I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

By "less" I also mean something along the lines of "about a ratio of 1/100 or so".

@Lystrialle Incredible. Thanks for sharing. This is truly a message for the world.

I die a bit, inside, each time I get excited by new music, only to learn that listening to it involves dealing with Spotify, or one of the two or three mega behemoths that must consume ALL THE CREATIVES. 😑

@Lystrialle wow you get that much from them? I’ve never gotten a meaningful payout from streaming services at all.

@Lystrialle The streaming royalties are miserable (legalized piracy), but also the Bandcamp community is much more committed to *buy* and support music.
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I love it when artists not only release their work DRM-free but also choose free culture licenses

@amolith I started getting into music making because of cover and remix culture and myself know it's not like such things are easy to do, so it'd be wrong if I didn't promote it myself!

@Lystrialle Listening on spotify is legal, and that about the best thing that can be said for it.

@LovesTha @Lystrialle the biggest reason I keep going back to Spotify over Bandcamp is that... the artists I want to listen to are not on Bandcamp.

The Stupendium.
Bob Seger.
Nigel Stanford.

The list goes on.

So when people tell me "oh, you really need to use Bandcamp instead of Spotify", I hear "oh, you really need to stop listening to the music you already enjoy and find entirely new music"

@agmlego @Lystrialle Not having all the bands I wanted to listen to kept me off spotify for the longest time.

Now I've set up decent streaming of my personal collection I'm back off it.

Listening to what you want is clearly the most important bit.

@agmlego @LovesTha I think the artists in question are likely to appreciate supporting them over nothing! It's just that streaming culture has led a lot of people to underestimate how poorly streaming payouts are, so there are genuine cases of people not realizing how much worse of an option it is even when both options are provided.

@LovesTha @be Well, that and also I'll definitely take 0.01 cents over 0 cents (it's just that $1 beats out both).

@matt @Lystrialle looks like the system Deezer is pushing for years (but majors don’t like it cause it’s less cash for them and more for indie artists)

@Lystrialle does Spotify let artists put links to Bandcamp in their bio? I go to Spotify by default but if I like the artist, I check their bio, and definitely would buy directly from Bandcamp if I know it's there.

So far, I've only had the trifecta once of hearing a street performance, finding the artists on Spotify, then realizing when browsing Bandcamp that they're there too:


@Lystrialle in 2 years, with 5 EPs on streaming services i have made $4.52

Literally a single purchase on bandcamp makes more than streaming services. Royalty collection hasnt even been monetarily worth the time or spoons for me to set up.

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