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For the longest time I was wondering why having particularly network-intensive processes led to problems with opening my DAW, sometimes even having it crash...

Answer: It was the iLok cloud dongle. 😒

No, you don't get it, there's a HUGE difference in moving the volume slider down that 0.1 dB, I swear,

Wondering if I should put another song on hold and start from scratch again. Normally I really do hate stopping things midway, but right now I think I'm too intimidated by working on something more experimental like this, which makes me demotivated to work on it at all...At this rate, nothing will go forward, and it's better to at least be doing something at all than to force myself 💦

Ah, don't you love electronics shopping, where 80% of the reviews are "worked fine" and 20% are "it exploded in my face and shorted out everything I own"

In 2014 I convinced myself that since I'm just a "hobby" composer, I have no good justification for getting a hard drive larger than 1 TB. Today, I'm looking at my list of VSTs and my current hard drive allotment and feeling a bit irritated at my past self...

I'm absolutely torn apart saying this, but:

1) my desktop computer has stopped booting
2) my audio interface has also stopped working

so I will be out of commission music-wise for at least a week now OTL;;

The audio interface is easily replaceable, but the desktop computer issue not so much. All the data is salvageable since it's on a separate hard drive, but I have no idea how to diagnose this issue or how long it'll take. I'm so sorry about all projects this may impact.

I think this will be the last thing I can import from Japan for a while due to the post route shutdown 😢 But hey, hopefully it'll be fun!

it's too hot it's too hot it's too hot it's too hot it's too hot it's

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All the VSTs are on sale...Help............

This month I am finally -- *finally* going back to working on solo music. It's been way too long and at this rate it really is going to become a year since I last made a full-on solo song >>;; It's not that I don't enjoy working on collaborative stuff, and one look at my portfolio indicates I've been active as ever the entire last year, but I really just miss the feeling of doing something For Myself By Myself, you know?

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Our PV for the English version:

And this isn't the end, there's still more! Look forward to videos for the Spanish and Chinese versions!
We're also working to produce lyrics in more languages, and more official versions (if you're interested in translating or producing one, please contact us!) #ProjectSkylight

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Presenting "Skylight", a collaborative single project created to raise proceeds for the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
Check out the song in English, Spanish, and Chinese! #ProjectSkylight

We've posted singable lyrics in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, and resources to make your own cover or remix!

We hope people around the world will be able to make this song theirs in their own way.

My goal this year was to make a new single/mini-album (depending on how it'd pan out), and I was planning on doing another limited-edition physical print, but right now making physical prints seems very inadvisable...

But I also don't want to put the single on hold just because of that, so I may just have to accept that this one's going to be digital-only and "skip" it in terms of planned physical prints. Ah, it hurts, but what can you do...

It took me a while to finally get to it, but I finished this game yesterday!

With genuinely no exaggeration at all, I think this has become my favorite Atlus game of all time now.

I'm floored by the combo of incredibly fun gameplay and fun story with good characters and genuine, good-hearted positivity.

(Also, the previous title-holder of favorite Atlus game was Radiant Historia, which shares a director with this, so this probably isn't surprising.)

Anyway, I'm not complaining about myself (I'm grateful that I still get to work right now), as much as I think people need to be kinder towards those who have to maladaptively shift to work from home, and understand that it really does often make everything worse.

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Imagine every single thing you do comes with 2 extra seconds of lag, the uncertainty of whether your (or their!) Internet connection is behaving today, nothing fits on your monitor, and every inquiry you have for your co-worker has at least an hour delay from email.

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I really wish that people who aren't working from home currently would cut out the idea that this is some utopian thing where you're the master of your own schedule, because depending on how well your workflow process adapts to it it can actually be another layer of hell.

Without fail, your greatest music ideas will always come
-In the shower
-Right as you're falling asleep
-While you're extremely occupied

And never
-During a time you're lucid and able to access your phone so you can record it

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