Finally started updating my UbuntuStudio machine. Let's see if I can revitalize this one and make it my dedicated recording machine.

OK, turns out the machine is still a bit noisy as soon as it has run a bit, and I don't know if that will work well with recording.

(My dad fixed it for me because it made a jarring rattling noise after a certain time under load, and he claimed it went away, but I'm skeptical.)

Using my Windows laptop it is, then. That laptop doesn't have enough disk space for a dual-boot system, so I probably need to re-learn my audio skills on Windows.


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@draco I think you could use an AVLinux system installed on a USB drive to boot Linux for making music on Your laptop without the need to install anything on it's hard disk.
Or is that problem already solved? :)

@unfa I'm still a little undecided if I can't put up with the noise from my desktop machine. I'd need to experiment with it, which I'm currently not geting around to because I'm swamped with breadwinning work atm.

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