Woke from a long, emotionally intense and overwhelming dream, with tears in my eyes. I need to brush it off or today will be difficult; except I don't want to brush it off, I want to remember it. Once again, thanks brain.

Curious. I awoke from quite a revelatory dream based on the initial 'honeymoon effect'' of the early part of lockdown.

@tim Very interesting. My dream was similar...extremely intense feelings of love (usually followed by loss, which was the case here). But that early, emotional high you get when you meet someone new.

I get these dreams occasionally, I have since I was very young. Always centred around a female figure that I can't reach. Not very subtle, my subconscious. 🙄 😁

LOL! This dream seemed to indicate that the feeling which arose - which lockdown seemed to be a catalyst for was, in fact, our natural state - more childlike, simple, and free. The idea was that lockdown was just an analogue, and that the only true freedom lies within - independent of external influences or conditions.

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