OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.

#Peertube did it! It reached the 4th step 🎉

I am on it to offer the live streaming as soon as possible with #Tubelab

You can still make donations to this amazing project!

If you'd like to get a piece of art and support an artist, I've got lots of originals and prints available in my shop!
Boosts are super appreciated 💙 ✨

#art #MastoArt #TraditionalArt #watercolor #CreativeToots

@ubuntustudio since you guys are working hard on this amazing distribution, I thought to do my part to spread some love.

@MichaelTunnell thank you for your great help on this one!

I've been streaming my first interactions with #Odin2 - a newly open-sourced synthesizer, and I've made some very exciting discoveries along the way...
#unfa #unfalive #FOSSaudio #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction #SoundDesign

I like my side gig as postman. But today it was a 5 hour run. 18 km.
That's way too much for my taste.

Thanks to @debian 's €10,000 donation (and not $10,000 as announced a few hours ago), we've just reached the 4th step of our PeerTube fundraising. Many thanks to all those who donated. And it's not too late to contribute :

In case you're supporting my on Patreon but you don't read my blog there and you don't hang out on Discord / Rocket.Chat - here's an exclusive video for you. I've released first 20 minutes of my Complete Ardour MIDI Tutotrial for Patreon supporters, before I complete the whole thing and make it public. Enjoy!
#unfa #Patreon #Ardour #MIDI

Some participants already uploaded their tracks for this month.
Get some inspiration, watch the astonishing Patroneo in action!

MyLoFy - Fritz The Creepy Goldfish

nilshi - The Witch, the Skeleton, and the Alien from Zorblax IV

@unfa - Halloweiner

You can still submit tracks until the end of this month for the running
This months theme is of course Halloween, but as always, there's a twist.
You have to use Patroneo for generating the midi data.

Read all about it here:

Iemand ervaring met een omscholen naar een baan in de IT? Heb al wat ervaring met programmeren ( C++ ).

Boost is aardig 😊

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