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Q: why do you care so much about the economics and politics of music production?

A: because it's gamed to disadvantage anybody but cishet white dudes with money

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uspol, imperialism 

reminder that "US out of North America" is a very good leftist/progressive/social justice slogan, and should be used more often, if not daily

A good day, so far. I'm working on blog posts for a music blog I'm starting, and thinking about the new composing and sound design project it's connected to.

More details as things progress!

Choose "Edit > Select All" first, though. It changes case on all sentences that aren''t enclosed in quotes.

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If you type things out in lower case that you plan to post or submit later, and use Libre Office:

Format > Text > Change Case > Sentence case

In case anybody who makes art in any way needs to hear this today: your process is valid, asking for money for your labor, either directly or for things you created is valid, and whatever you need to do short of harming others to accomplish that is valid as well

"Didn't you already post today?"

I did. Some things I can do in my sleep 🛌🏾

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@scearley hey, are you interested in generative graphics and animation stuff? for text in particular. i'm finding some stuff (both free and paid) and glad to pass on info, if it's of use

'The Center for Applied Transgender Studies welcomes applications from prospective Senior Fellows and Junior Fellows to join the Center effective January 2022'

traditionalists: that will never happen

me: you say that, and yet, where's your hbo or netflix specials? btw, this is the overdue reforms version, i haven't even got to the "fred hampton lives" version

traditionalists: who? oh right, the movie. right.



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traditionalists: but what are you for? you're not for anything, just against everything

me: having a movie with Tig Notaro and Hannah Gadsby make $350M at the box office would be a good start, due to overwhelming popularity and well-deserved accolades

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Emoji Movie 2, but it's just Tig Notaro and Hannah Gadsby talking with each other over dinner, for an hour and forty minutes

Budget: $50M, all proceeds go to queer and autistic women and non-binary Black and brown folks

I have a few reflections and advice on the 5-year anniversary of coming out as transgender:

1. The best piece of advice I got: "Your transition belongs to you." There are no true rules in this. You don't even have to transition, and you certainly don't have to transition to anything established, or understandable to anyone else.

There are no objective body schedules or social milestones. You are free to make up WHATEVER you want. And you are free to push for your standards to be respected and assisted. Transition belongs to you.

Outside of hard-and-fast medical numbers and safety guidelines (real physical safety, not gatekeeping bullshit), you'll encounter invisible rails attempting to direct your experience. It's alright to oppose this, and to call them out. But the core of your experience is your own, and that can't be taken away.


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I shouldn’t laugh, but it was so predictable, that I can’t believe people are still surprised. UK shops are going to import food from the EU, because here is no one to pick it on local farms. 🤣

BTW shelves are emptier every week. There are no jams or veggies in local Coop, there’re no local vegetables or fruit in Morrisons – just two aisles of potatoes + some imported aubergines and courgettes, Spanish garlic and onion, apples & pears from RSA…

Well done #brexshit

Eye contact, close-up of eyeball, hypnosis (in comedy skit) 

80s kids will remember (again and again)

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