@djsundog (free as in "they have several upgrade paths, but the base version isn't "lite"").

they appear to be competing with Avid fairly directly

@poiseunderchaos that's rad - I haven't looked at it before but yes, it's definitely of interest - thank! 🙇

@djsundog @poiseunderchaos Dad uses both one of their physical products (ATEM Mini?) and DaVinci Resolve. He has nothing but wonderful things to say about Black Magic Design.

@SetecAstronomy @djsundog They seem really on point, so far. (I just learned Resolve)

Also -- from what I gather so far, If Fairlight had MIDI support, it'd be level with every DAW out there, including ProTools. (It supports VST, just audio only).

Save for AAX support, which is mostly useful for acceleration-enabled plug-ins, which Black Magic does their own version of, it seems.

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