150 Followers, thank you all!
I tried to help indie #musicians and #music #producers by providing synth informations. But I'd love some feedback from you:

Should #synthesizers stay the main focus? Shall I talk more about mixing tips and tools? DAW?
Or do you have other ideas and wishes?

i wish you good music!

@Openmastering You do, what you have fun with! If you feel like restricting yourself by only introducing synths - then that would do no good. And honestly, trying out new synths always means looking for new sounds, for fresh sounds, perhaps for better sounds. And putting it that way, mixing tips, DAW tips are a welcome natural addition! Do it, man!

Thank you for the feedback. I really have fun installing and testing new synth, but
I'm also slowly running out of interesting #linuxaudio #freesoftware #synth.

I'll definitely open up my pixelfed posts to mixing tips and tools.

@openmastering@mastodon.social @Herr_Irrtum @Openmastering@pixelfed.social Do you have any experiences with the #licence side of music making? I would be very interested in #Creativecommons -publishing. What a drawbacks, what are social implications ... I'm just brainstorming here - I love your output already as it is.

I can't say it better than @stephan
If it's your ethics and you DIY everything and you sell your music directly and don't care about mass distribution then CC licences do make sense. Or if don't care about money at all.
But if you want to go a more traditional way of getting paid through your music, they might and probably will be a hindrance.
@Herr_Irrtum @Openmastering@pixelfed.social

@openmastering@mastodon.social @torstentorsten @stephan @Openmastering@pixelfed.social
CC isnt necessarily a hindrance if you wanna get payed for your art. The artist ultimately has the chance to control what happens with his art by choosing i.e. Cc-By-NC. "By" means my name HAS to be delivered along with my music. NC means: If some1 uses it,then only Non Commercial. Does that mean I cant sell my own music or have my music on a commercial compilation?
NO! Cuz CC explicitly grants me the right to sell my music or to choose some1 to sell my music.
The problems come with old and rusty constructs like the GEMA in Germany. It's almost impossible to press vinyl records in Germany without having a valid GEMA contract, which sucks (hint: it's different in Poland). Also GEMA is completely incompatible with CC, which sucks even more.
There was an attempt to build a CC compatible fresh GEMA alternative in Germany, but unfortunately while it's not dead yet it doesn't seem much alive either. Those guys:

@openmastering@mastodon.social @torstentorsten @stephan @Openmastering@pixelfed.social btw. please take what I wrote with a grain of salt:
I don't consider myself an CC expert.
So I may be wrong.


@Herr_Irrtum @openmastering@mastodon.social @torstentorsten @Openmastering@pixelfed.social

yeah I have a lively memory speaking to the sony exec about that... ;-) It went something like this:

we: "our songs are cc licensed"

exec: "huh? what's that? some kind of disease?"

we: (patiently explaining cc licenses)

exec: "never heard of it. but in all honesty, if you expect to be taken seriously, get a GEMA registration"

(in the end the deal didn't happen, not because of CC but because our manager back then was an asshole ;))

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