I'm willing to trade my left kidney for a half hour of Focus™. serious inquiries only



It turns out that "multitasking" breaks the brain's ability to focus on a single task long enough to get anything accomplished.

Have you heard of the "Pomodoro Method"? It's a method to practice focus. You set a timer and focus on one thing for 20-25 minutes at a time.

If you have internal interruptions, you note them (to deal with later) and return to the work. With practice folks have fewer internal internal interruptions while working.

Breaks are also required.

@yam655 yes I'm familiar with , and have used, that method. I don't often tho, just because Getting Started is the biggest commitment in my brain and it takes absurd willpower to start the timer. 😅


I totally understand that.

For me, schedules help.

The first day is tough, but since I'm always doing it at the same time, the following day is easier. I only need to get started once.

I feel success when I can do four 20 minute pomodoros with 10 minute breaks between. That's a solid 2 hours of work.

My day-job is a success if I can do this.

My hobbies are a success if I can do this.

People give themselves unrealistic goals. Small but daily goals will get you there.

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