I've just publishded a new portfolio piece - this time it's strictly hardsurface modelling.
#Blender #GameArt #3D #Art #SciFi


In the unfa discord chat the fine folks tried healing me by posting furry pics.
I do feel a bit better.

My theory is that the virus is like : ok, this is weird as fuck.. And leaves my body.

So let's do this experiment.
Keep it SFW please.
MLP / Brony pics are welcome too, because that would equally weird the virus out.

To keep my mind sane, mix in some or pics. Other cute animals welcome too ofc.


If you talk about horse medicine to me you make it to my block list.

@yourhero @rghvdberg and the vaccine does not compromise the immune system, it is preparing it which actually results in far less serious problems, far less long covid and far less deaths.

@yourhero @rghvdberg its not experimental. All of them are checked by several national or international health agencies. They are not dangerous. None of them is introducing serious health issues to healthy people. Stop spreading wrong information without proof.

Today I came to the conclusion that I can't smell my own farts but my coffee tastes like shit.

Hey, friends of the Fediverse. Just because I'm curious, what's your eye color?

Boosts appreciated for sample size <3

aaaaaaannnnddd I got a fever and feel like crap and getting a covid test today

As long as Page prints puppies over the line where you rip the paper off, I will be buying other brands of toilet paper.

Beheading puppies is not ok.

Why you do not use XMPP?

Please share your opinions.


Gig last Saturday was the most fun ever. At a certain point we had to pause playing because we laughed so hard 😁.

We were supposed to play 1 hour but when we ran out of songs to play we looked at the clock and had played for 2 hours and fifteen minutes.

Afterwards we were invited to have a drink inside. I think we left at 2 am or something.

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