I moved to SoNoMu today.
My name is Varun and I am a sound/visual artist based in NRW Germany. I am originally trained as a sculptor and am currently a student of Sound in Scenography. I make techno influenced experimental electronic music and long field recordings of anthropophony. What I would really like to do is to make sound installations and one is in the pipeline.

This audio visual piece is made during the beginning of this year.

@harrysentonbury Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I see in your web that you are into a lot of experimental sound works. Look forward to explore..

@signalzero welcome to ! looking forward to follow your sound adventures.

Thank you @luka . I look forward as well to explore this wonderful community .

@signalzero welcome to a new side of the fediverse! that all sounds very interesting

@liaizon Thank you ! In fact, I frequently stumble across very inetersting projects here.


1. welcome :)

2. what's the story behind the short film? do you mind giving some insights?

3. just checked and subscribed your bandcamp. last upload 2018. hope to hear new stuff soon :).

4. walking breaks the silence 🍃

Thank you ! Appreciate your kind words. This piece was specifically made for an a YT channel called Comepulsive for their spring 2021 program. I have uploaded this track on Bandcamp as well. You will be able to find a description there. Maybe you are checking the Bandcamp page from a mobile app? that's the reason why you can see only the upload until 2018. There are 4 more albums which are visible through mobile/desktop browser :)

@signalzero yes, from my phone. I didn't even know it makes a difference! shouldn't be all your content visible regardless of the device? weird.

@dontoverthinklife I though the same as well, later on gave up on the app. I hardly listen to music on my phone. Slowly migrating my music to Funkwhale.

@signalzero ha! interesting. I'm looking for a new home to host my music as well and therefore considering #funkwhale. have you heard of #audius or #catalogworks? they sound promising too.

@dontoverthinklife Oh yeah I remember coming across catalog works. I dont know how to feel about it though. There seems to be too many things running in the background of that platform.

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