There's a culture of negativity forming on the fediverse, similar to other platforms. The instinct is to call attention to it and critique it, but that itself is just creating more negativity

I think a better tactic is to make a conscious effort to create and spread more positive content, even simple stuff like the plants you're growing or the meal you're having

And on that note, let me show you the boys!

These are better boy tomato plants which we direct sowed about a month ago, and they've been doing so well!

There's a fourth in the same row as the one in the second picture, but he's a little behind, I think because he was planted too close to the basil and had to compete for space. I won't post him just in case it'd embarrass him

And yes, we regularly refer to them as "the boys," collectively. It's my favorite



You've got some beautiful boys there!

💚 🍅 💛 🍅 ❤️ 🍅 🍅 🍅

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