Sooo... anyone good at writing and/or ? and maybe interested in a ? can't promise you fame, but I *can* promise you beautiful, beautiful
one caveat tho: I've already settled on a subject matter, so it's not totally free form…

(boosts appreciated)

@stephan Hi Stephan, my friend and creative artist Stephen Radnedge writes lyrics and poetry. He ask me always for possibility to share and contribute his art. I am sure he is interrested in colaboration. Later i call him and tell him about you. He published also a poetry CD. I give you a try in a pn

@pele that sounds lovely! I'll check out his works this evening :) From what I have seen so far it could work… the thing I want to do is a record inspired by my work at the animal sanctuary, and the souls I meet there. So the rough framework is already in place...

I would offer myself, but I don't think I can do it in English :)
I boost though, ofc!

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