Another TIL: The ratio of one equally tempered half step is the twelfth root of 2.

Maybe, sometime these days, I will even understand the math behind equal temperament (which, to this day, I don't, but I guess it was just never explained to me in a way I understand).

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@draco taking the acoustics approach rather than the trig/calculus approach can make things a lot more clear, from personal experience

@poiseunderchaos yeah, also I think the music teacher who tried to explain it to me didn't understand it that deeply either, and he didn't care.
Also, I have some mental blocks around math. Mainly a vicious combination of self fulfilling prophecies and ADHD-related difficulties.
Fortunately, I now have a SO who cares and knows both the math and the music side of things.



*nods, nods* i lucked into a good piano/composition instructor years ago, who was good at explaining the acoustics of music without much in the way of math, past ratios.

glad your SO can help :)

@draco neurodivergent difficulties in the arts can be...well, a thing tbh. both as a help and a challenge

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