Now that I feel
The mountains move
The mountains wash

I'm trying to arrange my song "Free like the Way" with . Here's a snippet. What I always notice is that whenever I use headphones to sing my voice isn't as good as when I sing without headphones. Somehow the feedback is different and affects my voice in a bad way.

I started working on a new song, lyrics so far:

Now that I'm free like the Way
I'm not seeking outside
The monsters will hide
From my view

Trapped in a door of suspension
There is nothing to mention
The matter is through
With you

Just listen to the stream it's flowing
There's nothing obstructing its going
Feeling the cool of the shadow
The grass is greener on this side

well, alright, another try... I've sent this as a DM to me and could play it, but then public again it would not play... ???


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