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If you're planning to deliver a large number of packages at once, please do generate a SCAN form. You will be happier. The postal worker at the desk will also be happier.

I don't think "mastery" should be quantified by how closer you are to the technical ideal or polish, but rather, how much more capable you are of showing off the nuances and subtleties you want to show, via better control of what you do and don't do...

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To be honest, I like my art a little imperfect. Rough lines and the missed spot in coloring. Where you can see what was emphasized and prioritized because other things were not. If you can't see those things, it loses a bit of individuality and humanity, I feel...

I see discussion about "show not tell" as a literary principle, and I think a better distinction needs to be drawn between "write *everything* in excruciating detail" versus "scenes meant to be emotionally moving may not hit as hard if you just bluntly say it happened"

Every year I think I should do something for April Fool's, but by the time I remember it's coming it's too late to prepare anything significant, so in the end, the fool is always me 😅

Let's move away from "sounds like/looks like X's style" (implies being a bootleg or ripoff) and start using "from the X school of thought" (acknowledges potential inspiration while also framing it as taking what worked and applying it)

I feel bad that lately I've gotten so fixated on arrangement style that sometimes people say two songs are similar, and I go "huh? how? they sound totally different?" only to realize they meant lyrically...

(I identify as a lyricist as one of my primary skillsets myself, so this is just shameful in all directions for me to neglect)

A lot of people tend to look down on quickly-made and less intricate art by treating it like it's "stripped down" or such, but I can tell you, as a project manager, in practice, "being able to work quickly" is an extremely valuable skill...

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Every time a certain person is called the "creator" of Nyan Cat and daniwell and/or MomoMomoP aren't given the credit they deserve, you're required to pay money to daniwell's Bandcamp.

I really don't think a "longer" work is necessarily better if you're capable of getting your core point out in a much shorter fashion. It's true that a longer work has more content, but it's not much of a help if you're padding it out compared to something more to the point.
Personally, I think some of my shortest pieces are arguably more cohesive and well-rounded than some of my longer ones (but I think this principle is for all genres, not just music).

"Am I advocating for people to make shrines to their favorite characters in 2021"

Yes, actually.
(Just don't go stealing art)

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If HTML doesn't play well with you, WordPress and Wix are still more than serviceable and very fun to customize as your own space (I just happen to be a bit more on the HTML tinkering side). Like, "this is MY place!!" It's quite the power trip, I tell you.

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Personal websites (especially for portfolio) are really fun to make and I highly recommend making them even if only as proof as "something was there" instead of drowning in the ocean of social media. I'm still dying to find a context to use NeoCities in...

If you want "art that only you own", instead of wasting so much money and energy consumption, why don't you just...

...I don't know, buy a book or something?

The real take-home is that when they say "this should be a passion project everyone wants to be on!" that should mean "your job as a lead is to *make* it a fun project everyone wants to be on" and not "attempt to force everyone to somehow become 'passionate' out of thin air"

In the end, it's one tiny incident in the vast realm of many things that happened in my life, but I haven't forgotten that somehow just because of the absurdity of the whole thing.

"Or something."

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casual racism 

He kind of nods, and then there's this long pause.

Then (this happened in mid-February):

"Oh right, happy New Year in like...Vietnam or something?"

I (who, by the way, happen to be Korean-American) am just kinda standing there not sure how to respond to this, because there's So Much to Unpack here. Like, I don't even know where to *begin*.

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casual racism 

Anyway, on my way back I pass by this guy's garage. Guy's fixing his pickup truck sticking out halfway out of said garage (not a very common sight in Santa Monica), turns to look at me, and says hi.

"Is that some kinda Asian hot sauce or something?"

(The Italian market, which is very famous, is two blocks from here.)

I'm not really used to talking to strangers in general, so I just go "Uh, not really..." and explain it's from that market.

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A story I like to tell every so often apropos of nothing:

Several years back, I was in Santa Monica, had just visited a certain Italian market to buy a tub of meatballs (if you know Santa Monica, you probably know which market this is), and was walking on the street with it.

You get 6 large meatballs in a clear tub, and they fill the rest of the tub with tomato sauce, so when you carry it you can't really see the meatballs in it, just a bunch of red sauce filled up to the brim.

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