Conclusion I draw from this: I want to do more solo music. Maybe I should find me someone locally with decent piano skills to do some classical repertoire with.

Addendum: In this specific situation, the concert involved a song that triggers dysphoria about my assigned/perceived gender* for me. I managed to get out of singing it, but having to listen is bad enough.

I have been angry for the past week because of it. So now I'm glad that this is over. Next concert will be classical music.

* As a genderqueer/nonbinary AFAB femme, I'm always misread as cis and straight.

Interesting how I get into a very specific headspace while performing and then getting out of it includes being very talkative and kinda hyper for a few hours. Also, I get hungry. And I will probably feel like I was run over by a truck tomorrow.

Concert is done. It was surprisingly fun and went very well and now I'm hyper and hungry.

(Also I got high praise from someone whose very keen ears I trust.)

Also, there's a persistent idea in my head for a composition involving voices, Supercollider and ancient greek poetry.

Concert with my choir tonight and I have major resistance to finally writing that moderation for one song.

I also have ambivalent feelings about this concert. We're singing jazz, and I long to be back in the classical realm.

Maybe it's also my associations with the kind of music we're doing and the way we're performing it and the way it's gendered/doesn't allow any space for my queerness.

When I sing classical concert music, my gender can be opera diva.

Hello club! I have been traveling. Home now, after three weeks abroad, visiting the wife's family.

I need to sleep off my jetlag, unpack and do laundry, as well as fill the fridge and pantry again.

But above all, pet the cat. She didn't take our being away so long very well, it seems.

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Home again after a weekend with friends. I might have gotten an offer for an electric guitar and an amp from very dear, generous friends.

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I am a man, and I should dress like a woman if I were not such a coward.

That is, I should revel in velvets, in silks and satins, in plumes and ruffles, in rich or delicate colors, in daring and dashing modes, in endless variety suited to my whim, to the weather or the occasion. It would be great fun. It would be an artistic gratification. But I don't dare.

In the days of knighthood, when men were really breve, they out-dressed the women; but in these degenerate days we do not venture our fancies beyond cravats. No man in modern times has dared to dress as he pleased, except Oscar Wilde, and we buried him with craven hisses.

We men rail at women's fashions, but in our hearts we know ourselves to be the slaves of fashion, of one dull, deadly, monotonous fashion, which we hate, but from which we are too cowardly to free ourselves.

-- Life magazine, February 1916

Taxes for last year: done. Now I just need to catch up on my current accounting.

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Medieval guy #1: okay so what do turtles look like
Medieval guy #2: well they live in the water
Medieval guy #1: so they're fish?
Medieval guy #2: yea. also they bite you. And they have legs
Medieval guy #1: haha weird. What else
Medieval guy #2: they have a shell
Medieval guy #1: like a snail shell?
Medieval guy #2: idk it's some sort of shell. And they can pull their head inside the shell.
Medieval guy #1: ok I think I got it. How's this look
Medieval guy #2: perfect

Learning an arrangement of "Master of Puppets" for concert guitar. This one makes me want to practice every day just so I can feel the progress I'm making with getting those riffs into my fingers.

I might need to increase my budget for strings, I have the feeling I'm going to destroy strings more quickly with violent playing like that.

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What sounds did you hear today? If you haven't noticed anything yet take 10 seconds, listen, and describe what you hear.

(boost, and tag it if you respond)

@stephan @phoe @Mightyflea thank you! I'll probably be better tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.


But I think it turned out OK, given that the material was "just plunk a mic in front of the choir and press record".

I did the post-production of a rehearsal recording yesterday and now I remember why I dislike working with commercial closed-source software.

Next time, I'll fire up my UbuntuStudio machine again.

I have not created anything in weeks or even months and that makes me sad. I feel like I am missing a part of myself.

Music-related thing I'm going to do today: Edit some recordings I took during this week's rehearsal so we have sing-along music to practice with on our own.

It's going to be pretty basic because what can you do with a "I put my H4N where the audience would be and hit 'record'" take apart from normalizing and maybe a bit of EQ?

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the first mission to land humans on the Moon. They launched at 9:32 AM local time - so, in about three hours.

You can follow the entire mission, from now until splashdown, in “real time” as it happened 50 years ago, here:

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