TIL there is an easy way to set up a Kontakt instrument to play in a quartertone tuning.

Boy, I *love* the sound of low piano notes with these new intervals coming into play.


I already like how harsh this sounds even though it's unfinished and unpolished.

Oh, yeah, quartertones.

@phoe i like it. in some ways it's hard to adjust your hearing to different micro tonalities. i like the mood and aggressiveness fits together with melody and rhythm. i would kinda try to stick to few combinations - try to find intervals and contexts where veering out of familiar ET12 into unfamiliar 1/4-tones tuning feels unexpected but still logical at the same time, and, work on disregarding some other combinations that don't work well.

@luka Thanks. I'll post another WIP soon, with a slightly better harmony as well. Let's talk intervals then, if possible, because the current combination is still not fully good.

nice ...

sometimes the quarter tones sound somewhat arbitrary- not as connected to the tones around them as they do at other times.

there's a certain exoticism in using these tones, but they also have acoustic relationships to other tones. the equal temperament tuning we use obscures these acoustical relationships (and quarter tone (and other tunings) can sound so amazing as these repressed relationships are allowed to be heard)

any exposure to harry partch?

@js0000 no exposure to Harry Partch.

Yes, they are arbitrary at the moment; I will fix them. I have been kind of sitting on this for the whole day and I realize that the melody and the harmony both need improvement; I'll do those tomorrow because tonight I'm exhausted and need a sleep break.


it may take longer than a day to get oriented to it, but ...

i mentioned partch because he did alot of work on figuring out how tones relate to each other outside of equal temperament

maybe you can find some shortcuts there (he published some of the maths he used in his books and papers)

good luck


@js0000 I think I fixed the harmony and the mix. What do you think?

much better

there were a few really out there around 35-ish seconds ...

but they could have been the start of a transition (but then fadeout) ...

very nice (i guess you were right about needing only one night ...)

@js0000 I don't know how to further fix the 33 second mark - I progress the melody a quartertone upwards and this breaks some things, even now that I've generally calmed down the harmony. I'll experiment with it some more.

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