childhood, arts, father <-> son 

I discovered my grandparents' piano when I was 3. I could play it reasonably well when I was 4. At the age of 5 I picked up tunes from the radio and reproduced them.

Almost everyone was delighted, but my father was firmly against me pursuing a musical career. He actively prevented me from taking courses or auditioning at the academy of music.

I'd love to think that he only wanted to spare me a life of frustration… but unfortunately I know better.

childhood, arts, father <-> son 


that's quite heavy.
not so easy to consider (or share)-
thank you

(mostly) fortunately- few children ever turn out as parents may plan for them (regardless of intention)


childhood, arts, father <-> son 

@js0000 It's all long in the past now, but sometimes I still feel the need to say 'that was wrong' (or hear someone else confirm it ;)). So, many thanks for your kind words :)

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