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I think a big reason people with "mainstream interests" are sometimes obnoxious is that they take for granted everyone should like it and get pretentious. As frustrating as it is to have an unpopular interest, I think everyone should have at least one. Teaches you humility.

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I wrote the lyrics for Muufe(むっちゃん)'s song "Within". Please check it out!

I've decided that I can't do anything without deadlines, so the solution is to give myself more deadlines.

Song length is kind of like word count in prose. There's often this ongoing fallacy that longer = better, but sometimes you're better off cutting things and tightening it up when it gets your point across easier...and sometimes that's actually a bigger challenge.

Secret: If you're having trouble with something seriously spicy, milk (of any kind) is better than water for quick recovery.

I've always regularly been getting my vaccines, but I was especially diligent about upkeep after that because of how bad that experience was. *That* I would not wish on anyone, and it especially hurts to see potentially worse to others right now.

Please take health warnings seriously. Please take everything about this, from the pandemic itself to the vaccine to mask guidance, seriously. You don't have to live every day terrified, you just need to have due diligence. Thanks.

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I don't tell this story often, but I got the swine flu in 2009. It was awful. There were moments I felt like I might die, or even if I didn't, my lungs would be damaged permanently. I was studying for university entrance at the time, so it wasn't a comfortable time in my life.

It sure has been a stressful week (how is it still only Wednesday) so at least I got some nice stuff in the mail...

This is actually double dipping, I wanted to support the localizations of both so I have them too! In the case of Great Ace Attorney, I wanted to have easy access to Japanese text for localization study purposes. In the case of Kyousougiga
...I just like the series.

Music producer question! When you're working with someone else on a song, who usually names the song, the composer, the lyricist, or someone else?

Even on my part, I try to account for what I expect YouTube will do to my render (SoundCloud was even worse, back when I used it), but please know that the MP3s are what was actually intended to come out of my DAW.

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Other than the abysmally poor payouts from streaming, another reason I really ask people to support indie musicians by buying their albums directly is that streaming services apply their own compression algorithms, and ruin a lot of really hard work put into the master.

I had to schedule something for tomorrow, so instead of looking at the current date and adding one day, I checked the calendar for last Saturday and added a week. So, uh, how's your day been?

(I'm not talking about vocoder effects and stuff, I've heard stuff with heavy effects that still maintain vocalist expression to much higher degrees than things that try to seem like they don't have effects but smash out the pitch and volume inflections...)

Especially for me as a Vocaloid producer. I actively work to *inject* and recreate that aura of expression, and here you are just casually taking that out?!

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Considering I'm a DTMer, I try to be lenient about post-production discourse, but I think we can all agree that overtuning and overprocessing vocals does a disservice to your vocalist...

But if the expectation is that everyone's going to have a specific kind of high-fidelity hardware, the pressure for me to hit a specific, precise standard increases, and I have to spend much more time tweaking it to fine, precise detail...

I think about this a lot, I guess.

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If I'm making music, and I expect that people listening to it will be listening on headphones and speakers of vastly different quality, I'll test on a handful, but I ultimately have to stop at a point where my mix/master is "good enough" for the majority of cases.

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But nowadays the norm is to have screens that reflect things down to the pixel with perfect clarity, which means creators now have to expect that everyone's going to see those precise little things a very specific way, and has high pressure to meet being so precise.

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