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Hello SoNoMu! I'm looking forward to talking music with y'all.

I'm a classical mezzosoprano and musicologist by training. I love , (mostly progressive), and a random assortment of other stuff.

I'm exploring creating my own music through challenges like and 50/90. I'm still in search of my own style.

I sing and play as well as singer-songwriter style acoustic .

covid pandemic, mental health 

I have a similar feeling like in the beginning of the pandemic. I itch to do something, to connect, to bring some color and joy into both my life and that of other people by sharing creative work.

But this time, I am booked with work and because the wife is teaching from home (and our space doesn't have much privacy), I have too little of that precious quiet time alone.

Good thing is less than 2 weeks away.

practice diary 

I'm more consistent with my vocal practice again, even if there are a lot of days where I only manage to sing for 10-15 minutes. Still, that's better than nothing :)

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Today's : metal covers of Disney + pop songs.

practice diary, migraine, injury 

some more singing today. Dug out "In darkness let me dwell" by John Dowland and tried to wrap my head around a small part of a very long recitativo by Monteverdi.

Having a light migraine, my brain is a mess, but perhaps I will be able to pull off some scales on the piano.

My injured shoulder is getting better slowly, I'm thinking about taking up the guitar again soon, if only for a few minutes per day.

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low-ish budget video lighting gear recommendations wanted 

I guess I can justify spending a little bit on this, bu I kinda don't want it to go too far into the 3-digit price range

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low-ish budget video lighting gear recommendations wanted 

So because both humans in this household are doing a lot of video conferences and teaching via video, I'm looking to improve our lighting situation. I'm currently undecided between a ring light and LED panels.

Does anyone have advice about one or the other? If we get LED panels, is one enough or should we go with two?

singing: just a quick warmup and some belting practice. Highest belting note today: B4. I guess next time I want to record myself just to get feedback if what comes out actually sounds like belting.

keyboard practice: trying to put the two hands together in Bach's Invention #1. My left shoulder is so badly messed up that I can barely stand 10 min. of practice.

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Ugh I am currently not getting around to much in the way of music :/ Work keeps getting in the way.

(Also the wife is on vacation and we're enjoying having time for each other for a change.)

thanks everyone who replied! Schumann's "Album für die Jugend" was mentioned several times, I downloaded that & will look at it.

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More sound design sketches for the :sccube: piece I'm currently working on. A bell-like FM instrument, played at random pitches and durations through JPverb.


So there's a software called "Just Intonation", which is a program that can play MIDI input with adaptive just tuning and a bunch of historic tunings. It can also play stuff in those tunings statically, and it has pretty OK cembalo and organ sounds.

I fooled around with it tonight and I didn't know how much fun it is to try to find cadences that sound like utter garbage in, say, quarter-comma meantone tuning.

The frustrating bit is that I had about 6 years of lessons in my life. Two of my five teachers were useless and achieved nothing but making me go into mental blockade (but I had to go on because in one case, I was stuck in a contract, and in the other, it was part of music school and I didn't get to request a different teacher until the end of the year).

Interestingly, both of my horrible teachers were guys with huge hands.

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(I want to up my piano game so I can teach theory better; however, trying to get better at sight-reading is frustrating when I have the feeling that my lacking piano skills slow me down to a standstill every time.)

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Any players who read this: Do you have recommendations for practice pieces for someone who has had a few years of lessons, but forgot a lot again and always felt a little awkward and nervous around the piano? I don't know if "beginner to intermediate" describes my skill level accurately...

Public domain stuff that I can find on ISMLP preferred.

Some days I just want to play something fun and motivating.

keyboard practice: a few measures of Bach's Invention #1. I am getting a little bit more fluid, and putting two hands together starts getting easier.

I ought to write down fingerings.

First longer singing practice in a while. Voice still works, but having no current project isn't good for my motivation.

I'n also practicing Bach's inventions a little bit. Polyphony is still killing me.

I have spent the last weeks behind my computer keyboard, typing. I spent too little time doing music.

I need to bring that into some better balance.

ok, it's not going to happen. Not this week at least. I have migraine and I haven't set up anything, and my time planning was off tonight.

Because of space and time constraints, Tuesday night is the only time I could use for streaming.

But the thought is here. For tonight, I'm just going to sit down and continue working on that composition.

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I'm thinking about trying out streaming tonight. Not sure if it's going to work because my internet connection has a kinda puny upstream rate.

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