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Deleting your whole project file after working hours on it because you realized you were unconsciously plagiarizing someone else's song you were accidentally remembering so now the entire file is unusable 😭

I eye that "add your music to YouTube Content ID" option thinking "after all the grief you caused me and my peers you think I'm going to *want* that?!"

The fact rich folks appropriated "money doesn't buy happiness" to tell people without money to stop complaining is so ironic to me. To me, that statement was supposed to be about not judging everything in terms of how meaninglessly rich it makes you.

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Maybe I care too much about making it accessible, because I wouldn't be here if others hadn't made art accessible for me. Or maybe I just like the concept of fun. Maybe I *have* more fun making certain things when marketability or profits aren't something I need to think about. Money is necessary to keep food on the table, but there are also some things money will never get you.

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Of course I think art should be valued. I take commissions, and I definitely appreciate people supporting me financially because maintaining this hobby is expensive. But I can't get behind any idea that implies you're "not doing it right" if you're not doing it for money. I try to run projects at break-even costs and put things out for free and people ask me why I'm "wasting opportunities" for profit.

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I'm not saying everyone should and can do the same, but I make creative things as a hobby and refuse to have it as a career because I'm the kind of person who will absolutely start hating it if I'm doing it with money as a priority.

New Year's resolution: Actually put more things on Bandcamp. For once.

Something about being Korean-American and learning that (given Japanese thing) and (Korean thing you grew up with) were actually the same thing the whole time, like "maesil" and "ume" being the same thing, or "yuja" and "yuzu". I'm in my twenties.

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I'm a Vocaloid producer who only makes music with appropriate equipment.

I use Atelier music as my reference for music making and its soundtrack is directly tied to my motivation for making music myself, so while Ryza 1 and 2's orchestra soundtracks weren't *bad* I was struggling with the genre moving away from my familiarity zone 😅 Bit selfishly so.

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There are a lot of reasons I'm really happy to hear Sophie 2 going back to the baseline modern Atelier aesthetic for its soundtrack, but probably the weirdest/most shallow one is that it uses patches I myself use so I enjoy that sense of familiarity...

Anyone have recommendations for a somewhat *comfortable* desk chair I can sit in long-term? Doesn't have to be full-on Gamer Chair™, but I want my back and neck to not die.

I swear, my website just gets slower and slower in the back-end every time...

Does anyone know if there's a good recommended Audacity fork?

By "less" I also mean something along the lines of "about a ratio of 1/100 or so".

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I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

I think any video game that has alternate versions of events should give you the option to replay those events and see the other outcome once you've cleared the game. What do you think

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