In your opinion, which physical medium (without packaging) is the most ecological for publishing music? 🎶

write in the comments other options you think are eco but will still preserve good audio (for example turntable records made of wood are not really acceptable)

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I think the _most_ ecological is the oldest: sheet music.

Sheet music can be 100% organic and biodegradable. Even the players are organic and biodegradable.

Since sheet music is always played live, _nothing_ sounds as good when you have a quality player.

While vinyl is niche, sheet music is even more niche, as even fewer people have quality players available.

@yam655 i get your point, but it's a bit archaic view that takes into account only music that can be performed by other musicians.. can't put most electronic music or noise experiments on sheet paper..

@yam655 i probably took your answer too seriously, apologies.


Well, I was half-serious. It's the solution that's best for the environment. It's just also highly impractical.

Everything else is a compromise.

CDs and cassettes both have recycling issues due to the plastics involved. If all four of those have similar issues, then recycling is less of an issue and reuse becomes more important.

USB thumb drives are super-duper reusable. They're also likely to last as long as most CDs with normal use, but they don't have the scratch issues.

@yam655 @luka well... I don't regard sheet music as the music itself. I see it more like a (potentially, because the exactness of notation varies greatly depending on the tradition and period) somewhat exact blueprint for a realization of the piece.
Also, IMHO music notation is like an organically-grown markup language, but people have been piling on additions to the original system for centuries. It works for most things, but it can get kinda hacky and complicated.


I think I mostly agree with you. Sheet music can be a mess.


We're not quite there yet, but when one of the goals for the color 2D barcode "JAB code" is to store images of people on passports and legal documents, we may well be heading toward an era where paper will work for sharing digital audio files.

Personally, I really want something that can be posted to walls, and scanned by my phone and played. (Without surveillance, so offline.)

@yam655 @luka, sheet music on rag paper would make it pretty durable too! :)

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