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Where can you find me:

All the same content.
- Web:
- Gopher: gopher://
- Gemini: gemini://

- @yam655 : music-related stuff
- @yam655 : general



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If you follow me and have no meaningful public posts and no meaningful bio or pinned posts, I will believe you to be a creeper and block you.

Plenty of creepers get annoyed when folks acknowledge that they are creepers. Getting annoyed that people see you for what you are just proves my point.

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Hey you! (Open for love.) 

You are beautiful and deserving of love.


Right now.

The way you are.

I hope your day (or night 😉) is full of love and gentleness.

💚 🧡 ❤️ 💙 💜

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98.css – design system for building faithful recreations of Windows 98 UIs

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i enjoy how often people ask me for my advice and then recoil when the answer is, "Talk to people."

turns out extroverts are useful after all.

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uspol, anarchist pol 

*taps mic*

- $2000/month, tax-free, up to the income cap
- free distance learning
- free telemedicine
- free rent
- no price-gouging on essentials
- actual worker safety
- masks suggested, if it's not an additional hazard. everybody working in essential services has access to them. (calling out "jim the conservative" for not wearing one on the job, good, good)
- stop forcing people to work if they're sick
- ritual shaming of jeff bezos and other assholes

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And if you like my writing, you'll love giving me money to keep doing that writing

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actually it's only a city if it has a robust public transit infrastructure that allows you to get to any point in the city without using a car. otherwise it's a sparkling suburb

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asking for help, :boosts_ok_gay: 

Hey yall, I just got paid for my training hours and I'm $150 short on being able to keep the rental van I'm living in and if I dont pay that today I have to return it tomorrow.

The short work week on top of the payday advances that I cant seem to get out from under has me stressing big time, so if anybody can spare a buck or anything itd be much appreciated :ms_sparkling_heart: #TransCrowdFund

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Hi my name is Kirk. He/Him is fine.

I'm a generally chill person who loves to nerd-out of many things. Some of my biggest interests right now are:

-Music (making, listening, discussing, gear)
-Auto Racing
-PC Gaming (CK2, EU4, Fallout, Mass Effect, etc.)
-Sci-fi (various kinds)

Hoping to connect with other musicians for creative purposes. Or any other cool people.

#music #guitars #racing #sci-fi

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There are liberals out there who think that the A in LGBTQIA+ stands for "ally."

body processes and fluids 

I've written a lot of poop-related songs. I've never written a menstruation-related song before.

Until now.

"I don't menstruate (but some men do)"

There's not many contexts that I can talk about menstruation, but in my youth, I cleaned restrooms for a theme park. I know a little about restrooms, both the left and right sides.

I was introduced to this article -- -- about an easy-to-use method of using GPT-2, and now I've ~300 of my songs' lyrics running through the system.

I have an embarrassingly large pile of songs that need transcribed before they can join in the fun. Still, that's a large enough sample that it should be fun.

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me, seeing someone posting about something that abbrevates to fmab: ah, female male at birth

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impending homelessness, extreme poverty, abuse, boost for visibility 

Does anyone know of a place where we can live on $500/mo.?

That has to include everything. House, utilities, food, etc. because that's the extent of our budget. The only thing it doesn't need to include is healthcare since we have Medicare.

This place is turning out to be exactly like our old place, with the same abusive behavior being excused via the same gaslighting, so we're likely gonna have to find a new place soon.

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terrible neural net recipes 

Decided to see what would happen if I pitted neural net against neural net, asking the neural net GPT-2 to write recipes to go with a much simpler neural net's strange recipe titles

valiant attempt at "Crockpot Cold Water"

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As a biologist and neuroscientist, I do declare that Charles Murray understands neither field.

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As you might expect, it starts with going to a great little cantina.

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I'm seeing an alarming number of boys and young men entering our online spaces scared and confused because they might be pregnant. Due to testosterone stopping their menstrual cycle, they believed it was impossible for them to get pregnant — thus they were not as cautious and safe as they otherwise would have been while with their partner.

**If you have not had a hysterectomy, you can potentially get pregnant while on testosterone.**

There are trans men several years on T who will report abruptly having their cycle again after not having one for 1-3 years. It's possible. Improbable, but possible.

You need to continue practicing safe sex even while on T.

I think I only have one song about falling in love with a chupacabra.

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