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Of course, if they know one of my friends it helps, but only really because it means someone I trust can vouch for them. Ultimately, it's about confidence and respect, and if I can't be sure the person has faith in their own project, I'm not sure if I can have faith in it myself...

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Having confidence in your own project goes a long way. When someone comes to me with a proposal, I don't look at their popularity number counts at all, but I size up whether I'll be treated with respect on the project and whether the person seems like they have a work ethic that works well with me.

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People trying to get their foot in the door often think the best way to get "connections" is to find the most popular person on a totem pole who'll give them the time of day, but honestly, if there's someone you want to work with, it's much more effective to make a solid portfolio with the best skills you can offer, and then present yourself to your prospective work partner with the confidence of someone who's been working for decades (even if you haven't).

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I want people to understand that me giving preference to "friends" with project proposals is less so "because they're friends" and more because I know their work ethic and because their ideas often are in line with what I like anyway.

Sometimes I have to turn down friend proposals, too. Conversely, I can and will accept projects from complete strangers if I can tell they have a solid portfolio, confidence in their project, a clear project plan, and a project I inherently like the idea of.

Look, it's not April 1 until tomorrow in California ;_; I call foul, you can't prank me when I'm off my guard like this

If I ever became super rich, one thing I would really like to do would be to make a pop-up cafe with video game-themed live music and drinks/snacks. The main special would be coffee (which is either hot or iced, but we're not telling you which).

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The latter I might have been more lenient about (Catalina is quite the troublemaker) if it weren't the second time. Thank God I don't use a Mac for my own personal computer.

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When I got my current one, my last one had gotten driver-obsolete, but I cut them slack because it was 10 years old by then. But after hearing about all the datamining that's been going on with their drivers, plus the fact that now they've got no problem permanently letting a tablet only 5 years old become completely unusable on Mac Catalina...

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All right, this is really the end. I'm going to use this tablet to the end of its lifespan, and then I am never buying from Wacom again. I gave them a chance the first time when I bought my current one, but at this point, once bitten, twice shy.

I've already mentioned multiple times how silly I think DAW wars are, but really...every so often someone asks me if I recommend Cubase and the answer is, a lot of the time, no! I personally think Cubase is best for *me*, but what works for each person is different...

Every single English speaker who goes onto a video and throws a fit about there being no English subtitles is now required to translate everything they say into Chinese and Spanish. Two most spoken languages in the world! You said you wanted accessibility! Get to it! 👏👏

My God, today was my first time using Cubase's chord track and I'm not sure how I managed to last this long without it.

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I remixed @ Circus's "Monochrome" for his upcoming album "Spectrum" (track 12). Super great getting to do it, thank you!
Check the album out when it releases later this month ✌️

And as much as I could just rewrite the lyrics, it would not be the first time I've waited on something, and I feel the product will be better for it. (Fragrance actually went a whole year and a half or so between initial conception and me fully working on it, due to me not feeling capable of making the project as I had originally conceived it. I feel like the same applies here.)

I'll be sure to come back to it eventually. Sorry if anyone was anticipating me finally using the twins 💦

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After putting some thought into this, I've decided to put this song on hold. People who have been following me and Patreon folks might know this as the prospective Rin and Len song I've been alluding to

It's s a shame as I was really looking forward to this one in particular -- it was meant to be my first Rin and Len song, and also a style experiment (it was a bit more French inspired than my usual). is just not the right time.

The problem with 1 is that the lyrics I was writing were kind of integral to the whole concept of the song and I'd have to upend it and try to shift around parts to make it work.

The problem with 2 is that I'm not sure I *want* myself to go back to being that negative >>;;

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So the fact I don't really feel capable of mustering up the negativity that fueled the initial reason for making the song in the first place is probably a good thing!...But now I have a concept and composition and melody and no idea what to do with it.

I kind of don't want to waste it, so my options are either

1) Salvage as much as possible and try to write completely different lyrics


2) Keep it on the backburner until I'm back in the frame of mind to go forward with the original plan

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So I've got a bit of a dilemma here.

In around October to November last year I started working on a song with a fairly intricate and detailed concept, and I was very fond of it and looking forward to finishing it...

Well, it took a while for me to make progress on it, this and that happened, and, of the last two(?) months or so I just don't think I'm in the right mindset to keep writing these lyrics.

There's, uh...a lot of spite in them, to put it simply >>;;

Hey! If anyone has any recommendations for musical artists with music good for having in the background while you tasks like cleaning, please send me (preferably an official playlist of) their work! (vocalsynth, not vocalsynth, any genre or language)

By the way, the one disqualified answer is sakanaction, for the reason that I've been using their work for *exactly this* for maybe a whole week and need a change of pace 🤣

(Great band though, would recommend)

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