For most of recent history, up until about 60 years ago, the act of creation was just a part of life. Everyone sang or played an instrument or wrote or performed or danced or Something.

But recording technology turned creative output in to a path to fortune and fame. Suddenly, if you weren't exceptional, then why were you trying at all?

This concept is, of course, bullshit.

TV never had a real amateur moment, and filmmaking barely did.

TV came close in 69 with the videofreex, but the FCC made sure that any potential home video might have had for artistic expression would be stiffled by distribution problems.

The video resolution of the 80s unlocked film a little (toxic avenger, El mariachi, an absolute glut of horror films and pornography) but distribution was still limited to single physical copies.

The internet changed that. Even before YouTube there was Wax, or the discovery of television among the bees.

But now we're well in to the Era of Professionals. TV is what other people do. We're left with infotainment and lifestyle vlogging and playing video games.

If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing badly.

@ajroach42 I mean...yeah. Imagine my disappointment when El Mariachi and Do The Right Thing came out, then it all got like...well, the same thing that usually happens, like you said


@ajroach42 El Mariachi in particular, when it comes to low-to-no budget filmmaking

@ajroach42 Stumbling my way to John Waters sort of redeemed my hope and faith a bit, but still, yeah. What you said.

@ajroach42 You know about Cheryl Dunye, Marlon Riggs, Lizzie Borden and Greta Snider?

@poiseunderchaos yeah. These folks were pushing boundaries and changing what was possible, and challenging the establishment.

And then there were consumed, more or less, by the establishment.

Maybe not so much for Spike, he's still doing it on his terms as far as I can tell, but he is certainly playing the establishment's game, even if he isn't on the establishment's team.

@ajroach42 Some of them, for sure. Mainstream contracts and all that.

Spike has had his moments (the videos for the Army, etc.) but overall, definitely.

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