Today is Wendy Carlos's 80th birthday!

She is a pioneer of electronic music, best known for composing the score of TRON (1982) and for her ground-breaking album, "Switched-On Bach" (1968.) In 1978, she came out publicly as a transgender woman, one of the few public figures to do so at the time.

If you enjoy electronic music today, you can thank Wendy Carlos!

Check out this BBC interview from '89:

#electronicMusic #queerHistory #transHistory

Classical question from every #musicproduction forum about removing or isolating vocals from existing track has now it's own opensource answer. amount of amateur remixes and karaoke parties could rise soon

"Free marketplace of ideas," cool metaphor. How's the free marketplace of things working out for our planet, by the way?

so it's sort of a hypocritical assertion, that's rooted in "musicians don't understand business! that's why they need a businessperson to explain things to them, even if they don't understand the business of music".

do try not to have a dozen different projects that never get finished, though ;p but that's a whole other conversation.

this can get only more complicated if you work across genres, or disciplines.

which can seem like spreading yourself too thin -- which is sometimes the case, but otoh, it's really bad advice to say to someone "just focus on marketing and promoting one thing". not only because that can be creatively enervating, but because that's literally not how most working musicians make a living. as well as being something that a lot of businesspeople don't do, either.

How to make 1 million dollars (as a musician)

(noting: as is clear within the first few seconds, this title is meant sarcastically)

the thing i find especially useful about this video (as well as it being good advice) is that he's not focusing on one thing, but three things: gigging, teaching and day jobs.

To be a functional modular synthesiser, it must have at least 3 audio rate oscillators. There must also be at least one LFO, but the or more would be ideal.
You must have two or more low pass filters and one or more high pass filters. A band pass filter or a filter bank are desirable.
You must have as many VCAs as you have audio rate VCOs. You must have at least one more envelope generator than you have VCAs.

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✴️ job open until 11/15! great opportunity for a global early modernist!✴️


Press a key on the keyboard and anything could happen: music in the age of impossible reproduction - using vintage synths part 1 of 0

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My last "permanent" job was in 2008, so yeah.

I feel like it should be a bigger deal in the U.S. press that long before Uber was news, 10-20 national temp agencies were already owned by only 4-5 corporations, at most.

lol cartels... anti-trust laws... what are those? :/

Hey electronic music folks, an acquaintance is doing a research survey regarding disabilities and assistive technology in music creation hardware and software. They could really use more data.

A former teacher of mine (now a much more experienced colleague, I like to think) had a nasty experience this week, in which he found out a piece he wrote had been removed from the re-release of a CD.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I have Thoughts about this, but need to do dissertation stuff today.

i do not like the current internet term for works of creative output: ''content''

it is a term that denotes commodification and capitalist marketing

please stop devaluing the cultural importance of people's creative work by referring to it as ''content''

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how can I not immediately fall in love with this band after seeing this image

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