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Hey, sometime after I finish my PhD...

...would anyone be interested in being in a Fediverse Virtual Choir to sing some of my work so I can put recordings online?

Eric Whitacre did this (not on the Fediverse) and it worked super well. I... definitely don't have his resources, but I can probably film a conducting track that people can sing to.

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I'm a choral composer; I like to release my music under free culture licences, usually CC by-SA.

I'm working on a PhD in contemporary sacred choral composition.

I'm neurodivergent, and I have multiple healthcrap issues. I'm a migrant. I'm Christian.

You can find my work at and fund it at

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I also run Cecilia's List, a project to highlight Christian sacred music composed by people who are not men. That's very much on the back burner for the time being because of PhD stuff, though.

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New rule:

You don't get to say "oh, you could sell that on Etsy/set up a Patreon/write an e-book and sell it/etc" unless you promise to buy stuff from the person you are saying it to, at a price that pays them a living wage for their time *after* material and admin costs.

I'd say "I don't make the rules" but I totally just made a rule, there, so.

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I'm a choral composer, mostly of sacred Christian music but I compose some secular pieces too. I have a Patron but I haven't posted anything there for a while because I'm working on my PhD.

I'm also still thinking in the back of my mind about what comes after the PhD. I feel like I'll need a rest, and then maybe to do some creative exploration.

What could I do that would convince you become a patron? What's the choral music you want to hear, need to exist in the world?

Submission deadline is 31st August; yesterday I submitted my Intention To Submit form.

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On final stretch of PhD before submission. Then a brief rest in which I panic about how imperfect it is before the Viva Voce (end of October). Then... well, hopefully minor corrections. But could be major corrections. Could be "this isn't a PhD, but have an MPhil". Could be "fail" (this is very unlikely). How long I have to finish those depends on what the examiners think I can do.

covid-19, food 

The soup kitchen at my church used to feed 12 to 15 people once a week.

Now it's ~50 for lunch on Sunday and ~35 Tuesday night, all takeaway/low contact.

This is in addition to the food bank, which opens 4 days/week.

We've lost all hall lettings now, so our income to support this is a) online donations b) regular giving from a congregation of less than 20 people in a deprived area.

Hi all, my band has released our very first album today, after playing together for 5(?) years. We recorded it in December 2018 but we're sloooow like sloths. My eternal love goes to everyone who listens 💙💙💙

#music #mastomusic #crearivetoots

One of the areas in which I lack confidence and which is absolutely essential for a freelance musician is professional networking skills, which in my niche are very much personal networking skills too.

If you were going to try to learn these from scratch, what resources would you use and why?

not sure why that posted with a weird image, will try again.

OK, composers who self-publish music, who do you use for reprographics? That is, who prints your scores for you?

In my niche people will still pay extra for deadtree format, I'm kindof sick of trying to use Lulu, and I don't want to print at home because I don't have appropriate equipment (and I value my sanity).


Most holy God, the ground of our beseeching,
who through your servant Julian
revealed the wonders of your love:
grant that as we are created in your nature
and restored by your grace,
our wills may be so made one with yours
that we may come to see you face to face
and gaze on you for ever;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

I realised this because I saw a season wheel thing with spring at the top left and I was all "that's NOT where spring goes!"

But thinking about it, I realise I visualise this pretty much anytime I am referring to dates.

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Today Bandcamp is waiving their 15% cut on digital items.

One of my main goals as a music-maker is to give back to the commons, to publish my work in a way that is as accessible as possible, since only that kind of access in turn made and educated me as a creator. So all my music is free/NYP and under Creative Commons :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:


I'm not sure if this is synaesthesia or something else, but when I visualise numbers -- counting them or anything else -- they have a particular layout, and are in coloured blocks (the colours are not consistent though).

I've just realised I have a similar thing for seasons, dates and months! In my head they are on a sort of ellipse, with Christmas at the top, and going around clockwise.

What does the idea of a music festival + mutual aid mean to you? What would you imagine? What would you expect?

(Boosts appreciated)

...I think I'm done the text edits for my dissertation.

I still gotta do some diagrams and references, though.

The #NetworkMusicFestival this year is running on a principle of mutual aid. We've got funding for all our core expenses, so all income above those expenses will be distributed to artists. We're not selling tickets because audience incomes are also effected by the crisis, but are allowing people to pay what they can. This way, we can support each other by sharing skills (workshops) music (performances) and funds.

Submit to our open call:

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