Who are your favorite accounts you follow that post music regularly? Especially synth.

@thorybo i do try to post music frequently, i don’t know about regularly

@thorybo I make synth based music and upload videos more or less regularly ;) But for now I'm only on YouTube... Here's an ambient track I made a few days ago:

I'd share it on the fediverse as well if there was some kind of fan base here :D Or at least other musicians interested in this kind of thing...

@thorybo You know where to find me ;) But I don't feel good sharing YouTube links on the fediverse... I need to find a nice PeerTube instance!


Not sure if that meets your criteria of "regularly" but I produce actively, almost daily and release every couple of months. I "promote" my music exclusively here - no IG, FB, YT... I prefer integrity over pushing numbers.

give it a listen - maybe you'll not like it, but maybe you'll fall in love :).

@thorybo also worth to follow, and be part of, the 1 month challenges : #looptober and #jamuary

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