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I swear to God, once I finish this song I'm just gonna play video games for a week and not even touch the DAW

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There! Creative persona and casual persona.

...Huh? "Real life"?

What's that? 😃

Picrewの「あの子がこっちを見ている」でつくったよ! #Picrew #あの子がこっちを見ている

A handy guide for making Korean-style steamed eggs

1. 3 eggs in microwave safe bowl
2. Add a tiny bit of oil*, salt, and whatever other things you want (green onion, etc.)
3. One inch of water above egg
4. Mix thoroughly
5. Microwave 5 minutes

*Sesame preferred, but any is OK

Very short and low-effort to make, so great for days when you're in a hurry, need a Depression Meal™️, or just are feeling lazy. 👍

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new music!

the album is still on the way, but in the meantime here's an EP featuring one of the songs from it, plus five instrumentals at various stages of completion which i'm putting down for now to work on other projects

it's name your price (so is my old album now) so grab a free download if you fancy

What do you mean there's a Nexus THREE now

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i feel very compelled to share this non-vocaloid song right now as i think it's still one of my own high points the past two years

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Sorry that it's late, but here is Logy dressed in one of his earliest prototype outfit designs. As things go, this is a part of my ongoing project.

I chose this one because I wanted him to match a bit with my earlier drawing of Escha. ^^

I have a few more artworks that I want to do that's derived from the Dusk series.. but I should branch out to other trilogies eventually..

#kariavalonart #AtelierSeries #MastoArt

...I...personally liked the originals more, though.
I dunno, it's partially bias because of the style (I like experimental indie rock a little more than mainstream Korean rock ballad), but also, even though their originals were rougher around the edges, there was an earnest rawness to it, you know?

But ah, I love bands so much. Especially indie ones. They have so much energy and life on stage.
Also, as much as I adore English for lyric writing, Korean lyrics really, *really* go raw as all hell.

This band is an indie band that got very popular when its vocalist, Ha Hyun-woo, broke records on the Korean singing contest TV show 복면가왕 (a show that would be "remade" in the US as "Masked Singer", which I have a lot of Opinions about, but that's besides the point)

Since that show revolves around cover songs, they had a lot of those covers here mixed in with the band's originals, you might expect the crowd went much more wild for the covers than the band's songs.

We're at a concert for a certain Korean indie rock band 🎶
They're really cool, you should check them out!

I bought a game I've been wanting to play for a long time (ah, but my backlog is already this long...

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if anyone is interested... the instrumental is free if you don't care to buy the single but still like the song.

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"wishing well" is the first single off my upcoming album, "specters"- an album about my fears, big and small.

"wishing well" is about a fear of lovelessness; of being alone.

You can listen to the full thing here:

Or buy it here:

#vocaloid #vocaoriginal #vocaloidoriginal #avanna #mastomusic #fedimusic #specters

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Okay, here we go! Today's deal is $30 for a 30 sec to 1 minute long instrumental. Taking 3 slots. Here's my samples...

Please feel free to DM if interested! If you want to do more with the song (prepare it for UTAU/Vocaloid use, for example), let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks guys!

I'd probably be too embarrassed to even be talking about it if it weren't for the fact that it's pretty apparent when you listen to it, too. I'm...amazed that either nobody noticed, or nobody told me. >>;;

I've done a lot of really embarrassing things as a musician, and maybe you can argue it was all part of the learning process. I was an amateur and of course I was going to make mistakes. That's all fair.

But, I must say...

"I didn't realize Cubase sets its group tracks to mono by default and therefore all my intended-as-stereo mixes, for the last three years since I started using it, up to and including my own first full album, have been exported in mono"

...probably tops the list.

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