Earlier this year I made some basic tests and "research" on more and to : , , , , and maybe some more.

I put together a very basic guide, based on all of that, with the intention of publishing it somewhere, anonymously. I never did, though.

If anyone thinks this could still be useful, I'd be happy to share, or pass the info along, so to speak. At the moment I'm not able to host or publish anything on my own, though.

@hider it'd be useful to me, and probably many others tbqh. could you consider posting as a pastebin or something at least?

@redoak I, too, have a feeling it might be. And I considered using Etherpad, but it didn't feel quite right. I think the ideal thing would be to make it very simple and accessible, and at the same time easy to update/revise.

Bit too tired to make any decisions right now. But I can say one thing, at least: was my recommendation then, and it still is.

@hider If you'd like, I could post it on my blog if that'd be helpful, with full attribution of course! I think a guide like that would be super useful. Let me know.

@greyor You're so kind, thank you 🍊 It would be great if you would like to put it on your blog. Attribution isn't so much of an issue, I think, the important thing is to share it all and for people to be able to share it themselves, as well as revise it.

Anyway, maybe we could talk specifics in a DM?

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