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I'll be using a Mastodon/Twitter crossposter regularly, and because the majority of stuff will come from the Twitter end it may cause some odd formatting issues and other irregularities, I apologize for the inconvenience! However, I'll be monitoring both timelines regularly, so please feel free to chat anytime ☆

But I think my music and lyrics are generally about what they seem to be about. If you don't read what I write as romantic, that's fine, and if you *do* read it as romantic, that's fine too. I mainly write about personal relationships, and that can mean a lot of things.

So it's kind of like, if I made a romantic song with MEIKO and KAITO as my usual standbys, is that a "kaimei song", I don't know? I think it's a valid interpretation if that's what it means to you, but for me it's "a romantic song with MEIKO and KAITO in it", if that makes sense

And even if I *did* make a song that were explicitly romantic, just because I use two Vocaloid characters in one doesn't necessarily mean I want to do so in order to favor the ship, it's more I felt the two picked were suitable for the story in the song, you know?

In other words, I don't consider my work as having explicit intent to promote a ship, or conversely *not* a ship. I like writing songs that are more about "relationships" than "romance", and I think you could reasonably construe my work as romantic or platonic, however you like.

I encourage you to interpret my work in a way that befits you, but as for what I'm personally going for, what I make is situational depending on my personal taste in making things, what I prefer to use, what I think would fit the image or what would sound good, etc.

To be clear: this has nothing to do with my own personal preferences and stances on shipping or specific ships or what I personally enjoy, and it also has nothing to do with whether people choose to interpret my work in a way that fits a shipping preference

I've been kind of hesitant to say it publicly for the last few years due to worrying about how it'll be taken, but I think I'm confident enough to say it straight out now, so:

I don't consider myself as someone who writes "shipping" songs.

Fun fact: "lystrialle" may* be the word for flower in my conlang

*it's not

My work being associated with stars, that was totally intentional. With flowers...not so much, but it kind of happened and I'm still debating whether to just go along with it or to lean even harder on it...

It's taken me a very long time to unlearn a lot of the toxic ideas I gained over years of being in the illustration/art world.

We need to celebrate being "bad" at something, but doing it anyway, for the joy of it.

We need to celebrate singing at the top of your voice without caring what other people think.

There's nothing wrong with striving to be the best at something! But it's okay to just *do* things without measuring up. Enjoy what you do! Whether you do it for 40 hours a week or 10 mins

Despite synth drums really not being my forte, I'm at my third composition in a row using them...I still don't have any expectations of using them regularly, but I guess experimentation is good 😅

By online-based singing synthesis software I assume we mean this, right?

Somehow this also applies to Los Angeles as a whole as well. The number of actual producers is much lower than the number of passionate fans down here in Southern California would suggest...

I don't have any data to support this, but while there is a *massive* hardcore Vocaloid fanbase on the West Coast ( got one of her largest audiences in San Diego), most of the producers I know seem to be on the entire eastern half of the US 💦💦💦

We're going to put out something very very important tomorrow. In the short term it's not much but I hope it'll be the start of something very cool. Stay tuned 😎

Even on days when you didn't do any actual creative work, every day you look at things you like and appreciate what you like about it is a day you gain valuable study.

I have a lot of things I need to get done by December, but a certain intimidating threat to my productivity will be arriving on November 15...💦

In Japanese "crossfade" is wasei eigo referring to an album preview that shows small snippets of each song (regardless of whether they actually crossfade or not), but I get the feeling that's not much used in Western circles...but that begs the question, what IS the English word?

I'm thinking of going to MAGFest and/or KatsuCon next year (neither of which I've ever been to). Anyone else here planning to be there?

So on a personal level, the core members of Myriad are my friends; on a creative level, Myriad makes works that reside at the intersection of our styles; and on a greater scale, Myriad's goal is to help bring together creators from around the world. Not bad, right?

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