Twee postwijken vandaag. Telefoon is gevuld met potcasts en audioboeken. Ik vermaak me wel.

I've never played Zelda. Maybe this needs fixing.

Someone suggested to add a way to sync the delay. And it certainly was a good idea! Here a demonstration of delay sync. The third tracker channel outputs the sync signal, which lets the delay play in the off beat. The second tracker channel controls the envelope and the first the pitch.

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It's just 2 clicks instead of 1, no need to fiddle settings (they have to make them privacy-respecting by default) and you make the world a little less dystopian!

> [...] this information could be used to give your computer a unique fingerprint/signature and enable us to track your usage of our Services after you log out


They list pretty much every available tracking technique available...

So at least they are honest I guess 😅

there's a thin line between free software and free labor

@kawaiipunk @rghvdberg @y6nH In the GVST suite there is a tuner I think And if you don't want to miss the variety of LV2 plugins you could use Carla patchbay VST as a wrapper in any Linux DAW.

There are some FOSS projects for Linux music production you can't do without:
-x42 analyzers

Anything else there is no way around?
#fossaudio #linux #musicproduction

Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.

dogs have no blob emoji pack this is discriminatory

@rghvdberg @y6nH thanks so much both! I just got the Airwindows plugin and came across Cstrip by chance among the list. It sounds brilliant! When combined with some of the saturation plugins it's basically what I was looking for.

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