of the main act. I'm so dead now.

The wife is a physics teacher and an avid Linux user, and I just gushed a bit about how fun my latest forays into have been, and I suppose she might eventually use it a bit to teach acoustics.

Bread-winning work appears to be going in the right direction, but now I don't get around to making music. Also, my exercise schedule has kinda fallen apart.

The tip of my left pinky finger hurts weirdly and I can't play guitar that way.

Well, I'll be spending some days with the BFF from tomorrow until the end of the week and when I'm back, I can see about finding a new balance.

Ugh. My throat feels like a cold is creeping on. I got too cold yesterday. So I've been drinking lots and lots of ginger tea with honey and tumeric. Cross your fingers that it's going away again quickly.

OK, now that I've put my UbuntuStudio machine through all of the updates, it seems that it might work... just have to get used to the noise again. Gosh, I am so pampered by my good laptop.

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