Look what I've found in my garage! My middle school Bontempi mini piano keyboard in great conditions. It happens to be one of the best to be , so I'm going to have some fun trying to get some out of it.

Got this cassette player/recorder today, I'll make it ready for noise. :cassette:

"Noise is successfully conceived when it fails to sound like anything; it is successfully sensed as the failure to sense meaningfully."

- Ray Brassier

"I decided quite some time ago to abandon this acoustic desert of always identical sounds, fixed once and for all and forever consigned to this pseudo-eternity known as music"

- Walter Marchetti, Italian composer & co-founder of the ZAJ Group.

The quote's from "As in a Diary." Full piece with my intro here:


I bought some mini cassette tapes online and I used what I found on them.
I still have no idea what it is.
:cassette: :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

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