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Even on my part, I try to account for what I expect YouTube will do to my render (SoundCloud was even worse, back when I used it), but please know that the MP3s are what was actually intended to come out of my DAW.

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Other than the abysmally poor payouts from streaming, another reason I really ask people to support indie musicians by buying their albums directly is that streaming services apply their own compression algorithms, and ruin a lot of really hard work put into the master.

I had to schedule something for tomorrow, so instead of looking at the current date and adding one day, I checked the calendar for last Saturday and added a week. So, uh, how's your day been?

(I'm not talking about vocoder effects and stuff, I've heard stuff with heavy effects that still maintain vocalist expression to much higher degrees than things that try to seem like they don't have effects but smash out the pitch and volume inflections...)

Especially for me as a Vocaloid producer. I actively work to *inject* and recreate that aura of expression, and here you are just casually taking that out?!

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Considering I'm a DTMer, I try to be lenient about post-production discourse, but I think we can all agree that overtuning and overprocessing vocals does a disservice to your vocalist...

But if the expectation is that everyone's going to have a specific kind of high-fidelity hardware, the pressure for me to hit a specific, precise standard increases, and I have to spend much more time tweaking it to fine, precise detail...

I think about this a lot, I guess.

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If I'm making music, and I expect that people listening to it will be listening on headphones and speakers of vastly different quality, I'll test on a handful, but I ultimately have to stop at a point where my mix/master is "good enough" for the majority of cases.

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But nowadays the norm is to have screens that reflect things down to the pixel with perfect clarity, which means creators now have to expect that everyone's going to see those precise little things a very specific way, and has high pressure to meet being so precise.

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What I mean by this: Back in the day, CRT screens were the norm, but everyone had *such* a different CRT screen that you couldn't guarantee the precise output. Ideally you'd test it on multiple screens for variety, but you had to stop refining it at "looks good enough for most".

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I've been thinking about this lately, but I've been wondering if the advent of HD screens and high-fidelity hardware has led to a net increase in stress on creators' parts that they now have pressure to make their work to a very overly precise, "perfect" standard.

It's a rainy day and I suddenly got sudden song melody inspiration after a year of having struggled with that. Is there a correlation...?

This is a very strange hill to die on, but there's a difference between "macaron" and "macaroon" and things not drawing the correct difference frustrate me a lot...

When the protective film on the screen is bound so tightly to it that you're starting to doubt whether this is actually protective film or whether you're poking at the screen itself 💦

The idea of a "finished" creative work is honestly kind of a lie. More accurately, it's the point you realize tweaking tiny details again (and again, and again, and again) will get you nowhere.

Deadlines exist specifically to force you to give it up and put an end to it.

Ever since I got into making music, a medium where I'm now accustomed to conveying things in 4-minute pieces, I have never been able to like the idea of me personally doing a long story ever again. It's intimidating...

There's a huge difference between "free" and "not free", but if you're going as far as paying money, I really do think a WP installation is the best way to go for anything more complex than static pages. It's really the best balance between minimal coding and high customization.

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I started using a WordPress installation in something like 2014 and it's been that way since. I do still type all of the translated versions manually (it's not machine translate). It probably still sounds very clunky, but it's good practice 💦

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About my website: It's been in three languages since the day I set it up (although my language skills left much to be desired), but I didn't have a translator plugin, I literally built three versions of the site and manually had every page link to the other versions.

I still haven't given up on making a Neocities site at some point, I just still haven't found a time and proper situation for it yet...

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