"Your Sexuality does Not Define You..." 

Except that it does!
Especially if your Sexuality/Gender is not accepted by your societal norms.

Your struggle to live your life outside those predefined boundaries is real and challenging! People who use these aspects to help define their identity are Valid as Fuck! It needn't be your whole identity, but it's certainly part of it.

Cis-Hets who claim it doesn't matter fail to understand the work and stress you've undergone to exist as you do now!


"Your Sexuality does Not Define You..." 


If fewer cis-het men were defined by their sexuality, fewer would be annoying AF.

If someone thinks an LGBT+ person existing is in the same class as a cis-het rando dickpic, the issue isn't about sexuality/gender being a part of self-identity, it's really just that they're a bigot.

But, when someone mentions LGBT+ people existing and does _not_ mention cis-het men who define themselves with their sexuality? It's bigotry and poorly rationalized.

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