I already like how harsh this sounds even though it's unfinished and unpolished.

Oh, yeah, quartertones.

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Just got a hold of the Squier on the left. On the right, my old Dean, which just got a non-humbucking brother.

A friend decided to play an Ethernet packed on his guitar for scientific purposes.

About twenty minutes after I learned about this fact, this thing happened.

(Links to the paper and original recording in comments.)

The first ambient track I've made, requested by a friend. They wanted something for exploring caves that didn't sound like some Massive Evil™ is about to unveil itself.


An old-new piece by me that is somewhat inspired by Castlevania. If you hear it somewhere, expect the unexpected.


The first theme I've done where I use quartertones as an integral part of the standard melody line, equally with semitones et al.

They make harmony so complex, and a lot of new and fun intervals occur!


Misaligned doomish metal that tends to lack harmony and consistent metering. The recipient told me that this is just as this piece of music should be.

@vanhaase - belated happy birthday for ya.


Once upon a time, a paladin has discovered that his prayers were answered not by the god his whole order prayed to, but by... something. Someone. An unknown.

As he searched for answers among his folk, they grew wary of his questions. Eventually, a feud broke out, leading to him parting ways with his brethren and choosing to live as an outcast, searching for the mysterious god who answered his calls.

The Paladin of Doubt.

This is his theme.


@luka I randomly wondered if I could stylize kamizdat

a minute later this happened

I thought it would be cyberpunk. It turned out to be The Prodigy.

Still cyberpunk enough, though.


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