" aims to be musician friendly database of linux available software and plugins (taking kvr as an example but with better linux world coverage)
Only linux native software/plugin are in database, we dont wanna focus on wine-related stuff, as we would fall into every other vst database.
Each software/plugin in the database was runned successfully under either ardour, carla (DSSI) or standalone."

Hi friends!

I've been a lifelong lurker in the #foss community. I've always wanted to contribute in some meaningful way, but I don't have too much experience coding outside of the shell. I do have some prior experience in #python and #javascript but my interests are #lisp and #rust.

My career is in information/cybersecurity and I'm a decent technical writer or reviewer.

How can I get started making an impact?

#foss #help #contribute #giveback #thanks

Anyone else having stability problems with ? Keeps crashing.

Btw, I had surgery and I'm finally getting better.
Took a while.

I have trouble comprehending just how awesome dogs are.

Great video.
It looks so gorgeous!

Lovely and personal message in the end bits of the video. Cheered me up.

hello linux music peeps
friendly reminder that kx studio has a cool chat thingy

So, die beiden Maine Coon-Ladys sind nun auch fertig 😊 „Nicht so detailliert“ ist irgendwie nicht mein Steckenpferd 😅🙈 Ich freue mich immer sehr über Favs und Boosts!! #katzenkunst #tierportrait #Aquarell #mastocats #mastoart

@fedilab is unusable atm, keeps on crashing.
Just wanted to let you know.
Looks like this bug

If you could end COVID-19 by sacrificing one programming language, which one would you choose and why is it PHP?

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