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Hey, sometime after I finish my PhD...

...would anyone be interested in being in a Fediverse Virtual Choir to sing some of my work so I can put recordings online?

Eric Whitacre did this (not on the Fediverse) and it worked super well. I... definitely don't have his resources, but I can probably film a conducting track that people can sing to.

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I'm a choral composer; I like to release my music under free culture licences, usually CC by-SA.

I'm working on a PhD in contemporary sacred choral composition.

I'm neurodivergent, and I have multiple healthcrap issues. I'm a migrant. I'm Christian.

You can find my work at and fund it at

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I also run Cecilia's List, a project to highlight Christian sacred music composed by people who are not men. That's very much on the back burner for the time being because of PhD stuff, though.

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New rule:

You don't get to say "oh, you could sell that on Etsy/set up a Patreon/write an e-book and sell it/etc" unless you promise to buy stuff from the person you are saying it to, at a price that pays them a living wage for their time *after* material and admin costs.

I'd say "I don't make the rules" but I totally just made a rule, there, so.

Recycling crisp packets in Britain 

Recycling crisp packets in Britain 

income, marketing, evil socmed 

income, marketing, internet 

income, marketing, internet 


Gratitude lists not working for you? You're not the problem.

This essay said some things I needed to hear at a time when I really needed to hear them. I'm putting this out there in case someone else needs to hear them, too.

Req for role models 

Just booked 33 Focusmate sessions for next week. Let's get this thing DONE.

Fediverse, what is the sound you make when you want to summon a cat?

If you don't see your option listed, pls reply and boost

real talk, finances, poll, please boost 

real talk, finances, poll, please boost 

some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

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religion, prayer 

Spoiler: made it to Walsingham. So far, I like it here.

Some songs I wrote for open chords and some for power chords. I wanna make them both sound good

Specifically: I have a Strat, please explain how the knobs and the lever affect the sound so I can make informed decisions about how to set them for each song, rather than guessing and futzing around
Context: I've played acoustic for a whiiile but I'm liking my Strat so much more

One - time only opportunity!! Dudes, line up: Somebody please teach me about my electric guitar as if I don't know how it works (I don't).

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