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Hey, sometime after I finish my PhD...

...would anyone be interested in being in a Fediverse Virtual Choir to sing some of my work so I can put recordings online?

Eric Whitacre did this (not on the Fediverse) and it worked super well. I... definitely don't have his resources, but I can probably film a conducting track that people can sing to.

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I'm a choral composer; I like to release my music under free culture licences, usually CC by-SA.

I'm working on a PhD in contemporary sacred choral composition.

I'm neurodivergent, and I have multiple healthcrap issues. I'm a migrant. I'm Christian.

You can find my work at and fund it at

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I also run Cecilia's List, a project to highlight Christian sacred music composed by people who are not men. That's very much on the back burner for the time being because of PhD stuff, though.

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New rule:

You don't get to say "oh, you could sell that on Etsy/set up a Patreon/write an e-book and sell it/etc" unless you promise to buy stuff from the person you are saying it to, at a price that pays them a living wage for their time *after* material and admin costs.

I'd say "I don't make the rules" but I totally just made a rule, there, so.

2019-nCoV coronavirus 

nonwhite, non-cishet dads (boost to find dads) 

ukpol, poem request, religion (Christianity) 

ukpol, poem request, religion (Christianity) 

ukpol, Brexit 

Poem request:

Does anyone know of poems that rhapsodize about how beautiful a man is?

I'm looking at She Walks in Beauty by Byron and thinking I'd like to set it to music with a companion piece about a man. Minority author would be cool, metered poem would also be cool, but anything goes.

Anything come to mind? I could search but it would be neat if someone had a poem meaningful to them they want to share. Anyone who sees this is welcome to respond! #mastoart

UK pol / important and fast 

UK pol / important and fast 

Obviously, it's ok to add names that don't (yet) link to articles.

Hey, so I want to #decolonise my #pedagogy and as an aid to that I created a wikipedia list of #electroacoustic #composers
of colour.

Please add missing names!

Obviously, there are a lot of great composers of every race, but the text books that I've read have not necessarily reflected this fact and I want my students to be better informed.

#Music #HE #HigherEducation

finances, begpost I guess 

finances, begpost I guess 


hello all I am Raphael and I am the admin of, an interfaith instance that welcomes all faith/religion/spirituality/term of your choosing backgrounds and people to come and discuss their beliefs in a respectful and fun manner.

I myself consider myself a Christian and am currently in seminary getting my Masters of Divinity. I am still exploring the bounds of my faith as a queer latine Christian and what that means for me.

I hope you may join me in your journey

I've been thinking a lot lately about how to pattern my working life more seasonally, and I think I've got something sorted out.

I do a lot of my work with help from a thing called Focusmate that basically pairs you up with workbuddies. My "core" morning routine is four sessions long; I've been starting it at 8am for several weeks now.

I also have different routines for different seasons; my seasons start and end on/around the cross-quarter days, halfway between solstice and equinox. And I hadn't figured out how to vary my core routine for the seasons. I need some variation but not too much.

A while ago I had the idea for #BellsAndWatches, which @y6nH kindof coded for me:
It divides daytime and nighttime into twelve periods, called Bells or Watches respectively, so Bells are shorter in winter and longer in summer, and Watches are longer in winter and shorter in summer.


I do kindof like tonic solfa notation, because -- and this is part of why it was so popular for hymnals like this one -- you can do it with a standard typewriter.

... if I'm reading this notation correctly I've been playing this hymn in the wrong time signature for a year and a half.

Not continuously, you understand.

(The "great unenclosed" stop on this crummy electric organ will deafen everyone in the room and potentially blow the speakers.

It is immediately next to "swell to great" which was at the time my only quick volume control as the swell pedal was broken. Terraced dynamics for the win.)

It also explains the consecutive octaves some people have been singing

This is the most exciting thing to happen to me at this service since I found out what the "great unenclosed" stop does.

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