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If you like my work and have enough to share, here's your periodic reminder that you can this queer neurodivergent artist in several ways, for example on :

and on ko-fi:

I added Stripe support to my liberapay recently so you don't have to go through PayPal.

I also have some music on :bandcamp: (the project that is probably going to see more releases in the future)

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Here's a short reminder: You can support me on Patreon!

I post some thoughts about music & musicianship there, and from the second tier on, the music I publish is included.

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Time for a new !

I'm a classical and by training. I listen to , (mostly progressive), and a random assortment of other stuff.

I'm a regular participant, and I compose more or less music in . I do s where I explore :sccube: concepts and compose out loud.

I sing (classical and jazz) and play . Will occasionally infodump on .

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I feel like I ought to take a stance on crypto stuff, namely cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

And that stance is: I am convinced they are harmful on many levels. (see: )

If you're into it, leave me alone with it. I don't want to discuss it, and I don't want to be part of it.

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Here it is on Ko-Fi, and this is a preview of what the scanned image looks like. I had to touch up the sun gemstone digitally so that looks a little different than in the hand-drawn version. :)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Another thing that I had an irrational hesitancy to do: Keymaps for . If I can memorize those new keymaps, it will be a productivity win. As I said in one SC meetups a couple months ago: Breaking stuff is a fear that keeps me from a lot of things, and it's taking me some time to unlearn it.

Thursday is day! Tonight from ~7:30pm CET to around 9:30pm, I will do another session of poking around in , probably exploring some . As usual on my Twitch channel:

Timezone conversion?

I might build on the last session, but I also remembered that you can do formant-filter-y stuff with Klank/DynKlank.

I haven't used my full-size keyboard 🎹 in a while. It's an ancient Doepfer and it can basically send MIDI on/off plus velocity and has a plug for a sustain pedal. It takes up quite a bit of space. I wonder if I should keep it; it takes up a fair bit of space and I don't play it a lot.

Major advantage over my Arturia though: weighted keys that feel pretty close to the real thing.

I'm awake, so time zone appropriate greetings, Fediverse!

I forgot to announce yesterday that today is streaming day. Will write an announcement later. First some morning yoga :)

My coping strategy for stressful stuff today: downloading too many sample packs from

Is there a way of overriding a website's css on Firefox mobile? Asking because a site that I use a lot redesigned and the current font is bordering on illegible for me.

Does anyone know what happened to I've been trying to access it several times since yesterday and all I get is a timeout.

I spent some happy time just noodling around with . I forgot a lot about it, and I'll have to figure out how to record it again.

I'll have to test how well I get into the midi editing workflow and how intuitive using effects is, but if my first impression is accurate, this might be a huge productivity win.

I also need to free up space on my hard disk ASAP, probably it is time to invest in a new backup solution.

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OK, I just tried and I'm very pleasantly surprised. My midi keyboard seems to be working out of the box, although I will have to check how it does with the things that weren't working in Ardour. But for the program being new-ish to me (I think I tried it some years ago, and decided to stick with Ardour back then), the workflow was pretty intuitive.

This is what I made using Winter Voices [1] from the PianoBook community.


I'll have a little time to myself tonight... do I play FFVII? Work on my nvim config? Install Reaper? Explore a bit more? Decisions decisions!

ok, tested again: The Keylab 49 midi map doesn't work with the Keylab 49 Essential.

I think that's about as far as I will go with Ardour. It works better than before now.

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I'm going to try again if the MIDI map for Keylab 49 (without "Essential") works.

I'm also thinking about trying Reaper again, just to see if I like the support of my device better.

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Working more on Arturia Keylab Essential 49 + , using the Mackie Control midi map. Setting the keyboards fader mode from "Pickup" to "Jump" made the faders and knobs react the way I want. Some other controls don't do anything - e.g. the Punch button or the Part selection.

Also, I ought to pick a different sound for metronome, the default sound is hard to hear through even one synth layer, resulting in totally botched timing.

One of my favorite times of the year is just around the corner: February Album Writing Month aka FAWM! [1]
The website will go live in the coming days and I'm so looking forward to that.


Yesterday's rabbit hole: Using a stack of LFPulses as LFOs controlling the amplitude of LFPulse, then adding a bit of crossover distortion and a bit of tape saturation and a lowpass filter with a slowly and randomly shifting cutoff, then a bit of reverb and voila:

migraine again 

I fell down a massive (although fun) :sccube: rabbit hole yesterday night and stayed up way too late. Botched recording it. Slept in big time today and woke up with migraine (probably weather-triggered, it's warm and sunny after a long cold snowy period).

I'm back to vegetable state. But maybe I can manage recording that thing today.

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