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driving a whole second cup of coffee mid-afternoon, like the pros do

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things Glenn Gould contributed to humanity:

- brilliant interpretations of Bach

- making it ok to wear a thick coat when its cold on stage

- doing something different with your life, even if there's pressure to "do what you're famous for"

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uspol, anarchist pol 

*taps mic*

- $2000/month, tax-free, up to the income cap
- free distance learning
- free telemedicine
- free rent
- no price-gouging on essentials
- actual worker safety
- masks suggested, if it's not an additional hazard. everybody working in essential services has access to them. (calling out "jim the conservative" for not wearing one on the job, good, good)
- stop forcing people to work if they're sick
- ritual shaming of jeff bezos and other assholes

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instance math 

other accounts:

we'll try to explain related political analytical things, but we have limits to our patience and available energy. it's a process, though! we get that.

this account:

if it's not related to the politics of music, writing or the surrounding cultures in relation to that? don't care *and* we're highly opinionated about such things *and* should really be spending this time writing new material instead. so, um, bye

in order of severity:

- no, that's not the way to run a "cloud-based subscription service"

- no, that's not way to (mis-)manage a pandemic, locally, state-level, and (in case it wasn't already clear) nationally

- whatever the fuck this is, which i'm still wrapping my head around

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the post-mercury rx theme of the day appears to be: "whatever the heck that is, fuck no"

in general

so far

Trump and the DOJ are sending in a hoard of feds into Kansas City to "fight the sudden surge of violent crime". The mayor found out on Twitter.

So, if you're not aware, #KC does not have local control of its own police department. #KCPD is controlled, not by the mayor or the city council or anyone elected by the people who actually live here, but by a board of commissioners who are appointed by the governor of Missouri, who lives in Jefferson City, 160 miles away.

hot weather, covid lockdown 

i know that CA and NY governors have made some really facepalm-worthy screw-ups, even if they've also "defied the emperor" and saved a fuckton of people from being hospitalized or dead in the process.

then there's the "lol covid isn't real, you snowflake" republican governors, ofc. but fuck them.

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hot weather, covid lockdown 

are there any governors in the US who haven't fucked up at least one major thing, that they can''t pin on the breathtakingly horrible federal non-response to covid? i'm having more than a few doubts, but if this isn't the case, i'd like to know.

maybe Hawaiʻi? haven't checked, tbh.

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hot weather, covid lockdown 

who feels like a baked shrimp and is hot and damn tired of being under lockdown because the pandemic is still being mismanaged to this day? me, that's who

transmisia, anti-leftism, fascism 

the same goes for white liberals who have no problems calling the cops on people of color. in neighborhoods they're gentrifying, no less. as well as ableist anti-neurodiversity types. as if being neurodivergent and of color isn't its own form of heightened risk, and as if such eugenicist views don't reinforce that kind of abusive, if not murderous, stigma.

y'all are cut from the same damn cloth.

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transmisia, anti-leftism, fascism 

terfs are racist, and if you don't believe me, look at the murder rates for trans women of color. it's not just like they're not standing up for us -- they're actively part of the problem. when was the last time you heard a terf say anything about that, that wasn't some sort of rationalization for their views, if they even mention such things? (they typically do not).

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transmisia, anti-leftism, fascism 

carceral-minded liberals will call the cops on people of color while fronting as being "progressive", in some hogwash way or another. it's just where they live and breathe.

which by the by, is why i'm wary of some white folks who paint themselves as Very Down (tm), but will side with landlord, cops, and bosses if it comes down to it. words are plentiful, talk is cheap.

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transmisia, anti-leftism, fascism

the thing that gets me about takes like this is that they advocate for fascist ideologies in ways that more overtly stated far right views can not. at least in more "respectable" circles.

it's not just about this kind of "free speech advocate" terfy BS, either. white liberals use this kind of rationale to cover up their law-and-order centrism all the time, in the face of calls for abolition, or just actual reforms of the prison system.

I wish terf apologists would get that their essentialist "controversy" isn't about free speech, but about fascism

but white liberals in particular sign off on all sorts of heinous BS,, as long as they can look "progressive", from the carceral state to the military industrial complex. so no shock there

uspol | decolonization 

The Supreme Court's recognition of tribal sovereignty in OK has me returning to Eve Tuck & K. Wayne Yang's stunning essay "Decolonization is not a metaphor." As they say, decolonization's aim is returning Indigenous land. Anything else is BS: "The metaphorization of decolonization makes possible a set of evasions, or 'settler moves to innocence,' that problematically attempt to reconcile settler guilt and complicity, and rescue settle futurity."

if you ever read something i've written, and you're somewhat confused and disoriented as a result? welcome to my world

oh dear, the poetry industry 

while i'm sitting on a poetry manuscript i finished a year ago, like "...what do i even do with this? self-publishing doesn't make a lot of sense, submitting it kind of doesn't either, and either way, i have numerous ambivalent feelings about the production of poetry being a kind of club by and for poets"

but i'll figure it all out, heh

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oh dear, the poetry industry 

i'm finishing reading Samuel Delany's "Dark Reflections" -- which is great, btw -- which has me up in my feelings about being an <unfurls list of hyphenated identities> "aging poet" in the US


But the important thing is: when we say solidarity with peoples of the world, we mean *all* peoples. Solidarity doesn't mean that we only stand up for people we'd be friends with. It means we also stand up for people we hate, for people who probably hate us, and for people who will never, ever meet us but are being screwed over by the same forces.

That's the fundamental issue with homonationalism: it drives the wedge the wrong way. It's merely a way to incorporate queer people within the existing structures of imperialism and colonialism, rather than uniting

One thing that's special about queer people: we're everywhere. Anyone can be gay, of any ethnicity, religion, ability, and so on. This isn't just trite: it presents a problem for capitalism because a queer struggle that truly represented all queer people would have to reckon with all other struggles as well. Homonationalism is a way for it to stand athwart that potential coalition and shout: no.


But why is homonationalism wrong?

Well, imperialism bad; I think everyone who's read this thread up to this point probably agrees with that. The more insidious thing about homonationalism is the way that it erodes solidarity between people. The capitalist class loves it when we fight amongst ourselves, and setting gays against ethnic minorities is a favored tactic. During the marriage equality debate here in the USA conservatives would often talk about the black community as though it were uniquely homophobic. This wasn't true, but that's not the point: the point is pitting white gays against black straights and getting the chaos you cause to question their coalition just enough that you can pass some legislation that'll fuck over them both.

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