Holy cat, I want one of these. I currently have a #catflap that only unlocks for my own cat, but this one also checks if my cat has caught anything and tries to bring it in.

Curious what it's going to cost.

#^OnlyCat® - Let cats in. Keep mice out.

Smart Cat Flap - Let cats in, keep mice out. Get video clips, stay connected, feel relieved.

Hmm, "early bird" means it costs £420 :thinking:

Plus, there's an £8-per-month subscription plan, which suggests it dumps its data on someone else's infra.

Getting less enthousiastic already.

420 + 8 x 12 = 516 pound
516 = 608 euro

Just hire someone to clean up the mouse ;-)

or keep your cat indoors

@Rob van den Berg

or keep your cat indoors

Nah, I think a cat needs to be able to go outside. That's why I didn't have a cat when I lived on the 4th floor in a flat in Rotterdam.

I can understand this stuff costs money, and the purchase price isn't my biggest problem. What I really don't like, is the idea of a subscription and being dependent on somebody else's infra. I'd rather run that software myself, and make sure only I can access the data (and the camera!).

@hans but, how often does your cat bring in mice?

btw, our cat prefers pidgeons .. yeah

@Rob van den Berg Not very often, luckily. But I have vivid memories of the time when she (and her sister) brought a dove in, played with it and finally slaughtered it. The chaos when I got home! There were feathers, blood stains and intestines everywhere...
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