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good morning

today we are releasing another amazing musical outing - an album 'Atlatl' by , a collaboration between our label pals and

we'll also be streaming tonight's live concert as part of our series 20:00 CEST ( via

more at

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📢 OPEN CALL : COLLIDE RESIDENCY AWARD, w/ ,, invites artists to submit proposals for a 3-month residency & #Hangar_bcn dedicated to research in connection w/ fundamental science.
ℹ 👉


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Piksel Festival 2021
Bergen, Norway

Critical Engineers Working Group exhibition “Decoding Black Magic. Interventions in Infrastructure” will take place from the 15th of November to 12th of December 2021, showing well known artworks plus new works in progress by the artists Bengt Sjölén and Danja Vasiliev.
Black Book of Wireless (2020), Unintended Emissions (2019), Vending Private Network, WannaScry! [work in progress] and Unnamed Deep Fake Project (2021)

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Synaesthesia, pitch and polyrhythms (45 minutes)

This might be the best thing I've watched all year.

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Would anyone be interested in a blog series that documents my attempts at making a synthwave track from scratch?

By from scratch, I mean no DAW, using homebrew softsynths and systems I created using a mix of C and variety of embedded scripting languages (lua, scheme, etc).

So, not just typical production analysis, but also consideration of the underlying DSP techniques used. And code, too.

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Hi. I'm Mike.

I've been making electronic music with computers since the 90's, in some capacity.

My Arcseconds project started in 2010 and that's where I spend most of my art-time. It's mostly moody ambient drone music about distance and time.

I've been on the fediverse as @sixohsix for a long time, but I am creating this account to focus on and share my music work.

Nice to be here!

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Toot toot!
“This diagram traces the evolution of the elephant depiction throughout the middle ages up to the age of enlightenment.”

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@neauoire I was re-reading your lifestyle page and it's got me curious

What even or events inspired the DLL project? What made you want to explicitly share the creative process as a project?

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I've got no evidence for this, but I believe the concept of avoiding parallel motion in music theory originally came as a result of acoustics.

When you look at sacred choral renaissance music like Palestrina, it's clear that these were written to be performed in giant spaces like churches. The polyphony is very dense and they just fill up the space.

When you sing two melodic lines with parallel motion like parallel fifths in a big space, those two parts are perceptually going to resonate and sound as one voice. And when that happens, the space is not being maximized to it fullest potential in that moment, which means you're disappointing God. And this was not a good time to be disappointing God.

So, less parallel motion meant more perceived sound density, and that kind of overwhelming wall of sound was very much in vogue in early sacred choral music. I think the rule just kind of stuck as things like Tonal Harmony and Counterpoint got more developed and refined over the centuries.

Baudrillard on Consumption 

"The systematic and limitless process of consumption arises from the disappointed demand for totality that underlies the project of life. In their ideality sign-objects are all equivalent and may multiply indefinitely; indeed, they must multiply in order at every moment to make up for a reality that is absent. Consumption is irrepressible, in the last reckoning, because it is founded upon a lack"

- Jean Baudrillard: The System of Objects

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" will shut down in three months, due to inactivity and loss of interest by the administration team. You have until 15/10/2021 to download your videos and migrate your channels."

Niet vergeten om je videos te verhuizen @djoerd ...

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The Realm of Rough Telepathy

spells, sigils, incantations about the discovery, and global ascendancy of "Rough Telepathy" - commonly referred to as "the Internet"

#magic #magick #internet #infrastructure

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peertube video hosting available 

Friendly reminder that i run a PeerTube site at and it's open for registration if you like the community there :D Things that make Diode Zone cool imo:
• specifically for stuff you worked on, not reposted public domain stuff
• an emphasis on friendly tech and creative content
• fast server with lots of storage
• latest peertube features

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🎉 Owncast v0.0.8 is out 🎉

Host your own video streaming instance and say goodbye to Twitch!

- Chat moderation
- Embeddable chat
- Custom emoji
- Lots of fixes!

Get Owncast:

Full Changelog:

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I've been maintaining the same pair of MDR-V500 headphones for the past 15 years, the plastic swivel broke on each side but it can be easily fixed with a bit of Jbweld type goop.

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