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Hey you! (Open for love.) 

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I used to be on That instance has been down long enough that I'm not sure that it is coming back up.

The last thing I did was request a copy of my data there. I did not have a chance to actually collect the data.

I guess that makes this my primary account now. I used a different user icon there, but I was still "yam655". I'm almost always "yam655."

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this is an excellent lens to understand why Becky Chambers's work is both hugely important and totally written off by men


when Men in Genre™ get really obsessive about writing things that are Dark because that’s the only way to write True and Interesting and Important stories it just reinforces that they’ve completely ignored foundational SFF works by women

listen to Grand Master Ursula le Guin:


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1994: \o/ only 4 weeks & my first linux worked!!
1996: awesome experimental stuff, I'll compile it all! new libc oh new kernel week!!
2000: I think tech career was a mistake I don't understand this java xml stuff
2010: god no not another web framework

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yeah so I ended up having to pay for my summer class out of pocket so I am even broker than broke right now. wish I could take more commissions to make some $ but I'm also.. just exhausted 😥

If you wanna check out my Ko-fi page or my #patreon , that'd be swell! Patrons get access to WIPs, HD downloads of illustrations, full-length videos, and other neato stuff like that! (tho I haven't had much content to share lately.) #mastoart #kofi #art


I guess in addition to dreaming I'm cismale or cisfemale, sometimes I dream I'm trans.

In the dream, I knew I'd been having trans dreams for a time, but they'd not been particularly unusual. Male? Female? Working on what it means to myself to be somewhere in the middle? That part wasn't a big deal.

I'm a lucid dreamer, though, so when someone in the dream started harassing me because of it, well, my available options are broader than they are in real life.

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Design student creates a high-tech adjustable binder for trans people, which is apparently safer and easier to use than existing binding methods.

It looks like I'm dangerously close to having syndication _and_ podcast feeds for my website, ( feeds and not RSS.)

The protocol doesn't serve syndicated feeds using the gopher protocol for syndication. Those two types of apps are unlikely to interoperate. If there is meaningful syndication I could use instead, I'll do it.

I don't know. Maybe using read-only NNTP?

Though maybe I really want a pubic BBS instead...

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Hot take about the white queer community 

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asking for money 

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asking for money 

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racism, abuse 

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I really like

It has a capacity to provide me a continuous stream of "Less Listened" music.

That's pretty much all I listen to.

So few systems have this sort of functionality, and it's really a core feature for me.

I think technically, I have a high need for novelty in my music. Fortunately, I have a lot of good sources these days.

Thank you,

If you purchased a book of carols for an atypical holiday, (like Halloween Carols, for instance), how many songs would you expect it to have?

You know these were created specifically for the book and they weren't gathered from hundreds of existing carols.

I tend to consider 14 songs to be "album length," but I just don't know the expectation here.

If other people do this too, it occurs to me that it would be fun to gift family other people's Christmas creations.

How about it? Is anyone interested in ?

It kind of sounds mad, I know, but I do self-describe as a "mad artist," and it also sounds like fun,

Does anyone else make music/art specifically for Christmas gifts?

Over the years, I've given family custom filk songs to Christmas tunes (61 pieces of sheet music), as well as a DVD with improvised stories (modeled after a paper "fortune teller") and last year I gave folks a DVD with 14 (LP-length) albums on the data side and videos for 14 entirely different song on the video side.

On the music-front, 50/90 starts next month:

It's 50 songs in 90 days. That makes it a slightly faster pace than February Album Writing Month's 14 songs in 28 days.

My head wasn't in the game in February, so I only posted 15.

I have no idea what I'll be doing for 50/90, but considering past performance, I'll likely be doing something. (If only to have something to gift people for Christmas.)

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I like that the duckduckgo image search for "rose plot" seems to alternate between images matching the statistical sense and the horticultural sense of the term

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Hey everyone, here's the

Deviant Funk's DEMIFLUX PASS 1 mix of bass dancefloor music. This is an intro, kinda laying low and atmospheric.

It's the first part from a 5h+ DJ mix I recorded live in April. It's now free on Patreon, on my home page and also uploaded to Mixcloud if you like.

There are free downloads + tipping is available via a Gumroad.




(boosts appreciated 🙇 )

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Hey guys, super shitty news. You may remember me talking about the Birmingham Free Store, an awesome radical #queer space that provides #MutualAid in my hometown by collecting and giving away various things donated by folks in Bham

The landlord for the building has been working on the roof lately, and didn't properly secure the tarp before rain came last night. The store is now flooded, with much of what was inside - including the entire library section - destroyed beyond repair

They really need help right now, however you can. For cash donations, their patreon and venmo are both @bhamfreestore, and if you want to mail books or anything else their address is 3114 27th St N, Birmingham, AL 35207

Please boost this, and copy to other media if you'd like. This is an incredible space and it deserves our help!

#anarchism #solarpunk #solidarity

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need help 

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