seen elsewheres, made me smile

(a photo of aerial reforestation mechanisms, which are seedlings in biodegradeable...missile bomb things. Text below from a social media site: "BOMB NATURE WITH TREES!! MOTHER NATURE MISSILES!! ATTACK DEFORESTION[sp} WITH THE UTMOSE AGGRESSION!! FUCK YES!!! THIS IS MY AESTHETIC!!!")

I sort of let everything go and would have been prepared to also let the music go. I do not want to be attached to anything anymore. Today I was starting to play a little guitar at my mother's place and the inspiration for a new song hit me. So yeah I guess it's not my decision anymore really.. It's just something I will be doing because I'm inspired. But I'll be stepping back and wait for the inspiration to come and not try to write songs on purpose anymore like before.

Bought some sticks, among them Patchouli. I really like the smell. The women on the market told me that this was popular in the sixties. Any other suggestions?

This night I woke up from a dream with music. What is funny is that I had just thought on the same evening that I haven't dreamt any music in a long time and then it just happened 😜

The words of the #song went like this:

It's just close that we know
It's just close that we know ...

Notice the "we". To me it means that something is close, that I will know soon... probably in a spiritual sense.


Now I have a system that really works. I use on the computer and on the phone.
My system has an agenda with a "now" section which are the tasks that I want or have to do currently (prio A or deadline).
Then it has an inbox with new tasks I add but haven't decided yet on the procedure (prio B).
And then the backlog with tasks I intend doing later (prio C)
Essential is a constant grooming of the tasks and (Repeating) deadlines with reminders.

Here's how I generate these now with btw:

ffmpeg -i audio.flac -lavfi showwavespic=s=1920x1080:colors=\|#888888 -codec:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -codec:a aac video.mp4

The audio file can be anything (doesn't have to be .flac). ffmpeg converts it to aac for the video.

Now that I feel
The mountains move
The mountains wash

Hello there!
I'm new to, but I am not new to the fediverse.
My first account is here:

I wanted to join this instance as well, becasue I am a musician using exclusively free and open-source software. I make videos spreading the word, passion and knowledge in that field:

I'm also responsible for Ardour's official YT channel:

You can find my discography on Bandcamp:


So when my band was broken up I had intended to continue with one musician. But that person didn't want to continue with me so I ended up trying to find other people. But now after a few months this person from the previous band asked me to make music again. So in the end it all turned out like I originally intended it to be - and it's really nice.

Worry less about what others, governments or corporations are doing or might be doing in the future. Worry more about what you are doing or what you are not doing but should be doing.

I've chosen a new surname (or pen name) for myself: Lynay
I was getting kind of fed up with "Marvel" 😎

Next track in my "Learning my own songs" series 😁: "The Way You Are"

PS: I don't want to use really, it's not that I don't know about it 😎

I saw this today and thought of you, fediverse and accusations of censorship and fear of bubbless..

>>There can and must be structures that are open, dynamic, and small; beyond a certain point, human ties like personal trust and personal responsibility cannot work. There must be structures that in principle place no limits on the genesis of different structures. Any accumulation of power whatsoever (one of the characteristics of automatism) should be profoundly alien to it.<<

~ Vaclav Havel

My ongoing progress of "Learning my songs by heart", this time "No Beginning No End"
The mic on the phone isn't very good but it kind of works 😎
I should probably use an external mic at some point...

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