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Hello SoNoMu! I'm looking forward to talking music with y'all.

I'm a classical mezzosoprano and musicologist by training. I love , (mostly progressive), and a random assortment of other stuff.

I'm exploring creating my own music through challenges like and 50/90. I'm still in search of my own style.

I sing and play as well as singer-songwriter style acoustic .

My newest weirdness: Being in love with a sound idea and simultaneously wanting to use it all the time and feeling like I can only use it in one composition.

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Eine Freundin von mir sucht ab dem 1. September eine WG in Leipzig. Ab 16qm bis 350€ wäre gut.

Gerne bei mir melden / rt erwünscht. ❤️

And here's the code (or at least the part that I can share right now):

If you enjoy my streams and want to support me financially, I have a liberapay page:

and you can donate to my ko-fi:

health ( - but probably minor), tonight's livestream 

ok, my throat is on fire (caught a cold, apparently), but the stream was fun and I figured out how to arrange larger-scale parts of a composition I'm working at.

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starting NOW! I'm dead tired, but let's see if I can make some pleasant sounds anyway :)

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It's Thursday and that means there will be a at 7:30pm CEST (5:30 UTC):

Tonight, I will work on a special composition!

mental health, emo (-) 

today is one of those days where I feel stressed out for no reason, unworthy, lazy and where I have a hard time believing I am worthy of a good life.

also, I'm very anxious about my lack of business success.

Note to self: try again. Last time I tried it must have been around 2011.

weird dream, music related 

I had a dream last night in which I was thinking about subscribing to a music magazine. The subscription included a music compilation with each issue, and I had the choice of receiving the compilation either as a CD or on vinyl.

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Well this makes for unpleasant reading.

QT marcan42: Disgusting. @workedntheory from Muse Group (MuseScore, Audacity) *continues* to personally threaten a Chinese expat to get him to take down his GitHub repos. "We're being nice by not destroying your life *yet*". 🤮

Boycott Muse Group.

I might have time for a semi-spontaneous stream tonight at 7pm my time for about 2 hours. Would anyone watch that?

Idk yet what I'd do, maybe changing guitar strings and chatting. Or maybe :sccube: stuff.

ok, that was fun, even though I wasn't very focused... I'm going to clean up the code a little bit and then publish it to framagit sometime this weekend. I don't have a lot of time at the moment.

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ok, after I was knocked out last week, I feel capable of doing a livestream tonight.

:sccube: beeps tonight at 7:30 CEST (or 5:30 UTC):

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it's non binary day so i wonder if white people are talking about how Europeans created the binary in the first place and how to dismantle their whiteness from their queer politics on top structurally wrt to queerness

mood, life changes 

So, turns out the "we'll know more" is delayed, and there are a lot of moving parts, and whenever I think of it, I get slightly anxious.

I will just try and move forward with what I can do now and with what doesn't depend on the outcome of this change.

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Ich hätte so Bock auf eine "Bavarian Folk Metal Band" also selber eine machen. Ich könnt Tenorhorn spielen also wenn noch jemand Bock hat sagt bescheid :) #FollowerPower

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