I'm need to learn about math and curves and stuff.

And then put it in .

A friend's instagram account apparently got hacked, and their username, email and password changed.

Has anyone experienced this before? According to Instagram, the old email account should have received an email about that name/email change, which didn't seem to happen.

I can't make sense of how they managed to hack that account. Any pointers appreciated!

[Thanks for Boosting]

>wake up, feel like total crap
>make coffee
>drink coffee
>eh... I'm ok..

Sometimes I think : how is this legal, it's clearly a drug.

Any Open Sources license specialist? What’s the best open source license that allow the users to do WTF they want EXCEPT selling the code/product or make money with it?

We have paused our Patreon until further notice.

Please consider donating to a local food bank instead!


If your URL is longer than 128 characters then it's a bad URL

oh crap ..
I feel like I'm getting a cold 😕
let's see how things are tomorrow

well, schools are closed now too

now that my choirs, bandcoaching and bands are shutdown for the next few weeks I virtually got no income left

luckily there are social benefits (is that the correct word?) in place, gonna apply for them today

again I'd like to say : as long as my father doesn't get infected, I'm ok with any measures taken

Have we already tried turning 2020 off and on again?

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