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πŸ“Œ #introduction 

i'm working on a cheap sampler/live performance setup. i'm using a refurbished iPad mini, BeatMaker 3, and an Akai MPD 226. i'm hoping the setup will have the sampling power of an MPC and the live performance setup similar to abelton live and a scene controller

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working on that beat from the other day. still don't know where it's going

i wonder if i could add the po-33 ko to my setup to do live performances?

playing with shaker samples and son clave rhythms this morning

i know this is super simple, but i'm new to modular synths. i just figured out how to do a polyphonic midi patch Sound Noise Music mastodon instance.

We welcome active musicians, songwriters, algorave livecoders, digital signal processing hackers, bedroom producers, writers of choral music, under-the-radar music selectors, exotic instrument explorers...

We'd like to stay easy and modest in numbers, hope for a quality local timeline and network with high S/N ratio.

Read our CoC first

then get in touch if you're interested joining our club.

πŸ“Œ #introduction 


SoNoMu = Sound Noise Music. We are invite-only instance for musicians, sound-artists, producers of any kind of aural noise, songwriters, bedroom producers, sonic manglers and algorave livecoders. More about us....