I'm trying to arrange my song "Free like the Way" with . Here's a snippet. What I always notice is that whenever I use headphones to sing my voice isn't as good as when I sing without headphones. Somehow the feedback is different and affects my voice in a bad way.

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I just love this : "Coming of the Thunderbird" by the Red Shadow Singers from the First Nations in


It's so deep. Unlike anything you can hear almost anywhere today, except of course some of the other tracks of my Native American playlist πŸ˜€


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It's funny how the consumerist world operates. People are putting music online to share it. When more and more people like it, then it is made into a business. Now the objective is not to share it anymore but to earn money. And it all goes down the drain.


Love's spark alone.
Too brief, all on its own.
But with a bit of some tinder
Bright fire you cannot hinder.
And soon the dark retreats
While the warmth of love competes
And establishes its mark
Against that lonely dark.


For the past month or so, I've been updating my web design. It isn't quite finished, but it was close enough to publish. It's missing a few things I really want (like a functional tag system) but it's also a little less broken than my old Ikiwiki-based design, so it seemed time to do it.


The "stories, songs and other madness" is text that I have on my business cards, but had been missing from the site.

Finished with a new I call "Free like the Way". I miss out a bit on the feeling now recording it but that often happens when I'm finally done with a song 😎

Love is what I need
Love is what I heed
Love is what I feed upon

If only there wouldn't be -
So much distraction
To nourish that little spark
That illuminates the dark
Is now the aim for me

So yeah, I tried to copy some music files in a zip via Safari to an iPhone. What is like the simplest task on Android seems to be almost an impossibility on iOS. Hahaha. iOS is really counter intuitive in many ways. I don't really get how it is hyped as being user friendly.

Somehow I stumbled on traditional native American round dances or powwows. I'm so touched. I can't explain. This music touches and heal the soul.

Here are a few examples:


I started working on a new song, lyrics so far:

Now that I'm free like the Way
I'm not seeking outside
The monsters will hide
From my view

Trapped in a door of suspension
There is nothing to mention
The matter is through
With you

Just listen to the stream it's flowing
There's nothing obstructing its going
Feeling the cool of the shadow
The grass is greener on this side

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