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If you follow me and have no meaningful public posts and no meaningful bio or pinned posts, I will believe you to be a creeper and block you.

Plenty of creepers get annoyed when folks acknowledge that they are creepers. Getting annoyed that people see you for what you are just proves my point.

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Hey you! (Open for love.) 

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I used to be on That instance has been down long enough that I'm not sure that it is coming back up.

The last thing I did was request a copy of my data there. I did not have a chance to actually collect the data.

I guess that makes this my primary account now. I used a different user icon there, but I was still "yam655". I'm almost always "yam655."

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HEY! #Musicians and #Music people!

I have had an idea for a wacky project kicking around in my head for months and I want to try and bring it to life as part of my Film Preservation efforts.

I want to commission some new, original scores for silent films. There are a couple near the top of my list, and I have some faint feels about style, but I'm really just looking for musicians who think this is a neat idea and want to work with me to create something cool.

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Why did I call the my album "A.I.nktober Prompts"?

I took @janellecshane's 31 "A.I.nktober Prompts (Temperature 1.2)" which were neural net-generated Inktober prompts, and used them for song prompts.

This means I improvised 31 songs, of varying length, and even more varying quality.

What do you know, I did it!

It's pay-if-you-want. I didn't get started until I woke up, and I woke up ~13 hours ago, so I think it qualifies as an .

It's my usual lofi, improvised, folk acapella. There's some real nice songs, with the usual amount of death and vengeance mixed in.

I know it is last minute, but I've decided to do , or National Solo Album Month.

I have neither kids nor work tomorrow, so it'll also be an .

Yeah, I know, I've not won yet. It would be perfect day to write. But... I have Write-Ins scheduled for both Friday and Saturday, so I don't really need to...

I can't remember which song it was where there was a giant space tongue that went around licking people. There was no body or anything, and it didn't hurt anyone. It was one of those songs about mild annoyances.

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Trans culture is refusing to follow society's weird hatred of open physical contact. Hug your friends. Hug your roommates. Hug your family, unless they're assholes— in which case you have plenty of queer family to give hugs to instead. :blobhearttranscat:

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I offer Public Universal Friend, reborn genderless in 1776, as a counterpoint to people who think non-binary identities are a new thing.

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Youtube, Google, widespread account terminations 

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Crowdfunding for PhD admin fees 

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Even on days when you didn't do any actual creative work, every day you look at things you like and appreciate what you like about it is a day you gain valuable study.

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a cool person at demosplash told me about nes development and showed me her nes framework and now I wanna make an NES shark dating sim

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I'm trying to keep track of the mass migrations to Mastodon that have happened.

I think it started with:
- early adopters, programmers, FOSS people
- tons of peeps in Japan
- furry community moving off Twitter
- LGBTQ+ folks leaving twitter
- people who saw that polygon article (me) or heard about it when it started getting mentioned on hackernews
- comics/artists leaving twitter
- NSFW blogs leaving Tumblr
- sex workers
- and now, Indian politics Twitter users

Am I missing any big moments?

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here we go, i've finally actually posted something on bandcamp

this is my first album, a collection of instrumentals from my first few years of composing and producing by myself between 2016 and 2018

i called it anxiety because that felt like a common theme between the sounds so... be warned

it'll be up on streaming services soon enough too

new material is also *hopefully* on the way soon

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deleting all the selfies from my phone that prove i exist and just being left with the ones which make me look like a cryptid

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And as we've seen, white folks no matter what political side they profess, will come at you *hard* when you take away their privilege when it comes to accessing communities they are not a part of. In my experience, they revert pretty quickly to the same hateful posture of the people the are allegedly against.

Not behaving like a bigot really isn't a hard ask. Not being a random dickhead to people you don't know is a pretty low bar.

If we can't even meet there, everything else is irrelevant.

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money, feel free to help me/boost 

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For a little information on how this kind of carving is done without it all collapsing in on itself °

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c'mon, it's not the 90's anymore - you don't need to stick to web-safe genders

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