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78% of ghost critics agree, “What Is Underground” is taking the world by storm!*

Hear what the liminal experts of absolutely nothing have to say:

“Three sharks in a trench coat, homeschooling a socialist uprising”

“A battle anthem for anti-American trance warriors”

“Sure to demonetize all your social media accounts”

*Comes with a copy of “Fabletron Undead,” free of charge

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Q: why do you care so much about the economics and politics of music production?

A: because it's gamed to disadvantage anybody but cishet white dudes with money

"What about jazz?"

Jazz too, sorry to say. Some white jazz pedagogues are as much a piece of work as classical ones can be.

Rando: "lol Whiplash wasn't real!"

Uh, my ass it wasn't, enough said

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If you ever had a shitty as in abusive classical music teacher: if you can't manage to say "fuck that asshole," allow me:

fuck that asshole

"Sanders was a key figure in the spiritual jazz scene. His 1969 album Karma, which incorporated influences from traditional African and south Asian music, is considered one of the major early documents of the form. Throughout the early 1970s, Sanders continued to release records as a bandleader, largely on the Impulse! label. In 1971, he performed on Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda, another milestone in modal and avant-garde jazz."

Do people still say this? It used to come up now and again.

I never really knew what to tell people when they'd get on this -- it's sort of in the same register as people who think "music is a *business*" is career advice.

Typically unsolicited advice, from someone who isn't a musician, professional or otherwise

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People who say "Why is <signed artist> signed? <Some other artist> isn't signed! They're just as good as <signed artist>! In fact, I think <some other artist> is better!! What is wrong with music labels???"

So close to an actual critique, and yet

(fuck) social media (~), self-promotion 

In any case, making progress.

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(fuck) social media (~), self-promotion 

I'd already figured out from lurking over the past while that Instagram basically forces people to "share their life" (aka "provide media content for the algorithm gods, because profit"), and disallows posting text if you don't do so, but actually experiencing that in context? Yeah. 😡

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(fuck) social media (~), self-promotion 

Also, this:

*finds someone I'd like to follow*

*looks around at the interface, can't find the follow button*

*overlay disappears*

*scroll of default people to follow*

After around four times of this? Then it shows their profile.

So I follow, and...done.

wtf lol

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(fuck) social media (~), self-promotion 

Sort of like this:

*stares at the screen* well, i guess i did it. what now?

Screen: post a picture! :D share your life

me: no and no. is there any way to enter text on this thing? oh.

Screen: I'm waiting!

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(fuck) social media (~), self-promotion 

I mean, I'm on there just to put up a profile, for all of five minutes,

If influencer culture was like factory farming, it would probably look a lot like this.

I'm talking just setting things up. I haven't even posted anything yet 🙃

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(fuck) social media (~), self-promotion 

Instagram is fucking weird.

Who made this shit?

Oh, right. Yeah.

Makes sense. 🤑

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(fuck) social media (~), self-promotion 

I'm slowly doing the dance again, and...yeah, I hate it. lol

Getting there, though.

Forgive the plug for Netflix, but Sorry to Bother You is on there now, it seems. If you haven't seen it, or want to see it again, check it out. 🐴

OK, so that's the self-promotion for today

Greetings, time syndicalists

I usually announce around this time, but woke up early today

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>>This week, Arlo Parks became the latest, cancelling a run of US shows and explaining how the relentless grind of the past 18 months had left her “exhausted and dangerously low”. Her decision followed Sam Fender’s announcement that he was cancelling his US tour support slots with Florence + the Machine due to burnout... <<

Why musicians are cancelling tours to protect their mental health

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