Born to be around
Humming is the sound
Laughter on the reeling
Riding on a feeling
Going out and in
It is mighty thin
Just take it with a grin

I made a few mistakes on this one but you get the idea... 😆

In the end I wasn't able to do a better recording for my "Smiling There" for in time so I submitted what I had recorded on my phone playing the in my music room 🙃 I tried pimping it a bit though with and a few effects you can see in the screenshot.

I'm on an interesting journey. Exploring my shadow has led me to discover that I struggle mostly with . And I'm reading a book about the topic now which makes it clear that escaping shame is the underlying motive for most of people's actions. Everyone is highly sensitive for what brings honor and what brings shame. And shame is contagious. Yet almost nobody talks about shame because it's so shameful. If you can get rid of shame then you don't need these crutches anymore, like social status

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New EP! Coming at you from the uncharted territories between italo, synthpop, and hardfloor. This release is dedicated to the many space computers that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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do you know the feeling? there you are, writing some and suddenly you have the strange sensation that you have heard it before and it is not yours at all? that's how i feel right now with this little melody here.

anyone have an idea where this is could be from? or maybe it's really mine?

here's a take of the complete "Smiling There". not totally happy with the take but it's ok.
lyrics and chords here:

maybe someone of you would like to try to play and record it as well? this would be really interesting 😆

I guess a truth is dawning on me. so far I have only been looking for music that is beautiful. music that touches my heart. and I hated anything that is ugly or random. I was looking for perfection. why? because I didn't want to see that life is ugly too, that chaos, death and suffering are part of it. and in my quest for beauty, more and more ugliness started to manifest. it is saying: "you need to integrate me or otherwise your life becomes meaningless". yet all I did was fleeing from it.

take heart my friend
it has been a long time
you have been gone
from this world
fill this body
with your breath again
take a stride
open wide
do not hide

I tried to make sense
of it
there was none
the guy kept on rambling
swearing at me
it was the wrong fight
to pick
- with a madman

now that my new "Smiling There" is done (got a bit of help from my gf and a friend) comes the tricky part again: how to make a *good* recording *before* the feeling starts to dissipate... so if I make too many tries the feeling will lack. if I use the sheet I won't be free enough to play it. so I have to learn it by heart and the pull it off. something like that. wish me luck 😅

btw it's the first song I complete in a long time because of the personal crisis I had...

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# introduction
thanks @luka for creating this space and for having me here.
I am a musician in scientist, in no particular order, and have been experimenting with odd droning aerophones. You can find more at . Looking forward to learning and contributing.
Interested in music, very eclectic taste, science, acoustics, poetry, art..

Hey everyone. thanks for all the follows and the warm welcome. the is still a great place and I have been off the grid for like two years (or more) which was kind of stupid seeing how much positive things are going on here. a shout out also to @luka for hosting an instance for musicians: 👏
it's really motivating to be able to connect to fellow . keep it up and have a wonderful day ❤️ 🙏 💪

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Hello and good day to all musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Last year's FediVision event was a fun success, so this year we're doing it again.

#FediVision is a fediverse-wide music competition and celebration, inspired by the much bigger and better financed Eurovision Song Contest.

The main event and final voting period will be on Saturday, May 14th.

To organise the song submissions and all the info and FAQs, we've made a website:


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