If you're into music and audio production with Linux and/or open-source software, you could enjoy joining my community chat!
A lot of fantastic people there, sharing ideas, software and helping each other solve issues.

The community chat is bridged between a self-hosted, open-source Rocket.Chat instance at chat.unfa.xyz an Discord (proprietary, centralized): discord.gg/ShHtbEr

I'll see you around :)
#unfa #audio #FOSS #OpenSource #Linux #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction #SoundDesign

Any unregulated big industry pollutes.

Big Tech has polluted the web with advertisements.

Browsing the web with an ad-blocker is like walking through a smog-ridden concrete jungle wearing a gas mask.


gonna transcribe a song for my keyboard lessons
using musescore and sonic visualiser
just in case you really have nothing better to do

A new video form the Programming Music Production LV2 Plugins From Scratch is online now. Now we can select between different waveforms. And we do a big jump to C++11:


#lv2 #musicproduction #linuxaudio #tutorial #cplusplus #programming #foss #audio

Aangifte tegen Willem Engel - Aangifte Willem Engel aangiftewillemengel.nl/

📢 Zegt het voort!

Watching The Mandalorian with the family. 😊

Second part of the making a simple MIDI synth LV2 plugin tutorial from the Programming Music Production LV2 Plugins From Scratch series is online now:


#lv2 #musicproduction #linuxaudio #tutorial #cplusplus #programming #foss #audio

Delivered newspapers from 4:30 to 9:30 and now I still have to do the mail.
And I learned there's a door to door leaflet to be delivered today.
I wonder what extremely important message must be delivered on this Saturday...

Frankly I think some asshole forgot to send this mailing earlier this week, and just before the Friday afternoon booze found out about it and in panick ordered it to be delivered by express.

Let's find out what it is...

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